TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Saturday, 5 October 2019


While there is a more sociable theme in your life right now, dear Aries, today’s Moon at the top of your solar chart pushes your attention to your responsibilities. The need or desire to perform is with you, although you can feel torn. There can be a bit of a struggle between wanting to take care of business or collaborate with someone close to you. Tensions today can also stem from feeling pressured to move forward too quickly. Avoid rushing, or you may end up only scattering your energies and accomplishing little at the end of it. Watch for exaggerated perceptions or misinformation. It’s probably better not to invest too much in what you hear. As well, it’s best to avoid spending too much time deciding the best path since your gut feelings may serve you better than mentally tossing around possibilities. It can be difficult focusing on priorities, but loosening up may benefit you now.


The day is likely to be busy and happy for the most part, dear Taurus, but there is some tendency to overdo a good thing. You’re craving a break from the routine with the Moon in your solar ninth house encouraging you to explore and discover. Still, the desire to get things done continues to be compelling, and there can be some tension resulting from these contradictory urges. You may need to deal with a competitive person or frustrating situation to boot, or there can be truth-stretching occurring now. As divided as you may be feeling about work and play, this is a fine time to think up new ideas and possibilities. As the Moon in your adventure sector picks up better aspects later today, you are more inclined to let bygones be bygones as you focus your attention on bigger and better things. The trick is to avoid shooting so high that you give up too quickly with Mercury in minor challenging aspects today.


The Moon and the Sun clash today, dear Gemini, and you could be dealing with conflicting desires and feelings. You’ve been in a more relaxed, playful, and expressive period, but today’s Moon wants you to get serious. Deeper needs can surface and demand attention. There is a tendency to either overdo and push too hard, or to avoid responsibilities altogether, and neither situation is going to leave you feeling better off. If you’re not feeling up to par or your mood is up and down, it may be time to temper immoderate activity. Frustrations require a positive channel for release, and possibly a creative one. There is a distinct tendency to miss the crucial details and focus on the things that don’t honestly matter in the long run. If you avoid investing too much energy or faith in what you hear, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself. Later today, others notice you and reinforce you, and possibly encourage you to open up.


Today’s Sun-Moon square can have you caught between two strong needs, dear Cancer. At first glance, the need for quiet conflicts with a sudden and increased desire for companionship. Still, you may be able to fill both needs. You have a stronger urge and need for relaxation and some form of retreat from chaotic or demanding settings. Restlessness may lead to risk-taking or excessiveness, but neither of these matches with your overriding need for rest and familiarity, so think twice today! As well, it can be challenging not to mix the mind and emotions in confusing ways now. There can be big ideas floating around you today, but because there is a tendency to blow things out of proportion, you should probably reserve judgment. Try not to invest too much time and energy into what you hear today, and instead, aim to give yourself time to process and digest. You seem to be better off involving others instead of going solo with the Moon spending the day in your partnership sector.


With the Moon in your sector of work and health, dear Leo, you can feel a strong urge to take care of routine matters today. Still, you can quickly tire of anything that feels run-of-the-mill or lacking in magic and poetry at the moment with Mercury challenged. As well, there is much going on on a personal level, and it’s hard to juggle everything you want to accomplish. You can feel behind but not quite ready to apply yourself to get back on track. Self-discipline is hard to access at the moment. There can be work to handle that limits your time spent feeling out new ideas and learning. Look for creative solutions since it can be hard to focus on priorities if you have too many of them! It’s also all too easy to leave out the unpleasant details and glamorize the past, but if it’s interfering with happiness today, then it’s not worth it. Opening up to suggestions and recommendations for improving the present makes the most sense now, as it contributes to your happiness.


You could be itching to break out of your usual schedules and habits to have a little fun today, dear Virgo. The Moon in your expressive fifth house all day wants to pull you out of your shell, but a good part of you only wants to get comfortable! Your attention span may be short just for now, so aim to avoid taking on too much. The tendency to make too much of a situation is a potential problem. If you keep in mind that there is a theme of exaggeration and drama now, you won’t invest too much in what’s communicated, and you can enjoy yourself more. Aim to take your time coming to conclusions but engage in some stretching of your mind now. The sooner you seek out balance, the sooner you can enjoy your day. Social interaction is favored, but even if you want to only spend a little time on your own doing something you enjoy, you’ll be in great shape now. Misleading information aside, the day holds good-natured energy for sharing and cooperating.


