TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Thursday, November 21, 2019


The Moon in your work and health sector most of today keeps you interested in solving problems and ironing out details, dear Aries, but you can feel a little off-center with a Mars-Chiron aspect in play. Confidence levels may not be up to par. Situations and people might leave you feeling drained or confused. As well, Mars is heading towards an opposition to Uranus, and some tension is building. Try to get in touch with what it is you truly want, as not knowing may very well be the source of restlessness. Look for clues that you may be holding on too tightly to a particular attitude, person, or thing, and consider what you might do to correct this imbalance. Watch for a tendency to hold onto anger. Fortunately, you have a stronger interest in getting the little things done today, and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and handle routine matters or take part in activities that help you get your life back on track in meaningful ways. It’s best not to take on more significant responsibilities and personal interests, however, until you get a handle on what you already have in place. Discovering genuinely useful information with just a little digging is entirely possible now.


While the Moon in your creative sector for most of the day is energizing, dear Taurus, some signs are pointing to underlying tensions, including Mars in a minor challenging aspect to Chiron and approaching an opposition with Uranus. The next few days can be a little tense at times, particularly in close relationships. You can be impatient with someone’s diffidence or indirectness. Today, there can be a tendency to push when someone backs away or to retreat when someone pushes you. It’s unlikely an intentional game, but rather a reflection of uncertainty about what you want. It’s not the best time for healthy relating patterns, so you might consider that even though you crave company more than usual these days, taking some personal space from time to time can be refreshing. Emotional satisfaction seems to lie in active participation with the world around you today. It’s also a time for considering ways to bring your plans to a nice balance. Solidifying educational, promotional, publishing, or travel plans can be in focus for some.


While the Moon in your home and family sector most of today inclines you to want to detox and relax, dear Gemini, there can be some distractions or a general lack of direction to manage. As such, it’s better to avoid detail-oriented work or activities, if possible. If there’s been unrest at work or in your personal life, the next few days can see you pushed to deal with it. Try not to rush to anything, but consider ways to manage areas of overstimulation now. Moderation may be the key today. Family relationships tend to thrive today, particularly if you focus on shared routines and activities that promote improving organization. Aim for a comfortable pace as you pursue some of the things you want to do without overdoing things. Pacing yourself can perhaps make you more productive, ironically, because haste makes waste under today’s influences.


There can be some tension brewing in your social life now, dear Cancer. If so, it’s likely to build in the next few days with Mars heading toward an opposition to Uranus. For now, feeling a little off may be the first sign. You might struggle with a decision, as there is a sense that you need to give something up to gain something else. There might also be a dilemma between responsibility and pleasure today. Do your best to relax so that you can envision things more clearly and weigh the pros and cons. This way, you’ll more readily come to a compromise rather than an extreme! A relaxed attitude is helpful now, not only for yourself but in your dealings with others. Pushing can lead to mistakes or social blunders. The Moon spends most of the day in your communications sector, and games and diversions can be in order. Teaching, crafts, and communications are in focus. Coming to a nice balance between your heart and head is possible later today, and supports success in almost everything you do. Opening up to new ideas can be helpful now.


The Moon in your comfortable solar second house much of the day encourages you to seek out predictability, dear Leo. Still, there can be some tensions brewing between your personal and public or professional lives, likely reaching a head in the coming few days as Mars and Uranus approach an opposition. For now, there are hints of some unrest. Mars and Chiron in an awkward angle can stimulate a subtle feeling of imbalance, and you can feel at once pressured to make decisions revolving around family or your personal life and confused about your next step. You are not in the mood to be pushed or prodded. Hesitation and doubt are not inherently negative, as they can sometimes give us the chance to catch up with what’s going on around us or inside us, and this may be what’s happening now. You’re inclined to comfort yourself with everyday activities and routines, and there can be an equally strong desire to put extra effort into your studies or other extra-curricular projects, which can leave you either wanting or undecided. Find ways to nurture both needs, whether this is through a compromise or a plan to do one now and one later. Your attention to practical matters can be a productive distraction! It’s a good time to shop or budget.


The Moon in your sign most of the day continues to bring attention your way, dear Virgo, and encourages you to express yourself more spontaneously. Even so, it can also bring out your impatience, especially with Mars heading towards an opposition to Uranus in the next few days. There can be tension brewing regarding differences of opinion or about having too much on your plate. While this is likely to reach a head later, today, you can sense some unrest. Essential clues and hints may drop now that better prepare you for any standoffs or big revelations that might occur, so it’s wise to take notes! Financial or intimate matters can be confusing or worrisome, or you may be at a loss regarding how to broach a tricky subject. Not knowing where you stand in these areas of life may be subtly undermining your current interests and projects. Or, your desire for an intimate connection or a trusted path can clash with the need to keep your options open. Nevertheless, it can be a lively day for ideas, communications, and connecting, and you can enjoy being of help or a guide to someone now.


