TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Sunday, 15 September 2019


With the Moon in your sign, dear Aries, it’s the time of the lunar month to pay a little more attention to yourself. It can be challenging to pull yourself away from your duties, but you seem to need extra “me” time now. Even so, Venus has just begun its transit of your partnership sector. In fact, there is increasing activity in this area of your solar chart, and partnering or teaming up can be in sharp focus in the weeks ahead. Venus will stick around here until October 8th, generating incredible energy for enhancing one-on-one relationships. You might magnetize reasonable, helpful, and pleasant people into your life. Alternatively, this transit brings more pleasing, agreeable energy into existing partnerships, whether based on love or business. If you need to make peace with someone, it’s a great time to do so. Negotiations, compromises, contracts, and making connections are all favored.


Find ways to escape some of the elements of your usual routine today, dear Taurus. The Moon spends the day in your solar twelfth house, and the need to rest and refresh is strong. Even so, there is a growing focus on your work and health sector, and things are getting busy! Venus, your ruler, and Mercury have just begun their transits of this area of your solar chart. Venus here encourages more pleasure and harmony in your daily life, including your work or routines and health pursuits, until October 8th. You can be taking pleasure in producing, serving, and taking care of your daily affairs. You feel more accomplished through cooperation and sharing, and you might discover that you meet your goals more successfully by harmonizing with others in the weeks ahead. There can be pleasant contacts made through your work now.


With the Moon in your solar eleventh house today, dear Gemini, you’re drawn to relaxed and less pressured experiences. Keeping an open mind and your options open can invite favorable experiences. If you allow yourself to go with the flow instead of trying to push the pace, you’ll be in a great emotional place now. Venus has just begun its transit of your solar fifth house, and your powers of attraction receive a nice boost. It’s time to enjoy yourself and express your needs for play, leisure, creativity, and reinforcement. You approach the world more creatively and romantically during this cycle, and it’s one of the best times of the year for enjoying hobbies, leisure activities, and romance. Venus is in this sector of your solar chart until October 8th.


With the Moon spending the day at the top of your solar chart, dear Cancer, people tend to notice what you’re doing or look to you to take the lead. You are more goal-oriented and especially aware of your performance or accomplishments. However, there is a growing focus on the opposite sector of your solar chart–your home and family sector. Venus will stick around in this area of your chart until October 8th. Venus stimulates your desire for more harmony and balance in your personal life, while Mercury here encourages more conversation. You might seek refuge from demanding situations or quiet time more often than usual. You can be particularly attached to familiar faces and places in the weeks ahead. It’s a fine time for decorating, hosting, entertaining, and family activities. Venus here can boost your relationships with family, but also with your own heart, as you become more cozy with your feelings and needs.


You’re likely to experience a strong emotional need to escape your routine right now, dear Leo, and this might be satisfied on either physical or mental levels. Venturing beyond your routine is attractive with the Moon transiting your adventure sector all day. Venus has just begun its transit of your communications sector, and will stick around in this area of your solar chart until October 8th. Your curiosity can lead you to fun discoveries and opportunities. You’re in great shape for harmonizing with siblings, acquaintances, classmates, and neighbors. Friendships might form through short trips or errands, over the phone or in places of learning. There could be purchases made, or gifts received that help you to connect and learn in happy, fulfilling ways in the weeks ahead. You are drawn to things that improve your mind.


You’re inclined to seek deeper connections to people or projects today, dear Virgo. There is a growing trend in your life that emphasizes your needs, possessions, business, or practical affairs, however. Venus has just begun its transit of your solar second house, where it will stay until October 8th. Mercury, your ruler, is now in this same sector of your solar chart. Your feelings and relationships tend to stabilize during this cycle. You may be attracting money, gifts, favors, and valuables. You are even more gracious than usual, and increased self-respect seems to earn you more respect from others. Your appetite for luxurious or beautiful objects might increase, or building and collecting appeal to you more than usual. You seem to be making the best of your resources.