The Moon spends the day in your home and family sector, dear Libra, making it a great time to enjoy familiar comforts, people, and settings. This is a day for building your sense of safety, belonging, and support before busier, more interactive days ahead. Inner restlessness may be an issue, however, with the Moon square the Sun in your sign and Mercury in minor challenging aspect. You’re best off finding ways to satisfy both your need for predictability and your drive for more activity and exploration. While you should do your best to avoid extra strain, try to take care of your diverse needs so that you don’t neglect something altogether. It’s also vital to avoid impatience and the general tendency to overdo or overreach. Whims that come on suddenly are probably not reflective of your real needs at the moment. It’s a good idea to take time drawing meaningful conclusions. However, enjoy the mental exercise as you consider new possibilities.


It may be best to avoid setting things in stone today, dear Scorpio. The urge (or need) to connect and share takes hold, but with the Sun in your privacy sector, the need to tuck yourself away is equally compelling. You can be filled with ideas. Still, it can be difficult focusing on something in particular with so many conflicting feelings and a bit of a chaotic atmosphere around you today. You can be feeling somewhat restless and perhaps pressured to accomplish something. We can be a little more dramatic than usual today, and decisions related to money or possessions may be challenging to make. There is undoubtedly a tendency to make a lot out of situations, so aim to take your time digesting everything before making final conclusions. It can be a most interesting day, although rumors heard now are likely to be wrong or exaggerated!


The Moon spends the day in your resources sector, dear Sagittarius, encouraging you to settle in and get comfortable. However, a good part of you wants to get busy, experiment, and connect or contribute so that you can feel a bit torn now. Security needs should be addressed, and fortunately, later today, it is easier to do so. While the day can pull up inner conflicts, mostly related to whether to stick with what you know or go out on a limb, you may be better off for it if you can find a balance. There can be fluctuating energy levels and moods experienced now, but pushing yourself too hard doesn’t get you further faster, and might even put you behind. It can be difficult to fully back a decision, as there is a sense that something is exaggerated or magnified. As well, part of you wants to get involved, and another part wants to escape. Take your time coming to conclusions and especially making promises.


The Moon spends the day in your sign, bringing you out of your shell, dear Capricorn. Personal and social needs vie for your attention despite the current focus on your goals and responsibilities. If you are feeling unusually restless, try to direct excess or frustrated energy into a more creative field. Emotions are more strongly felt than usual or seem more urgent. Moodiness can interfere with career goals or filling your duties. Besides some tendencies for inner conflict today, people seem a little more likely to latch onto impractical ideas or to embellish when you’d prefer a straight answer. While it’s mostly good-natured, you could feel a little cut off as a result. Take this time to understand yourself and your feelings, but avoid making big decisions now. While your desire for independence can briefly clash with your need for family and comfortable settings, it’s a healthy day for pursuing personal interests overall.


While the craving for the non-routine and unexplored is strong and will continue throughout the month, dear Aquarius, you require some rest today. The Moon in your privacy sector all day suggests that replenishing your stores of energy makes more sense than to push boundaries just for now. Besides, certain circumstances may very well keep you in limbo today. Honor your need for some downtime and recalibration. Even so, there is a distinct tendency to make too much of a situation right now, and while it’s mostly good-natured, you might become frustrated with people who are overdoing it. You prefer to wait things out and let reason kick in before jumping to conclusions, and this is the wisest choice today. You tend to slow down with the Moon in your privacy sector all day.


While you have an overall need for more depth from your experiences these days, dear Pisces, the Moon in your social sector brings out a desire for something less involving just for now. A focus on networking and friends may come on suddenly. Differing viewpoints, transportation problems, or frustrated travel or educational plans may bring about some tension. Keep in mind, however, that any issues cropping up today are likely to be quickly resolved if you focus on moderating your expectations and actions. Pressures to grow or improve are expected, but there is no need to rush things. Even though you’re in a somewhat contradictory mood, you’re also in a better position to find a balance. You may need to do some juggling, but you can also pull out something useful from even the oddest thoughts and conversations occurring now.


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