TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Sunday, October 13, 2019


You’re at a critical time for awakening to your needs, dear Aries. While the extra attention you’ve been giving other people in your life these days is positive and beneficial, if you overdo it, you will fail to recognize your own needs and desires fully. Blurred boundaries could result, and they can impact your relationships negatively. The Full Moon now gives you the license to self-nurture. If you’ve been working on auto-pilot, you might suddenly wonder why you’ve accepted restrictions and sidelines. Things are heating up on the work front, and you might worry about your performance, professional matters, or achievements. You could find a key person not particularly responsive to your concerns. Address them, but consider that you may be stressing yourself out unnecessarily, or that if there are looming problems, you’re better off working on making improvements. Use Mercury’s objectivity to think things through, primarily through making lists and plans to help clarify your thoughts, worries, and goals. Expressing the more responsible and competent or mature side of your personality can have tremendous benefits for you at the moment. Problem-solving is easier. Approach a relationship matter with willingness and openness today for best results and rewards. Seek out personal liberation.


The Full Moon today wants you to look within, dear Taurus. There is extra attention to work, habits, health, and lifestyle changes these days, and it’s a very beneficial focus. However, if you don’t stop to listen to your inner voice or take extra time for rest and reflection, then you’re bound to burn out. Listen to your instincts to pull back and make changes gently now. There can be tensions today over differences in methods, approaches, and opinions. These matters can disrupt your daily routines, work, or sense of being on top of things. Helping you gain perspective is a Mercury-Saturn aspect that’s useful for accomplishing something practical, as well as for anything that involves counseling, consultation, or collaboration. One-on-one communications can be quite successful and productive today if they focus on the practical side of things. Good news on health may arrive now. Stay open to making changes that contribute to growth and progress. Intimate relationships can open up now, and you might come to a pleasing agreement with a partner.


Today’s Full Moon highlights your feelings related to your social life, dear Gemini, and a Sun-Pluto square can aggravate your fears. Restore some level of balance to your life by including friends, considering communal needs, and enjoying the benefits of teams and groups. Treat this as a time to experience new revelations, and to watch for trigger points, as they can help you understand yourself better. On the one hand, you might crave lighthearted, fun connections and on the other, long for something more profound. If you’re holding on to resentment, this can come up to the surface today in unexpected ways. Take a step back to get perspective so you can see where detachment could benefit you. With work or diet and routine, you recognize the value of small efforts, a step by step pace, and patience for long-term success. Find an area of your life that can do with some organization and focus on it. A partner or love interest can inspire you to be the best you can be. You’re likely to enjoy warm, happy exchanges with others that lift your spirits.


Today’s Full Moon happens in your career and public sector, dear Cancer, and can challenge your excuses to stay out of the limelight or to avoid specific responsibilities. There has been a beneficial focus on your home and family life these days, but going too far with it means the benefits begin to drop off. You are in an exposed position today, so try to play it cool! You can experience some extremes of feeling, or fears can be stronger than usual now. Let these motivate you to protect your interests but take the pressure off to resolve the problem immediately. As well, good energy is with you for applying yourself to communications and creative pursuits. Maintaining balance and drawing on patience can benefit you greatly. You might come to someone’s aid or let go of resentments and feel better about your future for doing so.


Today’s Full Moon energy can demand a change of scenery, dear Leo, particularly if your focus on errands, paperwork, and learning has been excessive or dominant. Today’s lunation reminds you to feed your soul, too. Your ruler, the Sun, harmonizes with Jupiter but goes at it with Pluto, complicating the day a little further! You may be so attached to your routines and methods that friction occurs with others, or you may be putting quite a bit of pressure on yourself to get too many things done, which can stress you out. Until you realize you’re not superhuman, you can feel a bit frazzled. Try to tap into the energy of a Mercury-Saturn sextile by approaching things logically and step-by-step. Organizing matters related to the home, work and services, and habits or health can be productive. It’s a great time for tackling chores or filling responsibilities. The information you discover today can benefit you now and for years to come. A practical bent serves you well today, but the trick now is to be moderate. Your great attitude and sense of fun open up possibilities or opportunities to you on social or creative levels, too.


You stand to learn a lot about your feelings today, dear Virgo, but it can be a bit of a bumpy road getting to that place. Something comes to light today that heightens emotions surrounding values, respect, feelings of worth, money, valuables, business, or personal possessions. You might gain new information about shared resources or debts and loans, or there can be a startling discovery about your feelings for someone (or theirs for you). Concentrating on managing your energy, anger, and resources effectively is genuinely the best way to handle tensions that can emerge. Worries about money and love, or even how money and love mix, can surface now, but talking things through in an orderly, practical way can help. There may be competing desires for security and excitement, and it can be challenging to satisfy both needs. It’s an excellent time to focus on a pet or creative project and make substantial progress. With a practical approach, you can sort things out. People value your opinion and input even more than usual. You can feel a sense of accomplishment or hopefulness in business and a stronger feeling of connectedness in your personal life.


