TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Thursday, 29 August 2019


There can be some tension to the day, dear Aries, and perhaps annoying grunt work to take care of now. On this day before a New Moon, however, be sure to spend some time unwinding and reflecting rather than pushing something new forward. This way, your intuition kicks in and helps you tune into the positive energy of the lunation. While quiet times are right for you now, there’s a Sun-Uranus influence with you today that builds your enthusiasm. Unusual and exciting elements on the job or in your daily routine can be in focus, and they are motivating. Look for new ways of approaching your work or services, making or handling money, and improving health, but wait to put exact plans into motion after the New Moon, and then, only when it feels right. Alternatives can be introduced now that lead you to rethink old problems and concerns. Problem-solving comes very easily to you today as you look at practical matters in a new light.


Early today, try not to jump to conclusions or resort to tactics to get your way, dear Taurus. Aim to get more information before making important decisions. A feeling of being resented by others is likely to pass quickly but can be disconcerting. As the day advances, you can feel exceptionally romantic or naturally confident and expressive as the Sun and Uranus harmonize. You’re radiating wonderful energy. Romantically and creatively, you are in good form. You might be making changes in how you approach others, and you have your eye on making progress and improvements. On this day before a New Moon, it’s essential to take things easy and aim to let go of limiting attitudes or situations. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fresh energies available to you now. Big decisions should wait, but you shouldn’t hide away!


Early today, there can be some feelings of frustration if your plans fall through or you face delays, dear Gemini. Watch for a tendency for someone to be envious or devious. However, these are likely to be minor hurdles, and it becomes effortless to let go of frustrations as the day advances. On this day before a New Moon, it’s best to wind down and pace yourself or get extra rest. However, you can also enjoy a spirit of progress, mainly related to the home or family. Don’t start something brand new now — take note of your ideas but wait for big launches. You can enjoy a real sense of accomplishment after taking care of business and putting harmful elements of the past behind you. Today is great for exploring the past and how it affects you in the present. There can be a pleasant change of pace. Give a little when it comes to traditional attitudes for best results today. Think up new ways to enjoy family and your home life.


Emotional energy is a little bit tense early today, dear Cancer, so keep your wits about you and avoid undue stress over differences in opinion. Interactions can be especially progressive, enthusiastic, and spirited as the day advances. Opportunities can come from or through friends, groups, meetings, and communications. Don’t be afraid to show others your more unique qualities and to share your progressive ideas. Keep an open mind today and look for opportunities to discover new interests. On this day before a New Moon, it makes sense to avoid overstrain and brand-new endeavors. There is no need to seek direction just yet since your path becomes clearer after tomorrow’s New Moon. This lunation is set to push you to express your uniqueness without fear. Exploring different ways of relating and communicating can be satisfying. Now and in coming weeks, notable benefits come through friends, teams, groups, and networks.


Early today is a little tricky, dear Leo, as there can be some tensions with others who may not be fully cooperative or open to your ideas. It’s easy to break through barriers as the day advances, however. On this day before a New Moon, it’s best to calm down and go easy. However, you can very much enjoy this process and make the best of this time. Your money position and self-worth are in high focus, and the New Moon tomorrow will bring new-beginning energy to these themes. Today, you are thinking like a pioneer along financial, security, and domestic lines as you have a strong sense that you can make positive changes. An opportunity might arise that helps you break free from restrictive circumstances, laying the groundwork for new beginnings and eventually leading to more freedom. Ideas are fabulous now but postpone big launches. Some of you could be upgrading technology or might stumble upon an item that helps you improve efficiency. Finding yourself on the same page with a significant person in your life can be satisfying.


There can be some power struggles or nervous tension related to a relationship today, dear Virgo. These things are likely to smooth out as you become more aware of fear or guilt motivating tense interactions. As the day advances, you’re ready to let these things go. You’re drawing on the courage to assert your independence, and you may solve a problem or two, whether for yourself or others. Others admire you for your originality and unique perspective. Non-routine activities and new ideas can figure prominently. Communications projects, learning, or transportation are areas of growth. Certainly, you are more spirited and open to change and progress than usual, and this theme will stick with you in the upcoming month. On this day before a New Moon in your sign, aim to take things easy, rest, reflect, and unwind. The weeks ahead are for new beginnings, while today with the Moon Balsamic, it’s best to take in and conserve your energy.


