TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Monday, October 7, 2019


Career or other responsibilities and limitations can make themselves known, dear Aries, with the Sun square Saturn. Or, the pressures of others’ expectations can hang heavy in the air. Still, any slowdowns experienced today can redirect your attention to those things that matter and make a difference in the long term. This transit happens twice a year, reminding you of the rules, and with Saturn at the top of your solar chart, you’re especially conscious of what’s expected of you. If people are expecting far too much from you or coming down on you too hard, aim to be more explicit about your need for positive attention. Reminding the people in your life of your need for appreciation and motivation may be in order now! Sure, it would be nice if you got it without having to ask for it, but we’re all going through this Sun-Saturn aspect in different ways. This transit is good at pointing out an area of your life that requires patience. It’s better to focus on what’s best for you in the long-term rather than go for immediate gratification.


While you might come to a smooth, pleasant agreement with someone today, dear Taurus, the Sun’s square to Saturn can bring on a sobering reality about a project or situation. Aim to look for ways to work around roadblocks rather than feeling discouragement for too long. Getting through your responsibilities or work can feel longer and slower now, nevertheless, and it may be best to take things one step at a time and avoid pushing yourself. Timing may be off, but it’s temporary. This transit can serve as a reminder of rules or practical details that we may have been overlooking. You have a stronger than usual need to express yourself through the work you do or service you provide these days, but today you could feel overburdened or under-appreciated for your efforts. Aim to please yourself by meeting your responsibilities so that you can get over the current hump. You may very well come to a stronger appreciation of your ability to rely on yourself. Or, work on a personal priority and return to your projects refreshed.


There can be breakthrough thinking when it comes to work methods or health matters today, dear Gemini. People respond to you better when you are expressing compassion and humility. While on many levels, you’re feeling freer these days, there can be some need to slow down today. Or, you could experience temporary doubts about recent projects or even relationships. You don’t always like to slow things down, but it can be a critical strategy at times like these–when the Sun and Saturn form a challenging aspect. It’s time to clear some hurdles before you move a matter forward. Be as patient as you can and play by all rules today for best results since it’s simply not the time for cutting corners. Getting back on track may require a rest or some tweaking of expectations. If you’re feeling insecure, remind yourself that what you think you’re lacking is probably exaggerated in your mind’s eye. Aim to work on improving those things that you can and forget about the rest.


These days you’re in good shape for putting creative plans into action, dear Cancer. You’re easily touched and inspired by beliefs, ideas, music, and literature. However, with a Sun-Saturn square today, you can feel like someone is putting a damper on your plans or is overly critical. Try not to take things too much to heart, but do aim to work on patching up areas where you feel a little too vulnerable. This attitude will help strengthen you when Saturn is putting the pressure on you in the future. There may be a previously neglected area of your life that now seems necessary to revisit. Paring things down will allow you to move forward more quickly, eventually, but things may feel slow and long just for now, so take it easy. It’s important to be humble with Saturn in a challenging aspect to the Sun, and both bodies in challenging relationship to your sign. Life is unlikely to feel quite so serious later today, and you may find some wonderfully relaxing things to do.


Dreams can have a stronger influence on you than usual these days, dear Leo. Time spent with family or with yourself can be beneficial. Clues can be found to a recent mystery in your life. The Sun’s square to Saturn today can serve to bring responsibilities and obligations to mind, however. The need to set some limits may arise, particularly when it comes to work and daily life. You could be feeling drained physically, and daily responsibilities can feel overwhelming as a result. Do your best to simplify, prioritize, and keep things real. Flaws in a current project may seem magnified now, but rushing to fix them may lead to a sloppy job. It can be a good time, however, for you to see problem areas that need your attention. What appear as setbacks may very well be opportunities to make vital changes before moving forward. You may discover things you’ve overlooked something or that there is a better method for handling a matter. Take things one step at a time or rest and conserve energy rather than push things or yourself today.


These days, you’re in a good period for intuitive understanding and the ability to connect with someone/people through your words, dear Virgo. A relationship can be giving back more with open lines of communication. Still, the Sun’s square to Saturn today can magnify responsibilities or obstacles. A responsibility or seeming roadblock can arise revolving around a love relationship, a relationship with a child, or a creative project. Circumstances or people seem to be disapproving or unhelpful today, and you may be left to your own resources. A seeming setback may lead to a vital step concerning long-term happiness, however, as is usually the case with transits involving Saturn, the great teacher. You’re also learning about what you need in the long run. Look for a middle ground if conflicts emerge. Others may not be as forthcoming, warm, or expressive, which can feel a little cold but could also allow you enough space to discover resources you may not have known you had.


