TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Thursday, 19 September 2019


This is a time for gaining an edge, dear Aries, as your ruler, Mars, harmonizes with Pluto. You might get something done well before a deadline or work ahead on a project that has long-term potential. Thinking about your overarching goals can help you to recognize priorities today. You are approaching the world with a healthy level of entitlement, and there can be information coming in, or observations made that benefit you. The motivation to get ahead comes from a sense of purpose and of feeling that you’re useful, helpful, and contributing. There can be some feelings that you need to rush through things later today, however. Take the space you need and allow moods to settle. Aim to avoid abruptness with speech and movement. The Moon moves into your communications sector later today, and while the pace is unlikely to let up, you may end up learning something new and useful.


Today is excellent for applying yourself to a unique project, dear Taurus, or to pour your energy into travel, love, an educational pursuit, or publishing. You might gain a special edge or make an advance in any of these matters with Mars in harmony with Pluto. A romantic relationship might reach a new level, or your feelings deepen for someone. Broadening your viewpoint and beliefs can be part of the picture now, especially through your connections to others. There could be help coming from relatives and possibly in-laws or extended family, or improved relationships through a stronger sense of purpose and shared goals. Your stronger focus and confidence can be used to better yourself and your relationships and endeavors. Your appeal runs high. Later today, watch for hastiness and misunderstandings. Even so, emotions tend to even out as the day advances. The Moon continues to transit your sign until late afternoon, and emotions are intensified and hard to ignore, after which feelings tend to settle.


Applying yourself to work or a healthy routine can be beneficial today, dear Gemini. You’re focused on making improvements, and this determination can help boost your connections and projects. You have inner, emotional courage at your disposal with a Mars-Pluto aspect active today. Relating is complicated now, but rich and open to growth. With this kind of power in your sectors of emotions and inner world, and much of it transformational, you are in a strong position to improve relationships with others and with yourself. You are learning a little more self-reliance, too, which also contributes to healthier relationships. There can be a mystery to solve or a problem resolved that moves you forward on an emotional plane. You’re in good shape for getting chores and errands out of the way. Efforts made towards improving home and family life can be significant and meaningful. The Moon continues to move in the background of your solar chart until late afternoon, after which you seem to come alive emotionally, craving more stimulation and recognition. Watch for impatience later today, however, when the temptation to push something is premature.


With Mars and Pluto forming a harmonious aspect today, dear Cancer, you’re in particularly good shape for communications, partnership, romance, and creativity. Any of these areas can receive a nice boost now. You’re taking these things a little more seriously and focusing on or sorting out your priorities. The ability to influence a friend or partner through your words and actions is stronger than usual, and you might even manage to raise a relationship to a new level. Efforts to help and support someone can be successful and rewarding. You could find a reason or the motivation to connect with someone or to connect with your interests and paths of learning and sharing. Someone in your life can encourage you to step just a little outside of your comfort zone to learn something new. Collaboration is powerful now. More understanding, attention, and insight can help give a nice boost to relationships. Later today, watch for impatience in movement and speech. Answering to your natural rhythms and pace makes the most sense, but you could feel pressured into pushing a matter forward. Try not to succumb. The Moon’s move into your privacy sector late afternoon can stimulate a real need for more time to yourself.


Today is excellent for self-discipline, dear Leo. Your talents don’t go unnoticed or unused now, or you could be working on something that feels especially right to you. With Mars in your resources and natural talents sector these days, you can be excited to move your projects and ideas ahead. Mars can sometimes push too hard or fast, but today, you have Pluto helping you temper this energy and reminding you to have a strategy or plan. You’re in a good position for handling details, research, improving methods, and throwing yourself into work or tasks that excite you. It’s effortless for you to get caught up in a project now. This transit helps you focus on what needs your attention most. You can become thoroughly absorbed in something now, and it can be intense but great fun. As the day advances, watch for impatience. If you’re feeling restless, listen to signals that you need a change of pace and make it happen. It can be challenging to deal with anything that feels especially restrictive. The Moon’s move into your social sector late afternoon is a happy one, encouraging you to unwind.


A Mars-Pluto aspect today finds you determined, focused, and motivated, dear Virgo, particularly when it comes to creative pursuits and relationships. There are times when you are private about your creative side. While solitude can help you sometimes, you’re now in a good position to share yourself confidently. You seem to have a little extra courage to be yourself or to express yourself. You might even feel tired of hiding your light! Your ability to take the lead, influence, and persuade increases. Building a more profound connection or breaking ground in a relationship can be in focus. You’re in a high position to learn about yourself and your remarkable capabilities through the events of the week. With sufficient motivation, which this transit supplies, you can move mountains. Even if feedback isn’t perfect, you’re in the position to learn and grow. Watch for restlessness later today. This morning you have alow tolerance for situations that feel restrictive. Others may be introducing changes that don’t sit well with you, as you’re intent on following your own rhythms. Avoid taking on too much, too quickly. The Moon’s move into Gemini late afternoon brings on a stronger need to buckle down and get things done.


