TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Saturday, 14 September 2019


Today’s Full Moon brings matters to fruition, dear Aries, and falls along your work and service axis. Your feelings about a matter bloom. The need for extra rest and quiet or private time can be apparent now. Even so, it could feel at odds with the attention you need to pour into work or health matters. It’s a time to find a healthy balance between time for yourself and time to perform your services or attend to your daily affairs. Your ruler, Mars, opposing Neptune can be disorienting–another sign to take things easy now. Mercury begins its transit of your partnership sector, and until October 3rd, you’ll have the upper hand in negotiations. It’s not about scoring intellectual points. Instead, your ability to consider the other side of the coin strengthens, helping endear you to others and affording you a whole new perspective. Decision-making, however, may not be as easy since you see things from different angles! Venus also enters the same sector of your chart today, putting partnerships into even stronger focus in the weeks ahead.


Today’s Full Moon can pull up buried feelings about a friend or romance, dear Taurus. While it’s a turbulent time in some ways, it’s ultimately highly revealing for your social life, feelings, and affections. This Full Moon may illuminate hidden feelings or resources, although there can be some confusion about these things for the time being. A buried relationship problem can emerge and demand attention, or a friend may need your help. Whatever does come to light now provides you with profound insight into a preexisting problem or issue. You are likely to feel purged and empowered as you handle it! There can be some drama in your social life, but also much going on under the surface of things. Also today, Mercury begins its transit of your work and health sector. Until October 3rd, this messenger planet turns your attention to procedures and methods, perfecting projects, getting chores done, and organizing your living and working spaces. It’s a perfect time for updating skills and for learning things that help improve your work and health. It’s a stellar cycle for re-organizing and attending to the details in your daily life. Work can involve particular attention to detail and communication. Watch for a tendency to fret during this period, however. Venus, your ruler, moves into this same sector of your chart, bringing even more attention to the systems that help keep your life running smoothly.


With today’s Full Moon, you’re likely to make some beautiful and meaningful realizations about your career or longer-term goals, dear Gemini. While some things are expected to remain up in the air, the spotlight is on your future, and a turning point or epiphany can help move matters forward. If you’ve been paying too much attention to your personal life, events occurring now remind you of your need to attend to responsibilities and outside obligations or career matters. Also today, Mercury and Venus begin their transit of your solar fifth house. Until October 3rd, you’re in a fine cycle for self-expression, socializing, and spontaneous conversation or learning. There is a more natural flow of communication and a mental focus on pleasure, fun, romance, entertainment, and creativity in the weeks ahead. Venus heads into the same sector of your chart, improving your romantic and creative worlds.


The Full Moon today may bring fruition or closure to a project, dear Cancer. Information can come to light that changes your perspective about a matter, and emotions run high. While life can feel a bit chaotic temporarily, keep in mind that what you perceive today is likely to be exaggerated. Even so, there may be some essential truth in it, so feelings shouldn’t be dismissed. Avoid getting too caught up in what others are doing, thinking, or saying. Instead, focus on getting in touch with your own needs rather than reacting to what you feel others expect of you. The desire to expand your mind dominates now. If you need a push or some extra courage to do something new, this Full Moon can undoubtedly help! Also today, Mercury and Venus begin their transit of your sector of heart, home, and family. Until October 3rd, Mercury’s transit here can point to extra busy-ness in your personal life. There can be valuable learning lessons through family–or about family. You can be mainly preoccupied with personal and domestic matters.


Today’s Full Moon reminds you to round out your life by considering your personal needs and emotions, dear Leo. Matters of give-and-take can come to a head now. Emotions are likely to run high regarding money, personal belongings, and issues of respect, value, and worth. There can be a significant financial move or a revelation in an intimate relationship. There is a tendency to go from one extreme to another until you reach the middle ground, which can be a chaotic but useful process! Also today, Mercury and Venus enter your solar third house. The messenger planet will stick around here until October 3rd, boosting and speeding up your daily affairs and igniting your curiosity. This is a pleasant position for Mercury and can feel fresh, although there can be times when it’s challenging to concentrate in the weeks ahead. It’s a good cycle for detail work, easy and pleasant communications, and the generation of new ideas or the development of new interests. Learning, speaking, writing, and transportation matters are in good shape–and in sharp focus.


With today’s Full Moon and Mars-Neptune aspect, there can be relationship drama or the discovery of strong feelings now, dear Virgo. However, there is also likely to be some uncertainty prevailing before things return to normal. Relationship and personal matters can feel bigger than life for now. Major epiphanies, emotional declarations, or disagreements are possible. Nevertheless, arguments engaged in now tend to resolve with both parties coming to a greater understanding, instead of leaving everyone frustrated. Mercury and Venus begin their transit of your solar second house today. These planets have been transiting your sign for the past several weeks, helping you sort things out and get your mental priorities straight. Going forward, however, you’re more preoccupied with practical affairs. You want to build and develop your ideas and see tangible results for your efforts. It’s a great time for considering improvements to business pursuits and for organizing your finances.