The Sun’s square to Saturn today has a way of turning your attention to burdens and delays, dear Libra. Domestic chores and problems in the family dynamic can weigh heavily on your mind right now. It can be difficult attempting to satisfy both your need for independence and desire for security and assurance. As well, it may not be easy to pursue your personal goals without feeling you’re letting someone down. Experiences today may serve as a useful reality check, and you may later perhaps even consider them to be blessings in disguise! Slow down, follow the rules, and discipline yourself for best results with a strong Saturn aspect. Patience has its rewards and benefits in the long term. As well, you’re likely to feel better about pursuing your desires if you’ve given your responsibilities their due attention. There are some nice hidden gems in your work or pursuit of better health today.


With the Sun’s square to Saturn today, there can be some hesitation or blockage that temporarily slows you down, dear Scorpio. While annoying, these kinds of delays are typically for the best. You could feel overlooked, left to your own resources, or put upon, but keep in mind that this is only temporary. You can help yourself by adjusting your speed, following rules, exercising patience, and conserving your energy by prioritizing. This transit has a way of magnifying flaws, and you may notice that more complaining and criticism than usual are taking place around you today. Conserve your energy for best results, and be patient if others are not truly getting you or your struggles. Indulging in a little self-pity is understandable now, and in a small dose can stimulate you to make changes that empower you.


With today’s Sun-Saturn square, dear Sagittarius, you’ll do best for yourself if you follow the rules and draw upon patience just for now. There can be a break in the flow now as you face an obstacle, and limits may seem more glaring or difficult than usual, primarily related to money. Even if you want to push something ahead, it may be better to conserve your energy and resources. You may be dealing with people who are grumpy or critical, too, since we’re all experiencing this influence in different ways, and facing blockages can be frustrating. The best strategy now is to focus on long-term benefits and keep expectations simple. Resign yourself to making edits and adjustments rather than bold moves and remind yourself it’s temporary. In fact, the workarounds you make now can be helpful later. It can also be helpful to focus on small ways to rebuild your confidence if you feel it’s dipping, and attending to your responsibilities can be one such way. Aiming to look for and appreciate the simple but positive things in your life can also boost your spirits.


Today’s Sun-Saturn square reminds you to recommit to your goals or to adjust them so that they better suit your purpose, dear Capricorn. It’s not the ideal time to push, prod, or go against the grain, just for the time being. You could be feeling on some level that you’re being tested, and it’s better to aim to do the best you can and be patient. Look for ways to maximize long-term success or happiness rather than focusing on the short term. Energy levels can be a little low now, and if so, take time and get extra rest until strength returns. Backing down is sometimes the better strategy until strength and confidence return. However, if you’re up for it, putting more energy into fixing vulnerable areas can be heartening now. It can also be helpful to focus on small ways to rebuild your confidence if you feel it’s dipping. Relationships can be particularly supportive today, and it can be wonderful to know you can talk things through with someone special.


Delays or restrictions occurring around now can be bothersome, dear Aquarius, but they may be slowing you down to see a critical detail that you previously missed. Too much focus on getting what we want in the moment can lead to unnecessary frustration with the Sun square Saturn today. On another level, interactions with others may trigger old problem areas, but try not to allow these things to discourage you for very long. It’s important to pick yourself up and solve problems since Saturn transits are almost always about resolvable issues. You might need to revise plans or go back on something you’ve said. Watch for self-limiting attitudes now, but do consider ways to bring more self-discipline into your life. This is especially important as Saturn prepares to enter your sign in several months–a transit that will ask you to straighten out your life in fundamental ways. Look for the means to maximize long-term success or happiness rather than focusing on the short term. If you’re feeling some waning energy, get extra rest until strength returns.


Your social life may fall short of your expectations in some way today, dear Pisces, but being left to your own resources can actually work in your favor right now. The Sun’s square to Saturn today suggests that people have a lot on their plate right now, wrestling with their own demons, and being self-reliant may be necessary but ultimately also quite rewarding! It can also be a day for catching your breath and looking for better strategies for pursuing your goals. In some cases, it’s time to consider whether a particular goal or endeavor needs to evolve or dissolve. In this sense, this week may be regarded as a checkpoint for your plans and goals. If you’re off track, this is a time for reorienting yourself. Also active today is a supportive aspect between Neptune in your sign and Pallas. If you seek them, you’re likely to find some beautiful channels for expressing and enjoying yourself now. Your ability to solve problems intuitively is in the spotlight. Your audience can expand in some way, as people are relating and appreciating.