TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Saturday, 21 September 2019


This is a time for reconsidering some matters, dear Aries. The final Jupiter-Neptune square that has been influencing you since January occurs today. The importance of balancing out your life by making more time for spiritual, imaginative, and reflective activities becomes evident. Otherwise, you may lose some of the motivation and spark you have for learning, adventure, or extracurricular activities. Listen to gut instincts for more downtime, time to yourself, or connections with loved ones. If you have a past matter to resolve or if you’re dealing with some disorganization that now comes back to haunt you, keep in mind that getting over this hurdle can be a real relief. This theme in your life is coming to an end, and it’s time to pick up the pieces. The Moon spends the day in your communications sector, and you’re especially curious and interested in the world around you.


It’s a week for thinking about what is truly best for you in the long run, dear Taurus, although this isn’t always clear! A Jupiter-Neptune square that first formed in January is now happening for the final time, and it can be a confusing one. It’s a good idea to watch for excesses since sudden increases or overexpansion can cause you some personal stress. This can be a time for recognizing if a goal is unrealizable or if a pursuit is overwhelming and undermining you as a result. Sometimes, focusing way too much on a dream prevents you from enjoying what you already have, and this transit has a way of exposing these issues. This week, watch for glossing over important, practical details, and look forward to real opportunities to find more joy in your connection with a person or project. The Moon spends another day in your resources sector, encouraging you to stop and smell the roses! It’s a good day to work on building your patience.


A Jupiter-Neptune square that’s been active since January now forms for the last time, dear Gemini. There may have been a misunderstanding between you and a partner concerning your goals or direction. Or, uncertainties related to life-plan goals, or a lack of solid game plan or structure, may have seeped into your relationship experience. Even if you are not yet sure of your direction, it’s best to handle whatever you can manage so that you don’t fall behind. Feeling overwhelmed can be draining all on its own! Focusing on small, realizable goals can lead to a stronger sense that you’re managing your life and moving forward. As this aspect finalizes and then leaves your life, you should be regaining your energy and focus. The Moon spends another day in your sign, reminding you of the importance of paying healthy attention to your emotional needs.


Today’s Jupiter-Neptune square is undoubtedly disorienting, dear Cancer, but it’s also the final in a set that has been active since January. As such, you’re getting over the last hurdle. This transit has emphasized conflicts between your attention to work and routines and your focus on extracurricular activities. If you’ve taken on so much that you feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to focus, now is a time for taking steps to put this behind you. It can be hard to fit in everything that you want to accomplish, but putting too much on your plate or gunning for a far-off goal can set you back further. It’s time to simplify things or break your goals into smaller, more realizable missions. Find ways to focus and prioritize so that you can take advantage of opportunities that arise when they’re in front of you. This is preferable to pinning all your hopes on something in the distant future. The Moon in your privacy sector all day is another signal to take things easy for now.


This week is important for recognizing the need to resolve problem areas so that you can clear a path for confidently going forward, dear Leo. Gradually, you’ll find yourself more directed. A Jupiter-Neptune square forms for the last time in a set that first came into influence in January. With this aspect, ambiguities or uncertainties with money, support, or your intimate life may have been interrupting your pursuit of pleasure, romance, or leisure. If you’ve been neglecting or turning a blind eye to problem areas with any of these matters, guilt or feelings of being overwhelmed may have been draining you of energy or led to wasted opportunities. If you’ve discovered that you don’t have all the resources or support you anticipated, now is a time for adjusting your goals or taking steps to improve your position. Coming out of a period of limbo can be invigorating!


Jupiter and Neptune form their final square today, dear Virgo, and this transit has been an influence in your life since January. While tension between relationships and family life is possible this week, resolutions may be in the offing now. If you’ve been overdoing or overpleasing recently, now is the time to move forward. It makes sense to press on even if you feel some lack of direction since feeling overwhelmed can drain you. If you’ve been avoiding responsibilities, it may seem there’s never enough time and energy to meet all your needs and those of others. Ambiguity about a key relationship can deflate you but focusing on what needs doing is vital now. Concentration is likely to come far more easily once you put a nagging problem behind you, which is likely this week. Try not to put so much into a currently unclear matter that you forget to enjoy the things that are going well for you.


