TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Saturday, 31 August 2019


There is much potential for excellent conversations that open your mind and free you from certain burdens and frustrations today and tomorrow, dear Aries. Successful new methods and ideas related to money, work, and health can figure strongly. Unusual and exciting elements on the job or in your daily routine can be in focus. You’re in good shape for making connections. You might scope out a good deal, although you could be distracted by problem areas or work/health issues at times now. Try not to rush things if you’re feeling some pressure now. You are benefiting from a sharper ability to focus on the details these days, but you could be taking this a little too far. Try to tune out some of the overthinking, if possible. There can be refreshing points of view or perspectives that inspire you, however. Work, money, and health can be areas of life that stand to gain through discussions and ideas generated today. Look for opportunities to brush up your skills.


There may be some pressures you’re dealing with now, dear Taurus, but you’re also in great shape for creative thinking and expression. You might come up with a breakthrough idea, and a project or plan may move forward suddenly and happily. You could have some difficulty choosing between a safe choice and a slightly riskier one. However, you can also enjoy some open, forward-looking conversations or news that inspires you now. Learning a new method or learning something about someone you care for can figure strongly now. There can be some tension or even suspicion or doubts raised, and it can be challenging to relax and unwind completely with so much on your mind. You may be second-guessing an opinion, your studies, or a communication or news you received, looking for a hidden agenda or a deeper meaning. Even so, a conversation can occur now that clears the air. You can feel exceptionally romantic or simply confident and expressive with a lot of activity in your solar fifth house.


Your thinking is innovative right now, dear Gemini. While your pursuit of independence can cause a few waves with loved ones, you can enjoy excellent conversations that open up a whole new world of possibilities. A home or private matter warms your spirits, or domestic plans push forward. There may be a clearing of the air, or you could be seeing opportunities to put the harmful elements of the past behind you. Conversations can be freeing and eye-opening. You’re in an excellent position to make fortunate connections through your communications and creative thinking. It makes sense to tune out distractions as much as possible so that you can focus on something important to you. However, this will involve turning your mind “off,” which can be hard to do at times today! Family matters are sharply in focus, and an emotional breakthrough is entirely possible.


Conversations can be especially progressive, enthusiastic, and spirited today, dear Cancer. You might have an overdue talk, or something that’s communicated helps to clear the air. There can be times when you feel pressured or guarded, which can lead to some misunderstandings. Keep an open mind and look for opportunities to discover new interests. Friends can inspire you to think creatively or could help give you the courage to try something new. A Mercury-Uranus aspect influencing the day encourages thinking positively and innovatively. Topics raised or on your mind are exciting. Throwing yourself into a project or surrounding yourself with friends can be liberating. It can be challenging to turn your brain off enough to relax, but it’s better for you if you do! Besides, overthinking is likely a goose chase at the moment. Today may not be a time for getting to conclusions, but entertaining new and unique ideas comes naturally now.


A Mercury-Uranus transit influencing today encourages a forward, positive outlook, dear Leo. A new idea or method frees up your time or excites you. This is a time for entertaining ideas on practical, financial, and business levels that are breakthrough or otherwise pivotal. You can be valued for your ideas and intelligence now. Keep your mind open to new information. While not all ideas considered now will lead to something concrete, one of them might click into place. This can be a good day for making fortunate contacts through media, the phone, transit, or studies. You’re learning a lot of useful things these days. While you may not be putting your skills into something productive just yet, it’s a critical time for skills development and for gaining knowledge that will serve you well in the future. Even so, there can be some tension today related to work, business, or money that can interfere with your desire to socialize and enjoy easygoing times. Watch for overthinking things now. Otherwise, it’s a time for feeling especially confident and hopeful about the future, especially along practical lines.


A Mercury-Uranus transit influencing today suggests talking or thinking things through will lead to a greater feeling of freedom, dear Virgo. You’re communicating with more enthusiasm and courage. Look for new ideas and perspectives that excite and motivate you. You are on top of discoveries with something you’re working on or studying, or you’re anxious to be up on the latest developments in various fields of interest. You have considerably more impact than usual today, and others are likely to receive you quite well. Higher education pursuits can thrive. A constructive conversation with a friend or associate can figure prominently today. Your need to be heard is significant right now, and you can count on others listening. You are entertaining new ideas and perspectives that excite and motivate you. There are some worries to manage, but you’ve got this!