Today’s Full Moon falls along your work and service axis, dear Libra, and it can bring light to a spiritual or service-related matter in your life. There can be a work project that comes to a head, a health matter that needs attention, or deadlines to meet. Feelings heighten surrounding your work or daily affairs, and the balance between rest and work or physical health and mental health begs to be restored! Through any possible turbulence or a hectic pace at this time, however, you’re bound to discover new information that genuinely pushes you forward. Avoid exaggeration and embrace moderation for best results during a Full Moon. Both Mercury and Venus enter your sign today–further signs that you’re turning a corner. Mercury will transit Libra until October 3rd, and you’re likely to be primarily engaged, on the ball, and busy. Your words have more impact than usual, and decisions come more readily and spontaneously in the weeks ahead. You’re also likely to get more attention. With Mercury in your corner, you can enjoy improved decision-making, more alertness and curiosity, and a greater ability to talk about your plans.


Today’s Full Moon points to the need to pay more attention to your needs for imagination, romance, and inspiration, dear Scorpio. It can mark a turning point or significant discovery related to creative pursuits, long-term projects and happiness goals, hobbies, romance, and friendships. Listen to your heart, but take your time before jumping to conclusions and decisions, since emotions are likely to be magnified so that you pay attention to them. This energy can produce some drama, but a middle ground is what you should be seeking. Also today, Mercury and Venus move into your privacy sector. Mercury will transit here until October 3rd, and the weeks ahead are a time to review and assess recent projects, interests, and studies. It’s also a good time for tying up loose ends on a project or for wrapping up a project. You might often look back for answers during this cycle, and you might take extra time for contemplation, meditation, research, and behind the scenes study or work.


Today’s Full Moon turns your special attention to family or home life, dear Sagittarius, as well as your needs for comfort, rest, and familiarity. It can illuminate things that were previously unacknowledged, buried, or hidden. While there is likely to be something left up in the air or some chaotic feelings now, you’re gaining new insights and a positive, fresh direction. Also today, Mercury and Venus begin their transits of your solar eleventh house. These transits boost your social life. With Mercury here until October 3rd, you’re in good shape for inventive new ideas, sharing ideas with others, and networking. Valuable learning experiences can result from your association with friends, associates, or groups. It’s a fine time for exploring your happiness goals and a boost to your optimism.


Today’s Full Moon can put the spotlight on your feelings about a particular project or direction, dear Capricorn. This lunation heightens emotions all around you and particularly impacts your immediate environment and communications. A flurry of activity related to errands, news, a short trip, or a turning point regarding education or travel can be in focus. If there has been recent inattention to details or daily affairs, it’s a time for seeing the holes in your plans. Try to block out the useless or mindless information coming into your life now, if you can sort through it all. However, emotions are real and need some processing. Also today, Mercury and Venus begin their transits of your career and reputation sector. With Mercury here until October 3rd, it’s a period for taking care of business, showing off your skills or getting attention for your abilities. You’re packing a stronger punch in your communications. Others are taking more notice of what you’re communicating. Your career may demand more communication and people skills in the weeks ahead.


Today’s Full Moon brings more awareness of your money situation or resources, dear Aquarius, and ideas for making improvements are excellent. A financial, emotional, or relationship issue may reach a head, and epiphanies occurring now can bring you closer to how you feel about a situation. Even so, take the time to process and digest everything before jumping into action–Full Moons have a way of magnifying matters to get our attention! This goes double with Mars opposite Neptune also in play. Be moderate with your expectations and with what you’re taking on. Mercury and Venus begin their transit of your adventure sector today. Mercury is here until October 3rd, favoring communications and broad thinking. You’re more hopeful and optimistic than usual, and you’re especially spontaneous and free with your ideas and thoughts. You might discover a new interest, or you could be pursuing a particular topic with more vigor during this cycle.


Today’s Full Moon occurs in your sign, dear Pisces, and there can be a blossoming (or embracing) of your deep feelings on a matter. Alternatively, this lunation can mark a significant turning point for your plans. Any emotions that you’ve brushed aside, buried, or otherwise ignored can now magnify. Knowing what’s in your heart is empowering, even if you don’t yet have a plan set in stone for pursuing what you want. Today can be chaotic, so take the time to digest your feelings before acting on them. Also today, Mercury and Venus begin their transit of your shared resources sector. Mercury will influence this sector until October 3rd, and Venus until October 8th. In the weeks ahead, you’re inclined to read between the lines and strategize, and you may be doing some valuable research or investigation. It’s a good time for bringing more common sense to finances. There can be profound, interesting conversations with others and precious moments of self-discovery.


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