TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Sunday, 22 September 2019


The Moon moves into your solar fourth house, and you’ll be more inclined to seek comfort and familiarity for a couple of days, dear Aries. In the first half of today, Mercury and Saturn form a square, and there can be a little reality check or disappointment to deal with before pressing forward. You could feel that others are being negative, critical, or disapproving. There may be some disconnects to deal with, and these are likely to revolve around goals, duties, or ambitions. There may be conflicts with someone in authority, or you might find it annoying that people seem more competitive than cooperative. Adjusting your approach to minimize friction and misunderstanding can be worthwhile now, but others should be meeting you halfway, too. As the day advances, your load feels lighter. Do your best to find comforting activities and quiet moments. It’s more natural to pace yourself and focus on the end game.


A Mercury-Saturn square strongly influences the first half of the day, dear Taurus. This transit inclines us to see the downside of a situation. While this negative skew can be a bit of a downer, it can also turn your attention to areas that need fixing. Worries about the future, health, or knowledge are likely. There may be a mental disconnect with someone or a restless desire for more life experience that’s cut short by the need to get critical work done. There may also be delays or blockages with specific endeavors that tie you down. Look for ways to work around roadblocks and keep in mind that it’s best not to take shortcuts with Saturn strong. As the day advances, you’re ready to branch out and rise above frustrations. This is a time for branching out and enjoying different topics and experiences. Conversations are more flowing, and you find much to engage your interest.


A rather somber Mercury-Saturn square strongly influences the first half of the day, dear Gemini, and you may be dealing with a disapproving person or news that dampens your spirits a tad. If someone or something is putting a damper on your plans, or if you face criticism, stay centered and connect with what you genuinely feel about your situation. Some doubts about your feelings or projects could emerge now. Dealing with red tape or mechanical problems can also figure strongly. Do your best to allow difficult energies to blow over, or decide instead to fix problem areas to secure or strengthen your position going forward. Learning from differences or using a delay to your advantage for making improvements is best for you now. As the day advances, you’re likely to feel more stable and less distracted. Emotions tend to steady, and you’re most interested in what’s practical and doable.


The Moon moves into your sign today, dear Cancer, and this puts you in the forefront–you become a little more noticeable or visible. Emotions run on the high side, but mostly pleasantly. Socializing with family and friends can be especially rewarding. Even so, a Mercury-Saturn square influencing the first half of the day suggests the need to deal with disapproval or delays. Information might surface that disagrees with you or challenges your take on a situation. With Saturn is a long-term guest in your partnership sector, a partner or significant other can seem to block your plans or discourage your thinking. It might feel that others shoot down your ideas before they give them a fair chance. While there are usually lessons in such experiences, pulling back from negativity can make sense in some situations. Aim to center yourself and get in touch with what’s important to you–certain things don’t deserve your energy. Ideally, you come up with some refinements and, as a result, you strengthen your position. In the second half of the day, you’re anxious to let go of tension and enjoy yourself.


You tend to retreat somewhat from the demands of everyday life today, dear Leo. Emotionally, you may be keeping parts of you to yourself. Even with company, you may not be as emotionally present or accessible for the time being. This tendency is due to the Moon’s move into the sign behind yours–a signal to slow down and process. A Mercury-Saturn square influences the first half of today and can point to a small reality check or letdown. Nevertheless, the change you make as a result of this can improve your position in the long run. Pressures can emerge from within yourself, or they can come at you from outside, but either way, it’s a time for acknowledging your responsibilities. Do aim to stop short of the point at which worry or anxiety take over. You may put up a wall and give off the impression that your skin is thick, but this may backfire on you. Items on your to-do list can be overwhelming, but you might be able to shuffle things around to accommodate both duty and pleasure if you give it a shot. The second half of the day is easier for finding the rest or relaxation you need at this time in the lunar cycle.


In the first half of the day, a Mercury-Saturn influence can point to some reason to feel discouraged or blocked, dear Virgo. Blocks can come from people in your life, circumstances, or some self-doubt. And, tensions now may very well revolve around differences in values and approaches. Internal conflicts arise when you’re torn between taking a leap of faith and sticking with what you know. If others seem to want to challenge you or prove you wrong, respond with sincerity and fairness. Keep things simple and center yourself as much as possible. Be kind to yourself, as a Mercury-Saturn square can bring on some negativity or disappointment with your performance. While you can always learn something from your mistakes or constructive criticism, in the end, it’s about what you feel is right, so find your center. Clashes don’t always have easy or quick resolutions but they may help redirect your energy in the future. You might recognize weaknesses in your position or plans, and fixing them can strengthen you. Later today, you can be on the same wavelength as a friend or associate. There can be a comfortable flow and welcome ease in your interactions.