If you’ve been in a state of limbo regarding a work, service, or health matter, dear Libra, now is a time for getting over a hurdle. While you may have been discouraged or facing issues that you’ve avoided, it’s time to benefit from some redirection. Questioning things can lead to making necessary adjustments and reassessments. Avoid the tendency to “do it all” since it can ultimately rob you of energy. Aim to seek a balance– overwhelmed feelings can lead to waste or procrastination. As you move forward, you’re in good shape for learning, sharing, and connecting, particularly if you’re now reining in the tendency to overdo or take on too much. Try to simplify things and get back some semblance of order in your life. Find ways to focus and prioritize so that you can take advantage of opportunities.


A Jupiter-Neptune transit that’s been active since January comes into focus this week, dear Scorpio, after which it’s put behind you. This aspect tends to highlight areas of neglect, waste, or overestimation in your life, and now is the time for getting over a hump. Facing a matter can be integral to clearing your conscience or building your confidence. If you’ve felt disorganized or out of the loop, energy lost from this state may have been costly. However, you’ll feel stronger as you determine which dreams work for you and which may be undermining or distracting you. Any feelings of being overwhelmed need addressing this week, after which you’ll have a stronger sense of purpose. A little discipline goes a long way, particularly during this opportunity period for money and resources. Address distractions as much as possible now so that you can focus on what matters most to you.


The Jupiter-Neptune square that’s been influencing your life since January perfects for the final time today, dear Sagittarius. This transit suggests the need to do some soul-searching. Your desires may seem to clash with home and family matters, or ambiguities about living conditions or up-in-the-air issues can leave you feeling uncertain in spots. It’s time to put these matters behind you, and it’s likely to happen as you resolve issues with organization, self-discipline, or motivation. While the many options and possibilities before you have been confusing, you’re finding ways to overcome this struggle. A game plan that takes into consideration your priorities makes sense now. Once past this feeling of being overwhelmed, you’ll be far more confident. Ideally, recent ruminations serve to redirect and reorient you in useful ways. It’s comforting to know you’re going forward with a greater understanding of your needs and wants.


The final Jupiter-Neptune square in a set of three happens today, dear Capricorn. You’re near the end of a period of questioning certain matters that began at the beginning of the year. It’s vital to watch that you don’t turn a blind eye to a technical matter. Lack of structure and discipline may have held you back from getting the rest and peace of mind you need. However, it becomes evident that the more organized you feel, the clearer your conscience. As well, your confidence increases regarding connecting with others, learning new skills, and sharing your ideas. If there’s a small disappointment with a project, neighbor, sibling, acquaintance, or an educational matter, know that what brings you down is now resolving. It’s also likely to push you up further. Ideally, this influence has brought you in touch with the fantasies and dreams that serve you well, and those that may need to be refined or thrown out. Seek out a fair balance between doing and resting.


With a Jupiter-Neptune square influencing you since January, dear Aquarius, you’ve had to watch for overdoing activities that interfere with your responsibilities. This transit is now coming to an end. Even so, you may be dealing with some loose ends this week related to concerns, guilt, excess, or confusion that have undermined your confidence. Getting organized can be key since it helps reduce the stress that comes from avoiding or overlooking the facts of a situation, mainly related to money, resources, and capabilities. It’s not been easy to define your goals and plans with some matters up in the air. It continues to make sense that you remind yourself to avoid excesses that can negatively impact your enjoyment or social life. Use caution with lending and borrowing but don’t let insecurities hold you back from enjoying your life and your relationships. Consider ways to improve your feelings of confidence about your talents and resources, although these might begin to pop up naturally.


With Jupiter in a challenging aspect with Neptune since January, dear Pisces, disorganization or personal insecurities may have left you feeling less than capable at times. Or, it’s been too easy to become distracted from your goals. Now that this aspect is completing, it may be easier to feel you’re moving on. Feeling without a clear direction may have been disorienting, but it may have also led you to important discoveries. The key may be to remind yourself of your worth and getting organized or facing a matter to put it behind you. Staying in limbo is costly and draining. Ideally, you’re now taking a closer look at problems with your image and concept of independence and finding ways to manage them. Defining your priorities and pushing yourself to rise above your vulnerabilities may help. The Moon spends the day at the bottom of your solar chart–another reason to take things easy and centre yourself.