Tensions with money, ownership, or workload and shared responsibilities are likely to mount, dear Libra, if they’ve been a brewing issue. While this may take another few days to play out, you’re likely to confront some of these matters today in indirect ways or receive hints of unrest. An awkward angle between Mars and Chiron points to the need to make adjustments rather than bold moves. Others may not be clear with you today, but consider that they may not be in touch with what it is they truly desire. Try not to worry about mixed signals and instead aim to observe and wait until people have sorted things out. Asserting yourself may have awkward results since this is not the best day to understand your own desires, either. This also applies to material desires or needs, so you might want to put off making larger purchases just for now. The Moon spends most of today in your privacy sector, and it’s best to aim for activities that aid emotional renewal. Life may be on the down-low in some way, and this can be quite useful.


With Mars in your sign in an awkward angle to Chiron today, dear Scorpio, there can be some difficulty fulfilling your desires, possibly because you know you want something. Still, you can’t entirely define what that something is! There can be a feeling of being delayed or blocked, and patience is necessary. Asserting yourself feels complicated today. You might instead struggle with some self-doubt. Treat any hesitance you feel now as a chance to slow down and make adjustments. You may be conflicted between pursuing personal interests and your commitment to a health or work program. If so, a compromise seems better than the uncomfortable position of indecision and getting nothing much done. Solutions to problems may not be immediately apparent. Plans may need some reassessment, and you might want to look within to find answers to what it is that is holding you back. Mars is building to an opposition with Uranus, and self-reflection now can pay off later. The Moon moves into harmony with the Sun in your sign later today, however, and this can help put you in a positive frame of mind. It can also point to pleasing relationships with friends and networks, or you may become inspired by a new idea, plan, or project. Either way, motivation is high, and cooperation comes effortlessly.


With the Moon at the top of your solar chart for much of the day, dear Sagittarius, you can feel some pressure to do your best. You’re aware of extra attention or more accountability with the Moon in this highly visible part of your chart! Today, a small storm is brewing related to your work-rest balance, and it’s best to think of ways to improve the situation. Confidence may not be above-average, particularly when it has to do with any recent concerns in your love life, with children, or a creative project, so it may be better to wait things out before pushing forward. Hesitance can be your friend now as it gives you a chance to think things through. It’s undoubtedly best to center yourself so that decisions come from your heart, especially if you have to react quickly. Still, focusing on your duties can lead to a better sense of emotional satisfaction today. You’re in good shape for making some serious progress on your “to do” list.


Again today, you tend to seek out-of-the-ordinary activities and experiences, dear Capricorn, even if this merely happens on a mental level. A Mars-Uranus clash is brewing this week, and while it’ll only reach a head in a few days, you’re likely to feel something is a little off today. It’s not an appropriate time for pushing personal plans ahead with this kind of uncertainty hanging over the day. There can be some feelings of being unsettled in your social or romantic life. A strong desire to devote yourself to your home or family can conflict with other plans, and a compromise may be best. If you have doubts about a matter now, it may be a sign that you need to wait or delay important decisions. Take the time to consider ways you may be holding back from pursuing your social goals. Today is a good day for connecting with a purpose related to happiness and fulfillment. Doing something out of the ordinary or outside of the routine helps get you in the right frame of mind for bright ideas and increased optimism.


Decisions can be challenging to make today, dear Aquarius, and there might be doubts about your next step even though a feeling of being unsettled or unsatisfied is clear. It’s unlikely to be a day of bravery and confidence, but rather one for making adjustments. Be clear in communications today, especially in a formal or official capacity, as misunderstandings can be costly now. Look for ways that you may be shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to advancing your goals, as fear of going your own way or of asserting yourself may be holding you back from thriving. It can be difficult to get your head into your work or goals right now. With the Moon transiting your intimacy sector for most of the day, you want to get in touch with your deeper needs and feelings, preferring the time to process and understand what’s going on within and in the world around you before taking concrete action.


The Moon is in your opposing sign most of the day, dear Pisces, and while this transit doesn’t help your energy levels, you’re more invested than usual in your close relationships, and improvements can result. There can be a strong desire to get away from it all or to break the routine in some significant way, but you may not feel you have the means to do so, or you could be indecisive about where you want to go or what you want to do. Restlessness is likely, particularly if you’ve felt tied down or overwhelmed by studies or mundane errands in recent days. Consider, also, whether fear of stating your beliefs is holding you back from a healthy conversation. Find small ways to settle yourself today, as Mars and Uranus will meet in opposition in a few days, and self-reflection and understanding will help any future revelations feel far less abrupt. Someone in your life may inspire you today, however, and the appreciation is mutual. Interactions might boost your confidence and put you in the perfect frame of mind for success.