Some days are good for throwing yourself into something new, dear Libra, and others are better for sticking to the rules. The latter is your best approach in the first half of today with Mercury and Saturn forming a challenging square. You may be excited about a plan or idea, but it’s just not picking up steam or others seem uninterested or critical. People in your life may not be hearing your whole story, and this can be frustrating. Try not to waste energy on worry about the future and guilt about the past. Still, shutting out information is not ideal, either. Even if it’s something that you don’t want to hear, you may have something useful to pull from feedback. Do avoid taking criticism to heart as it’s likely not personal if it’s coming your way today. Today has a way of showing you areas of your life that are vulnerable, and your best bet is to work on strengthening them. The second half of the day is more carefree. You can be feeling quite driven, ready to bring a spirit of innovation to matters of business and practical affairs.


While a Mercury-Saturn square strong in the first half of the day, dear Scorpio, it’s easier to see the downsides of a situation. It’s probably better not to make a decision from a state of worry unless you genuinely have to, but aim to learn from this perspective. You certainly require more emotional space and quiet to sort out your thoughts these days, but dwelling is not helpful now. You may be feeling a little insecure about recent comments or openness, experiencing some feelings of regret or fear that you may have revealed too much. Try not to allow insecurities rule, as you’re likely to make mountains out of molehills now. Or, a project may reach a roadblock, or a miscommunication can lead to a frustrating delay. Ideally, either of these helps to slow things down just enough that you find a better plan. If you’re facing others’ criticisms, it’s best to look inside yourself and consult your inner wisdom. Later today, you receive a nice jolt of psychic energy. Your imagination comes out to play, and you see the sunnier side of life.


The Moon moves into your solar eighth house for a couple of days, dear Sagittarius, and you focus on your deeper feelings and needs. You may be seeking emotional excitement, particularly as it relates to a sense of being connected to someone or something you care about. This might instead be about getting to know your private self a little better. In the first half of the day, we see the flaws of a situation as Mercury forms a square to Saturn. While this can be somewhat deflating, it puts you in the position to work on problem areas and strengthen your plans. A temporary drop in confidence can lead to negative thinking a little too quickly, and it’s best to take the lesson from a dip rather than dwell on it. The reality of costs can put a temporary damper on a plan, or there may be blocks or delays that frustrate. Even so, these can also lead to a reexamination of goals, and this process is ultimately useful. Focus on what’s best for you in the long term. Look within to your inner wisdom instead of allowing others’ input unduly influence your decisions. Keep your sense of humor today, which is likely to be far easier to do as the day progresses.


In the first half of the day, we’re strongly influenced by a Mercury-Saturn square, dear Capricorn, and there may be a reality check or small letdown. Even so, it’s likely about an ongoing problem that has a high potential for resolution, and you’re now in the position to make fixes and strengthen your situation. Identify ways that you may be limiting your progress without even knowing it. Humbling yourself to constructive criticism can be well worth your time now. Ultimately, however, it’s what you believe is right that matters most, so don’t allow others’ opinions to mean more than your inner wisdom. Self-doubt can prompt some reflection. Take your time weighing pros and cons and consider all of your options, and then embark on a step-by-step plan to make improvements. As the day advances, you’ll find interactions far more flowing and perhaps even energizing. The Moon moves into your partnership sector for a few days, spotlighting your need for companionship or perspective.


This morning, your ruler, Saturn, is in challenging aspect with Mercury, dear Aquarius, and this can point to an obstacle, delay, or restriction that is temporarily slowing you down. Try to keep a sense of humor and perspective! Consider whether self-limiting attitudes and perceptions are at play. However, if blocks are coming from the outside, resolve to strengthen the most vulnerable areas of your life. With Saturn strong, it’s always best to think about what’s best for you in the long run–Saturn isn’t interested in immediate results if they’re not good for you! If obstacles only serve to bring you down, take a second look, as there is very likely a lesson to learn buried in the blockage. As the day advances, you might enjoy a nice flow of energy for accomplishing your work and filling responsibilities, helping to speed things along. Look for ways to improve your daily habits and to reduce stress. The Moon is transiting your work and health sector, turning your attention to taking care of business.


With a Mercury-Saturn challenge strong in the first half of the day, dear Pisces, circumstances may seem to be blocking your progress. Sometimes it’s about attitudes that are limiting us with this aspect. It’s a time to recognize where you may be tripping up, and for taking the first step to making improvements. For now, modest ambitions seem best and slowing down to get things right also makes sense. In relationships, bear in mind that if you let fear rule, you may miss an opportunity to get closer to someone. Tensions related to power dynamics, sharing, and intimacy can emerge now. Someone may be giving too much and getting too little in return. Compromise or letting things blow over may be necessary. As the day advances, however, there is flowing energy for creative communicating and opening up about a personal matter. The Moon transiting your creative sector pulls up your need for more interaction with others and channels for self-expression. Reaching out to others is more natural.

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