While the day can begin with you suspecting a hidden agenda, dear Libra, you’re ready to get everything out into the open as the day advances. On this day before a New Moon, it’s best to wind down and relax, allowing your intuition to kick in. Even so, you can certainly have some fun with the day with a Sun-Uranus transit. Its energizing effects are mostly happening on the inside or in your personal life since both the Sun and Uranus are currently transiting hidden sectors of your solar chart. In the weeks ahead, you’ll be making some significant emotional or spiritual changes, and insights happening now and in the next few days can nudge you forward. It’s a time for taking charge of your life from the inside out. Attachment to the past or rethinking a matter can be in focus. Any guilt or fears about past issues that are undercutting your confidence should be addressed. Your inner world is animated. An open mind is key right now, and you could feel quite happy with new discoveries.


Early today, watch for a tendency to overindulge as an attempt to tame inner discontent, dear Scorpio. As the day advances, you’re more anxious to put things behind you. Your social life can be quite animated, and it’s essential to stay open to possibilities or changes related to a partner or friend. However, save new beginnings for later. An inherent need for change is with you today–from the inside out. Outworn attitudes have to go, and events occurring now emphasize this fact. On this day before a New Moon, it’s a good idea to lay low, reflect, and let go of limiting attitudes or situations. The New Moon tomorrow represents a new beginning, and what you begin today may not be relevant or pick up steam after this cycle begins. This shouldn’t stop you from enjoying work on things already in progress. Relationships are set to animate, and exciting changes are on the horizon, which can include improvement in a friendship, group endeavor, or community project.


Early today, there can be some feelings of blockage, dear Sagittarius. While you may want to push ahead with personal plans, you could encounter resistance. Do your best to take your time with new initiatives and avoid depending on someone to help you out, just for the time being. As well, keep in mind that this is a day before a New Moon, and brand-new initiatives should wait until after the new cycle begins. Today is good for innovative ideas or methods, and as the day advances, some emotional detachment helps you move past limitations and break free from dwelling on specific issues from the past. For you, this relates mainly to practical matters and health. New developments in your career path or a work project can emerge, and they spell progress! Pleasant surprises are likely now. This is a fine time to think about getting rid of unhealthy habits. Today, it makes sense to wind down and pace yourself. You have busy weeks ahead of you when you’re likely to be in the spotlight and highly noticeable. Getting your priorities straight now is a good idea, but don’t strain yourself — just let things happen. Consider things that have been holding you back from going after what you want.


Early today, you may feel subtly undermined, dear Capricorn, and could have a hard time shaking negative thinking. You are a little more sensitive to criticism. However, once you take some time to recollect yourself (which comes far more naturally as the day advances), you’ll see it serves to motivate you to better yourself or your situation. A Sun-Uranus transit comes into play, and you can feel quite inspired–an open, progressive attitude returns. You might thoroughly enjoy connecting with people through different beliefs or new personal interests. You are in the mood to learn, teach, or gain a little more life experience. You might get the chance to put your talents to use or even to show them off a little. Even so, on this day before a New Moon, you’ll do best if you take things easy. The New Moon tomorrow will help with clearing the path for new beginnings, offering up opportunities to get out and about or to pull yourself out of a routine.


There can be some tensions in interpersonal relationships early today if someone in your life is focusing on the negative, dear Aquarius. There is a tendency to doubt things or to dwell on problem areas, but as the day advances, you’re anxious to put problems behind you. On this day before a New Moon, it’s best to take things easy, rest, and unwind. Even so, a Sun-Uranus influence active today suggests there’s a lot to learn, particularly about your motivations and desires. Opportunities for setting things right with money or with the deeper dynamics in a relationship are on their way, and you can get a hint of this now. Matters of the heart can thrive, and it’s a good idea to take the time to enjoy the vibes. There can be pleasant surprises related to home and family, and problem-solving about emotional or domestic matters can be in focus and positive. You’re in an excellent position to try new approaches to old problems and family relationships. This is unlikely to be an ordinary or routine day, and you might become inspired to redecorate. Problem-solving about emotional issues improves. A Sun-Uranus influence allows for the ability to detach yourself from a problem just enough to come up with innovative solutions.


Early today, there can be some tension in your social life, dear Pisces, or concerns that weigh heavily on you. Obstacles encountered now can stimulate inventive thinking and new approaches. As the day advances, you’re in great shape for approaching old problems in refreshing new ways. Partnering up can help you solve a problem. Your willingness to approach matters with openness and honesty makes a big difference. You’re likely to open the airways and encourage others to do so as well. On this day before a New Moon, however, it makes sense to take things easy–a cycle is coming to a close, and a new one is about to begin. This is why it’s not advised to start something brand new in the days before a New Moon. Even so, energy is favorable for taking note of new ideas. Personal appeal is significant now, especially if you let things flow naturally. In the weeks ahead, you’ll be in great shape for creative enterprise and collaboration. You’ll find new courage to be who you are and to pursue who and what you want. Consider new ways to approach relating and communicating today, but put plans in motion only when it feels right to do so after the lunation.


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