A Mercury-Uranus transit influencing the day turns your attention to positive news and ideas, dear Libra. You’re particularly open to new ideas now, and this attitude can lead to fun and perhaps useful discoveries. Seeing something from the past in a more detached way can move you forward. There can be a feeling of purging or release involved with bringing something hidden to light. Your attention span may be a little short today, but you’re making progress on the most important things. Your inner world is animated, and for some, intimate conversations can be inspiring. New opportunities can emerge that turn your attention to behind the scenes. You can accomplish a lot now, although effort may be going into the research of personal interests rather than work. Ideas and communications flow well. The Moon moves into your sign tonight. While you are gung-ho about your plans and seeking out some much-needed “me” time, there can be a lot on your mind that makes this challenging.


A Mercury-Uranus transit influencing today is excellent for collaborating, sharing ideas, and relating to others in liberating and peaceful ways, dear Scorpio. A bit of detachment can put things into perspective, particularly a relationship. People and networks can inspire new methods and ideas. Your social life can be quite animated, and there may be a nice flow of conversation or information that’s genuinely useful to you. Even with complicated feelings today, aim to be open to possibilities and also to making constructive changes related to a partner or friend. Self-expression comes quite easily now, and you may be developing a pleasant rapport with people around you. Tonight, the Moon moves into your privacy sector for a couple of days, signaling a need for downtime. It may be tough to relax just yet with your mind working overtime, but you’ll get the chance to unwind soon enough.


A Mercury-Uranus transit influencing today is useful for exploring new ideas and possibilities related to money and business or work and health, dear Sagittarius. The discovery of an original method can free your mind or possibly free up some time! Your ideas or intelligence might receive particular attention now, or you’re getting over a hump or a problem area, and you feel lighter. With this positive energy, you’d rather think about the future than dwell on the past. Today is good for exploring new ideas and possibilities related to your practical goals or career. There can be an improvement to your methods or new information that increases productivity or saves you a little time. Openness to different ways of doing the same things can be key to opportunities now.


A Mercury-Uranus transit influencing today can help lift you above small concerns, dear Capricorn. This transit can also lead to the exploring of creative or unique topics to think or converse about. Travel, romantic, or creative opportunities can be opening up to you now, and it helps to allow yourself time to do some free-form thinking. Playful energy is with you today, although there are some concerns and pressures that influence you now and again. There can be some doubts or pressures to move fast to manage, and they can lead to a racing mind if you’re not careful. Otherwise, this can be a strong time for picking up good advice, as it seems to be circulating, and for exploring interesting and unique topics with others. Your words of wisdom can be appreciated now.


A Mercury-Uranus transit influencing the day leads to a freeing objectivity or detachment today, dear Aquarius. You might release yourself from a burden or a secret, clear the air, or talk through a problem and feel relieved and even liberated for doing so. When it comes to family and intimate relationships, focusing on the future makes more sense to you now than bringing up the past, and this is the primary key to success now. You can be very focused on observing and investigating and could be giving off mixed signals. One side of you is playful and casual, and the other part is taking life seriously. However, for the most part, this is a time for a cheerful and hopeful sense of the future. Truly interesting and useful information can be circulating.


A Mercury-Uranus transit active today helps you rise above problems, dear Pisces, and also stimulates your curiosity. It’s an excellent time for coming up with a solution to a nagging problem with a partner, or for learning something new and helpful about someone significant in your life. You’re in great shape for making connections with people, ideas, or the information you need. Watch for the temptation to escape pressures now, however. Mercury in your partnership sector improves your ability to reason things out with others, but a challenging aspect with Pluto can point to overthinking things. Talking things through is great for you now, but not if you get too hung up on the details of what’s said. People in your life can be especially verbal, and you can be very supportive as you bring new light to a problem or useful advice to the table.