As Mars and Pluto harmonize in your hidden sectors today, dear Libra, a boost may come to your personal life. Intimate relationships can be strengthened through shows of support. You recognize areas that need some special attention, and you’re ready to take on the challenge. Look for ways to enhance your connections. This is a time for finding ways to express who you truly are through the actions you take, and especially about what you are putting behind you. Realigning your goals may be in order so that they reflect the fundamental changes you’ve been making in recent weeks. There can be a need to help someone, and this can be both challenging and satisfying. You are especially willing to find ways to cut out the fluff, and you have an almost uncanny ability to see through to the truth of a matter. You are fearlessly facing issues and can use your insight to help others or yourself. Later today, someone may be touching a nerve. The Moon’s move into your adventure and spirit sector late afternoon is a helpful one, however. Avoid scattering your forces and, as much as possible, answer to your natural rhythms.


With Mars and Pluto in harmony today, dear Scorpio, you are exceptionally sharp, observant, and persuasive. You might gain valuable insight into a project, plan, or friendship. This aspect often coincides with matters falling into place, and it’s both satisfying and motivating. You may find ways to strengthen or developing existing friendships and connections. A meaningful conversation can get to the heart of a matter, or you more clearly recognize your priorities, perhaps because you’re in touch with your genuine desires. You might realize what has to go in your life to feel more powerful and efficient. Wastes of time are especially evident now, and once the decision is made to redirect yourself, you can draw up effective plans and strategies to change your focus. Your magnetism is especially active in group settings today and this week. Later today, however, can feel a little rushed as Mars and Uranus clash. You could have a difficult time taking directions, preferring to answer to your own authority. Avoid shortcuts which can be costly.


If you’ve been finding it difficult to channel your energy, dear Sagittarius, today’s Mars-Pluto trine can help. It’s a time for pouring yourself into something you’re passionate about, or for recognizing that you’re best off with a plan, schedule, or strategy. You are not always thrilled to go along with a script or routine. However, having an end-goal, purpose, or overarching plan can help you make better use of your time. You may want to do something especially meaningful with a business, your talents, or your resources. You are drawn to valuable, long-term projects now. Increased decisiveness can feel like a breath of fresh air. Later today, there can be some tension, but try to resist the pressure to do too much too soon. Focus on what needs doing, and resolve to spend more time doing your own thing when it’s genuinely possible. The Moon’s move into your partnership sector later today can find you seeking social stimulation or companionship.


A Mars-Pluto trine boosts promotional or educational activities today, dear Capricorn. You might connect with people who expand your worldview and personal horizons or encourage you to grow. There can be a focus on friends, group associations, studies, or long-term goals with an eye for what needs to improve or change. Your powers of attraction are intense today! Cultivate, improve, enhance, and support your connections. Even so, you can also experience a stronger drive towards being more self-reliant, and this is also very useful at this time in your life. Competitions can fare particularly well today, and these include sports, business endeavors, and even competition with yourself in the form of reaching a personal best. Later today, watch that emotional restlessness doesn’t drive your behavior. Mars and Uranus are in minor conflict, and this can stir up feelings of frustration with restrictive circumstances and people. Haste truly makes waste right now. Aim to take things easy and remind yourself that you have time.


There is both reverence for the past and the desire to improve today, dear Aquarius, and this suits your personality very well. Your rulers are traditional Saturn and progressive Uranus, after all! You see situations and projects for what is genuinely working and what elements need to improve or go. Cutting out the fluff seems essential now. There can be opportunities to make peace with your past, or you strengthen your commitment to a path or person. Intensity of feeling is likely, and it can lead to greater satisfaction. With today’s Mars-Pluto aspect stirring areas of your solar chart that rule your feelings and inner world, you might get the chance to get in touch with what’s most important to you, your inner desires and needs, and your intuition. New insight into dilemmas of an emotional nature could come now. It’s a powerful day for accurate solutions and inventive ideas. As the day advances, watch that inner restlessness doesn’t lead to impatience or the taking of shortcuts that may eventually cost you time and energy. The Moon moves into your sector of play and creativity late afternoon, and your mood tends to lighten.


A Mars-Pluto aspect tends to improve focus, confidence, and decisiveness, dear Pisces, possibly because it puts you in touch with your real ambitions and desires. You could be boosting your friendships or partnerships, or your passion and dedication are attracting others. Today is good for getting to the core of a matter rather than merely skimming the surface. You’re interested in profound, lasting changes or fixes, not quick and easy ones that won’t last very long. Contributing something valuable to a group or friendship can be rewarding. You’re likely to derive a stronger sense of meaning, purpose, and satisfaction from your projects, goals, and connections. Your happiness goals and social life are evolving! Later today, watch that restlessness doesn’t lead to wastefulness, particularly with words and distractions. The Moon’s move into your sector of home and family late afternoon can undoubtedly bring on a craving for more familiarity and may very well cure wanderlust. This is a time of the lunar month for reconnecting with places, people, and situations or feelings that are comfortable and familiar.