Today’s Horoscope: Thursday, 18 July 2019


Today is good for getting to a better place of calm, dear Aries. Relationships can be strengthened or attracted, and if you need to forgive or get past problem areas, you may very well get the chance to do so now. With Venus still at the bottom of your solar chart, feelings may not quite be out in the open, but you are a little more approachable anyhow, and the added layer of mystery can leave others wanting more. Someone may be thinking highly of you, even from a distance, and the good vibes are coming your way. There can be a focus on sharing memories, sentimentality, and compassion, or it’s a time for working on a more balanced, harmonious atmosphere around the home. Thinking in more imaginative or creative ways for making money or improving your sense of abundance can be effective, and you have good intuition for identifying good buys. Communications can be a little tricky with retrograde Mercury in a tense aspect to Jupiter, but subtle gestures, eye talk, and body language seem to compensate. A warm, trusting approach works best with others today.


Today is good for relating, connecting, and expressing yourself in unusual and satisfying ways, dear Taurus, even with Mercury still retrograde and perhaps causing some minor disconnects. You may reach a new level of understanding with someone special regardless. Making peace with someone is favored. Your ruler, Venus, is forming a harmonious aspect with mysterious, compassionate Neptune, and you’re drawing in and magnetizing things to you. You may be feeling emotionally and soulfully connected to a friend or feeling on track with a project or personal interest. You’re likely to pick up new information or sense previously unknown feelings, even if facts are a little fuzzy today.


Today brings hopeful and positive energy to your outlook, dear Gemini, particularly through conversation with a special person or significant other in your life. Despite some tendency to take on too much, you’re enjoying the natural flow of ideas today, and reaching out brings rewards. It’s more natural than usual to connect with your wants and needs these days with Venus transiting your resources sector, and today, you’re especially drawn to creative or pleasing activities. You’re bringing a little more artistry, charm, and imagination to your financial and business affairs. There can be discoveries and conclusions that come almost as if by magic, and possibly some good finds and deals for things that genuinely improve your life.


Venus in your sign is a nice boost all around, dear Cancer, and is especially the case when it connects well with other planets as it does today. Your most appealing traits are in the spotlight. People see the gentleness in you more readily, and you can be a little more approachable as a result. Your more idealistic and romantic side seems to come out to play since Neptune is the planet in question and it’s a long-term guest in your sector of spirit, adventure, travel, and life goals. You could easily find yourself dreaming of beautiful things and places. Opportunities for cooperation and shared happiness seem more evident with your current mood. Your compassion meters go way up, making it a great time to forgive and heal. Healing and replenishing activities are most appropriate now, and you tend to find them quite easily. Take notes if you come up with an idea related to money, business, work, or health.


Neptune harmonizes with Venus, currently transiting your privacy sector, dear Leo, bringing a boost of energy for coming to terms with something from the past or for enjoying some wonderful private or quiet moments. You see things in a more sympathetic light than usual. You may choose to unburden or share a problem, and this can be relieving and healing. You especially enjoy helping and facilitating others in positive ways. There is some tendency to misunderstand or overreach with retrograde Mercury in minor challenging aspect to Jupiter today, but an accepting vibe that makes up for it all. It’s a good time to let go of worries and concerns and instead focus on making connections.


You’re likely to view people and your affections in a particularly favorable light today, dear Virgo. Instead of ignoring the flaws in a person or situation, you see the beauty in them with Neptune in your partnership sector harmonizing with Venus. Acceptance, nurturance, and comfort are stronger themes now, and with another aspect involving your planetary ruler reinforcing things, you’re in good shape for expressing your care or concern, even with Mercury still retrograde. Friends and partners harmonize well now, or there is a hopeful spirit of friendship in a partnership. The conviction that inner needs are as important as outer needs, if not more, gives you the chance to see overlooked possibilities. You can find yourself in an excellent position to brainstorm, team up, collaborate, and share. It’s also a good time for willingly making adjustments on a mental level rather than stubbornly sticking with outdated methods or ideas.


Your planetary ruler harmonizes with Neptune today, dear Libra, and you may see possibilities and opportunities that you overlooked on busier days. You’re likely to enjoy some time spent freer of worries about your responsibilities, even with your duties still a theme in your life. It’s, in fact, a good time for all things career and work, although not in the most prominent and concrete sense since it’s more about intuition for making the right choices. Feeling comfortable, at ease, and content can attract good things to you. Today’s influences boost your charm, particularly with the public or in professional settings. You may have a “hard to get” quality that is appealing. Take note of ideas that come to you for projects, but save some of them for future use since we’re currently in between eclipses and Mercury is still retrograde and ready to change signs.


Today is good for giving particular thought to money, work, health, and habits, dear Scorpio, and for making plans to take special care of these areas of your life. Your mind is fertile and resourceful, although you’re given to taking on a little more than is good for you. Also today, Venus and Neptune harmonize in fellow Water signs, adding a touch of magic to your mystique and supporting your romantic, intuitive, and creative side. You’re expressing yourself uniquely, creatively, or romantically. People enjoy your particular vibe more than usual. There can be a feeling of unburdening, letting go of negative things or thoughts, and appreciating others, and this is especially true if you move out of your usual routines or limits. While wowing others can certainly figure strongly today, the day is particularly suitable for healing yourself. Healing energy is with you as you forgive, accept, and live and let live.


Good energy is with you today for feeling loved and giving love, dear Sagittarius, even with a communication disconnect possible this morning. Alternatively, you may be getting to a place of calm or understanding on a matter, and this feels great. You appreciate a cooperative and open-minded atmosphere around you. There can be a pleasing focus on the past, feelings, and inner needs and wants. You might arrive at innovative solutions for problems related to home, family, debt, and support quite intuitively. It’s a time to enjoy, accept, and embrace your deeper feelings and desires. With a more relaxed and creative approach to your life, opportunities to grow and improve open up. You can also find it an excellent time to pursue a personal interest.


Nonverbal communications and gestures mean even more than usual today, dear Capricorn, with Venus and Neptune harmonizing. You might enjoy psychic rapport with someone special or come to a happy understanding of a situation. There can be a pleasant feeling of growth or improvement in a relationship or with personal interests, studies, and learning. It’s a beautiful day for releasing a burden or for healing a grievance. Discussing your needs, dreams, and imaginings comes more easily today. Getting into a better headspace is useful now, and you also enjoy helpful energy for support or combining resources. Conversations about private matters can feel especially natural and lead to healing.


Bonding with others or enjoying a mood boost stemming from acceptance and understanding can figure strongly today, dear Aquarius. You’re also in good shape for intuition and imagination applied to practical matters. Your sixth sense can lead you to a useful method or technique for your work, a new business or money-making idea, or a creative approach to a health problem. You are especially willing and open to helping others. A sense of inner joy and peace can be with you as you find more meaning in what you’re doing. Even with Mercury retrograde and in a challenging aspect, you seem to get your message across warmly and personably. There can be some tendency to take on a little too much this morning, but it becomes easier to unwind or let things flow as you go along.


Today’s energies are good for coming to peace on a matter, dear Pisces, as well as for mingling and connecting. Gentleness, compassion, and warmth seem to be the routes to a successful day. You’re magnetizing good things, people, attention, and situations into your life. Boundaries between you and others tend to soften, and bonds can strengthen in the process. You might fully enjoy creating something special. Love and affection feel a little more natural to give and receive. As well, your most natural qualities are appreciated by others in a general sense. This is a time for fully recognizing inner and spiritual values, and despite Mercury’s retrograde, expressing yourself well.