With the Moon spending the day in your partnership sector, dear Libra, you are especially approachable and involved. Your confidence is radiated through others. Venus is now in your sign and has emerged from the “darkness” in your solar chart, and will continue to transit Libra until October 8th. It’s an excellent transit for your appeal, mood, and plans. Venus in one’s sign is always considered pleasant, but since Venus is your ruler, it’s an exceptionally fortunate transit for you. It’s not that you won’t face challenges at times during this cycle, but that you tend to have your way now, in a general sense. The power of attraction is with you. You are more popular and desired during this cycle, and quite confident and comfortable in your own skin.


This is a good day for taking care of business, dear Scorpio. It’s a time to bring some order into your life. Venus is now transiting your privacy and soul sector, and until October 8th, you can come to a greater understanding of the more spiritual side of love. Or, this is a time for processing and digesting your feelings and affections. This may be because your emotions or relationships are private or in a state of flux during this cycle. You can be a bit withdrawn, especially with Mercury also in this same sector, and in a week, the Sun will also join in. This transit stimulates your compassion which can draw you to people who need help. Benefits can come through behind-the-scenes activities. There is a reclusive urge now, and this tends to grow as you move through September. You can be in a letting go or preparatory stage on a social or romantic level.


You need some leeway and room for spontaneity today, dear Sagittarius. You’ll want to express yourself creatively or through adventuresome activities now with the Moon moving through your joy sector. Venus is now transiting your solar eleventh house and will spend time in this sector of friends, hopes, and dreams until October 8th. Peace and cooperation are more important than ego strokes during this cycle. You’ll be improving your connections with friends and associates in the weeks ahead. There can be a nice boost in business income, or sharing your talents or expertise with others can yield excellent results. Your tastes are for the new, different, and progressive. You better understand the benefits of relaxing and taking some time off from responsibilities. It’s time to give special attention to your humanitarian impulses and happiness goals.


Today, the Moon is in a comfortable zone of your chart, encouraging you to enjoy a slower pace, dear Capricorn. It may not always feel intuitive today, but it’s probably best to honor your need to take things easy just for the time being. Venus has just begun its transit of your solar tenth house, however, where it will transit until October 8th. In the weeks ahead, you may have to work a little harder to attract the things, people, and circumstances you want. However, when it comes to matters of reputation and career, you have considerable charm and diplomacy at your disposal. People in authority, such as teachers, parents, or bosses, are receptive. Opportunities, promotions, or advances may be part of the picture. You tend to say and do the right thing at the right time. This cycle is one of the best opportunity periods of the year for professional or public appeal. Romantic opportunities, or chances to socialize and make mutually beneficial connections, can emerge through business. Instead, you may simply enjoy the work you do and impact you make more than usual.


The Moon in your communications sector all day keeps you connected and busy, dear Aquarius, although your attention may often be divided. This transit is not ideal for concentration and focus, but it’s excellent for variety and innovation. Venus has just begun its transit of your spirit sector, and until October 8th, you are less interested in details than the overall effect of any particular plan. It can be a time for enjoying a new adventure in learning, a trip, or another quest that breaks you free from the usual routine. You have a stronger desire to learn, entertain new ideas, expand your knowledge and experiences, and enjoy different activities. Promotional efforts can thrive now, and so can publishing or reaching out to a broader audience. You are more generous and adventurous when it comes to love and expressing your affections. However, you can also be a bit restless during this cycle.


You can feel quite sure-footed on an emotional level today, dear Pisces, with the Moon transiting your stable solar second house all day. You may need some predictability to get yourself on track now. Venus is currently transiting your solar eighth house and will continue to spend time in this area of your solar chart until October 8th. This position stimulates your desire to share successfully and harmoniously with others, and you’re inclined to pour more energy into creating this kind of balance. On a practical level, you’re in good shape for shared money or other resources as well as for help or support coming to you. As you process your feelings, any improvements or changes you may need to make become clearer. Feelings of love and attachment intensify during this cycle.