Your independence and personal needs are an essential focus in your life these days, dear Libra. However, today’s Full Moon reminds you that you need others to be the best you can be. Emotions are big and perhaps a little over the top today, and something about you may come to light. The energy is ripe for exposing buried matters, so do tread carefully, but consider ways to break away from harmful patterns and habits. Avoid dwelling on issues that you can’t change, and don’t worry excessively about issues that haven’t happened. You have favourable energy with you for taking care of important business, mainly if your finances, valuables, personal possessions, or home life can use some tidying and upkeep. A better sense of security can lead to inner clarity. As well, you might enjoy applying yourself to a new interest or learning endeavour or resolving a problem through a conversation. People appreciate your point of view as well as your company. Communication or transportation options might open up now.


You can experience some revelations about your work, habits, or health today, dear Scorpio. Deadlines can be pressing now if you’ve been too focused on rest. Getting your life straightened out now may result in steadier income or support. While there can be some level of chaos at the moment, what comes to light or finally transpires is ultimately supportive and steadying. Focus on ways to improve your productivity, and watch for reading too much into others’ actions or words, as doing so may stir up more friction than you need right now. You’re in great shape for exercising patience and moderation, although this can take some discipline. Even if you’re not advising yourself well at the moment, you’re giving out some fabulous advice! It can be a day for uncovering a resource or information that benefits you. Building up inner strength leaves you ready to tackle a problem or take on a challenge. It’s also a good day for business and money-making ideas, as your practical world benefits from your wisdom, intuition, and experience.


Today’s Full Moon happens in your sector of fun, romance, and creativity, dear Sagittarius. Feelings are big and dominant, but perhaps a little complicated as well. A Sun-Pluto challenge today can pull up buried frustration in disruptive ways, but another influence helps you reason everything out. If you’re super attached to your methods, you may experience friction with others now. Watch for power-tripping and those who may be doing it. Make plans to improve your life rather than dwell on past mistakes, and work on self-discipline and concentration. You might decide to focus on tidying up and organizing your life so that you can put an end to guilty feelings. A Sun-Jupiter aspect helps you see the bright side of a situation, and since Jupiter is in your sign and your planetary ruler, you’re a big reason for optimism and enthusiasm. A friend can provide you with a sounding board or a bit of feedback that helps you arrive at useful conclusions. The desire to break free from a limiting situation or mindset is intense.


Today’s Full Moon can bring illumination or a turning point to family, home, and personal matters for you, dear Capricorn. It’s a time for facing those things you may have brushed aside or overlooked, and this helps you move on and forward! Whether it’s house repairs, family drama, or career matters that affect home life, you’re called to manage things. If you’ve been focusing too much on your responsibilities to career and the outside world, then you’ll get the message that you need to find a balance with more quality attention to your personal life. Concerns about a work project or function can be magnified now, but it’s best to use the extra intensity of the day for constructive projects. A Mercury-Saturn aspect helps ground you or gain clarity and insight about a friendship, goal, or plan that aids your decision-making process. A friend or associate can be of practical assistance to you, and helpful information is likely to set you on the right track. Your instincts for business are on point if you avoid thinking in extremes or entertaining your fears. Giving back or supporting others can be rewarding.


Today’s Full Moon helps you release and purge, dear Aquarius, and as it happens in your transportation and communications sector, you may experience a revelation. A writing or learning project can come to completion, or publicity or promotion can be in focus. Try not to be too hasty, both with your movements and communications. There is certainly a tendency toward emotional extremes today, but also good energy for doing something constructive once you see the light about a matter. Events of the day can reveal where you’ve been over-attached, clarifying what steps you can take to free yourself from fear in these areas of life. It’s an excellent time to focus on tasks that require discipline and order as they can help alleviate some of your worries. Taking an orderly approach to problems can be similarly beneficial. Tidying up areas of your life that may be causing you guilt or dread can be useful. Interactions and information surfacing today can be helpful. You might be attracted to a new line of study or feel motivated to explore a topic more deeply. Helping others or learning new things can be especially pleasurable.


Today’s Full Moon can bring about important realizations about money, ownership, valuables, values, talents, sharing of responsibilities, and power dynamics, dear Pisces. Do watch for making quick decisions that are more about fear, guilt, or dread than common sense. Sorting through the truths and more in-depth emotions that surface now can be helpful. Consider areas of your life that can do with concentrated focus and attention to detail, and use this steady energy to take care of business. Teaming up to get something accomplished or brainstorming with others can be productive. You can learn something of real value through research, and advances can be in the pipeline regarding support, backing, and business. You can feel particular ease with people in one-to-one situations. Revealing conversations can occur today that give you a fresh new perspective on important people in your life.