A minor challenge influencing the first half of the day can have you second-guessing your decisions or worrying too much about your performance, dear Aries. Neither of these things is too serious, but if you can, remember your usual limits and don’t venture too far beyond them. If you don’t find a productive channel for your excess energy, you might be snappy or irritable. You can feel that the ball is not in your court just now. While you could experience delays or changes of plans today, your good mood lifts you above fretting over these things as the day advances. You may find a creative way of expressing hidden feelings.


Avoid anything that promises a power or control game in the first half of the day, dear Taurus, when tensions are present but their precise source hard to pinpoint. There is no winning right now! Something may be holding you back, such as a gut feeling or a fear. You can also feel divided between wanting to do something new and different and preferring to stick with the tried and true. It’s important to listen to what your intuition is telling you. However, a distinction should be made between fear and instinct, and interference and distraction can make it difficult to do so. You may very well find a way to express yourself creatively to a friend or patch things up with someone as the day advances. A heartfelt apology may be in the offing.


You can learn a lot from your gut feelings and reactions, dear Gemini, but be aware that an influence in the first half of the day can skew your perceptions a little. It’s hard to know your next step, and you may be stumbling with a decision. Whether to take action or wait things out can be the question. Dealing with others who are unsure of themselves can be frustrating today, too. Avoid trying to push for an answer or a decision, as it can be challenging to come by right now. Consider, also, that your own insecurities may prompt you to read what’s said negatively. As the day advances, you find it easier to go with the flow. Creative thinking improves. Problem-solving is a bit off the wall but effective.


With a Mars-Pluto aspect this morning, dear Cancer, you may be in no mood to be pressured or pushed. You can be tempted to walk away from a problem or disappear temporarily until the vibes are more relaxed. Watch for a mind that is working overtime today, which can lead to a real misunderstanding. Even offhand remarks can do some damage, and nervous tension can help you do something fast, but you’re inclined to burn out on it faster. As the day advances, it’s easier to see where everyone is coming from. If there were misunderstandings earlier, you’re ready to forgive and forget or move forward. Practical solutions are creative, and friendly gestures can be refreshing, especially relieving after expecting the worst.


Life can be a little tricky in the first half of the day, dear Leo, as underlying tensions seem to get in the way of asserting yourself or they distract you from your goals. You are not in the mood for playing up to others, and it may be better to avoid conflicts altogether for the time being. Power games will lead nowhere right now, but a serious conversation makes sense if the problems persist later. This is not the most decisive of days for you, nor is it one for truly pushing your plans ahead. However, today’s tension may very well push you into directions that you may never have considered, but that hold wonderful promise. You can enjoy some very creative thinking as the day advances. Your intuition is strong, and you’re tuned in. You may see a new layer to a situation.


Your interactions can take on some intensity that seems unexpected or even unwarranted, dear Virgo, with a Mars-Pluto aspect in play today. You or another person may reveal something very personal and private, or bring up deep topics that are typically tucked away. Be careful, though, about stirring up controversy. Watch for a tendency to take things too personally, too, as people can be touchy. As the day advances, you may find it easy to forgive misunderstandings. Clearing the air can lead to refreshing new dynamics in a relationship. Giving someone the benefit of the doubt feels right for both parties. The Moon leaves your sign today and enters your resources sector. Money and comfort or security matters seem more relevant to you than usual with this transit.


Your feelings seem a little more colorful than usual as the Moon heads into your sign for a couple of days, dear Libra. Instead of ignoring or managing them, listen to your feelings, and interpret them. Vague concerns and worries, even if you try to bury them, have a way of hanging out with you in the first half of the day, however. Conversations and interactions can be slightly tricky but manageable overall. You and others are sensitive, ready to pull away or resist if cornered in any way. You may be “on the fence” today, with worries and doubts interfering with your ability to make a solid decision. Try to shake it off. As the day advances, it becomes far more comfortable to enjoy the company of friends or to get your mind off your troubles. It may be better to let something go and let things be.


This can be a good day for taking a break from the usual routine if possible, dear Scorpio, with the Moon moving into your privacy sector for a couple of days. However, the first half of the day can hold some tension. On social and emotional levels, you could be struggling with indecisiveness. A sense that you are not valued for the work you do can take hold. However, it may have more to do with your sensitivity than reality. Compulsive thinking now can cause confusion and an overly serious frame of mind. Vague worries likely stem from having too much on your plate. Aim to simplify so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. As the day advances, we’re more likely to cut one another–and ourselves–some slack. With this atmosphere, misunderstandings should be reversed quickly. In fact, it can be a relief to let something go.


The Moon moves into your solar eleventh house today, dear Sagittarius, and stimulates a greater need than usual to enjoy a sense of community or to belong to a group or with friends. Your outlook is happier with this transit, but somewhat volatile energy is with us in the first half of the day. It’s vital to avoid going to extremes now, but it’s also a good idea to acknowledge what you’re feeling. Keep in mind that it’s best not to feel pressured into expressing yourself if you don’t feel ready to do so. As the day advances, the opportunity to let something go or leave a problem area alone arises, and it can be a massive relief.


You’re more concerned about the rules and your performance, dear Capricorn, with the Moon moving to the top of your solar chart. You see your progress more clearly, or you’re inclined to make some assessments. Watch that you don’t exaggerate a matter in the first half of the day to the point that you feel undue pressure to make a change. You could be feeling on edge, and you might be harboring some feelings of resentment. Oversensitivity now can lead you on the wrong path, and you would be wise to keep in mind that your perceptions of people and circumstances are temporarily off. Swinging from feeling confident and second-guessing yourself or others can figure a little too strongly. However, as the day advances, you feel less weighed down by frustration, and it may be better to diffuse a situation through kind gestures or willingness to let something go. You can find brilliant solutions to problems now.


The Moon moves into your spirit and adventure sector today, dear Aquarius, helping you rise above most problems. However, a Mars-Pluto aspect influencing the first half of the day suggests you or someone close to you may be making too much of a situation. Decisions may be poor as a result. As well, conversations with a partner or friend early today can be on the delicate side, so do your best to keep an objective yet sympathetic frame of mind. While you can make some interesting observations about others, you may want to keep some of these to yourself due to the tendency to take things the wrong way. As the day advances, it becomes easy and natural to get a sense of the bigger picture. Minor missteps aside, this can be a time of dreaming up exciting ideas for the future.


In the first half of the day, there may be some frustrations with a friend that can be difficult to understand, pinpoint, or resolve, dear Pisces. It may be better to wait things out. You might want to aim to do your part to avoid misunderstandings because it’s really all you can do. You or someone close to you may be seesawing between asserting themselves and using more subtle methods to get what they want. This can be frustrating, but if you’re honest with yourself or with someone, it can be refreshing to get a matter out into the open. Later today, you benefit more obviously from a Sun-Neptune aspect that helps everyone relax, enjoy, and forgive. There is unlikely to be much talk needed to get to a state of understanding with this significant influence.