TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Monday, October 21, 2019


Today’s energies are brilliant for your imagination, dear Aries, as well as for boosting up your understanding of a connection, whether it’s a relationship or special project. Allow your intuition to flow naturally and spontaneously for best results, and you can learn something valuable about money, support, and a particular person in your life. Finances may improve through unusual, hidden, or unexpected channels, and you’re tuning in quite beautifully to trends that can help generate business ideas and approaches. You are displaying more patience than usual with the people in your life, and you may very well be seeing the beauty in people, places, and situations that you hadn’t seen in the past. This viewpoint feels right and can boost your mood. You might gain insight into someone’s behavior or find a solution to a problem that previously eluded you.


Today’s energies nicely accent your intuition, dear Taurus, and your powers of attraction are high. Sometimes, your imagination can lead you down the wrong path, but today, it’s working in your favor. Even without knowing all the details, you seem to be arriving at a place of understanding about recent events, and especially surrounding your relationships. You are at your most companionable right now. People tend to be on your side, too, and friendships seem supportive of your dreams and goals. Conversations and interactions seem to help you see your own feelings and ideas more clearly — others, whether directly or indirectly, show you things about yourself that you may not acknowledge otherwise. You’re given the benefit of the doubt now.


Today’s energies bring out the artist in you, and your imagination soars, dear Gemini. You’re also in a fine position to come to bat for someone. You seem to arrive at solutions intuitively, applying your creativity to practical matters. There could be unusual circumstances connecting you with the right people, projects, and information now, especially regarding work, reputation, and health. Your working life or goals can improve as you recognize humanitarian, imaginative, or spiritual layers that you may have overlooked in the past. You have a stronger desire to make and produce beautiful things, and you may be thinking about ways to turn dreams into products, systems, or plans. Today also good favor for interactions with a co-worker or someone with whom you share your day, a health professional, or a counselor. Opportunities to grow and expand your skills can emerge.


Today’s energies are excellent for compassion, forgiveness, and charm, dear Cancer. Your particular kind of gentleness is more appealing than usual right now, and you seem to be attracting who or what you want. It’s an excellent time for forgiveness, whether it’s about forgiving others or yourself for something from the past that isn’t going to change! You can experience some good feelings of acceptance now, and it’s comforting. You find it easier to enjoy yourself when you let go of negative thoughts or expectations. Creative expression is favorable, and you could be making a positive connection. You might take a few more risks when it comes to expressing yourself, learning, playing, and connecting.


Today’s energies favor strengthening relationships through the appreciation of shared pasts and familiarity, dear Leo. Compassion is flowing, and we’re very ready to see the positive side of people and situations. There can be more tenderness and gentleness in your interactions, and there may be a theme of service or support running through the day. It can feel right to enjoy a healthy escape now. You can be inspired by information that’s coming to you today, or news regarding financial or family matters can lift your spirits. You’ll want to speak truths, and you’re inclined to talk about issues clearly and openly. Long-range plans made now are particularly sound, and you enjoy the long view.


Sharing ideas with others today can be especially pleasing, dear Virgo. There is a real chance of coming to an understanding right now. It’s also a favorable time for some healthy escapism with a Venus-Neptune aspect encouraging you to let go of tension and enjoy life’s beautiful moments. A partner or friend’s acceptance, understanding, or conversation can help you relax. There is good energy for expressing your care and concern verbally, and for getting a warm message across. People look for the intention behind the words. Pay close attention to dreams and daydreams today, as you may very well come up with a solution to a long-standing problem. You’re also in good shape for enjoying what you’re learning, with a learning breakthrough possible. A topic or an idea can excite you. You see your way out of a problem or understand a matter more clearly, and it comes as a relief.


The day’s energies are accepting, dear Libra, and your imagination is stirred as you appreciate the finer things in life. You might even make a soul connection now, or you get that feeling that things are magically falling into place. You’re likely to enjoy some psychic rapport with a person in your life. Money or business ideas can be golden now, as you’re sensing what others need and want. You’re also in a better place about your own needs and values. Money could come through unusual or hidden sources, and ideas related to work or health can inspire you. Maintaining some mystery around you can work to your benefit, and holding back a little can be the right strategy for now. Your imagination and creativity are playing a stronger role in your work, learning, and other projects now, and the heart you’re putting into the things you do shows.


You’re in fine shape on spiritual and social levels today, dear Scorpio. Venus in your sign harmonizes with Neptune, sprinkling some magic on your interactions. Your more charming and likable qualities are in the spotlight, and a gentle, idealistic, romantic, or dreamy theme can be part of this. Holding back just a little can be the best strategy in almost everything you do today. Some emotional distance –just a little–can help you assess a situation and perhaps enjoy yourself a little more than usual. It can also attract others. Your thinking is ahead of its time today, and you might enjoy making executive decisions. Opportunities to expand your mind or to resolve a conflict may present themselves.


Your inner fantasy world is alive and well today, dear Sagittarius, as Venus harmonizes with Neptune. You might have a warm feeling about a secret that you’re holding onto or a sense of peace about your private life. You can come to an understanding of a delicate matter from the past. Sometimes closure is about letting go of the idea of getting it! You’re also in good shape for extending someone a hand or for a compassionate exchange. Transits today help soothe and bring the light of understanding to your heart. You are set to forgive. You’re also in fine shape for drawing upon your wisdom and helping others. You might decide to open up about a private matter with someone you trust. You may have an important meeting or event that occurs behind the scenes or a new understanding of an issue that has weighed heavily on your conscience.


A Venus-Neptune aspect today can help soothe and smooth out your life in subtle ways, dear Capricorn. A friend could be integral to getting everything into perspective, or someone’s thoughtfulness lifts your spirits. Forgiveness comes naturally today. If you need to build bridges, it’s a fine time for doing so in gentle ways. You could enjoy a psychic rapport with someone, or you may be expressing compassion, forgiveness, or kind words that inspire others. You’re more inclined to appreciate the positive things in your day, as well as the good people in your life–you may even come to someone’s defense. You also have more enthusiasm for your dreams and plans.


Today’s energies are good for letting go of stress, dear Aquarius, and letting go of tension or clearing your head can be most rewarding in subtle ways. You have a third eye with business and practical matters, but you also see different layers of a person or situation to your benefit. Insights into your relationships can come now. You’re coming from a place of intuition rather than listening to your fears, and hunches seem more accurate as a result. In a leadership or professional role, extra charm or intrigue surrounds you today, and it seems to work to your advantage. “Soft sell” is the way to go at the moment! Thinking along financial and work or business lines is exceptionally bright today. You’re excited to arrive at solutions to problems.


Today’s energies are strong for entertaining exciting ideas and expressing yourself, dear Pisces, and especially for acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness. You might have an important revelation, and it can involve letting something go and then putting your faith in the universe that it will find its way to where it belongs! There is natural energy with you for seeking out new experiences, as well as for reaching out to others. Even so, you tend to attract rather than act just for now, and it seems the best approach. Your powers of attraction are powerful with Neptune in your sign harmonizing with Venus. Energy flows particularly well for relationships and creative pursuits. A relationship can expand as you share your ideas, and high energy is with you for attracting love and friendship into your life through shared intellectual interests.