TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Monday, November 25, 2019


There can be frustrations surrounding friendships and possibly disagreements about beliefs and opinions this morning, dear Aries. This may be an ongoing tension that is emphasized or brought to the foreground now. The Sun connects with Uranus, and this aspect can lead to a feeling that you have to push an endeavor before its time, or it may stir up some restlessness. Try not to succumb to pressures, but do consider your urges today since they may hold vital clues to the areas of your life that you need to change down the road. Today is best for only small adjustments rather than sweeping changes or decisions. Also today, Venus moves into your career sector and will visit until December 20th. Venus here can be excellent for your reputation and career and strong for business relationships in the coming weeks. It’s a favorable period for boosting your reputation and getting along with others on professional levels. You are bringing fresh style, flair, and charm to your work.


Whether or not to make changes or to stick with traditional or familiar patterns can be an issue today, dear Taurus. Good energy is with you today, however, on a personal level. Letting go of tension and frustration can help you more fully enjoy it. Creative efforts can be rewarding, and personal magnetism is strong, particularly when you are moving away from your routines and embracing new ideas and possibilities. Still, Uranus in your sign forms a minor but tense aspect with the Sun later today, and you could be feeling a little claustrophobic regarding recent commitments. Consider areas of inner unhappiness that this aspect seems to stir today, but avoid sweeping decisions or actions for the time being. The day is better suited for making minor adjustments. If someone’s making you feel claustrophobic, it may be a sign that you’re giving up too much for the sake of peace and at the expense of your inner happiness. With a New Moon occurring tomorrow, it’s a good idea to wind down. Also today, Venus heads into your spirit sector, where it will stay until December 20th. The weeks ahead are wonderful for feeling inspired, whether it’s about your relationships, outlook, personal interests, or pleasing pastimes — or any combination of these! Venus here is supportive, gently encouraging you and boosting your popularity.


There can be some tension experienced with differing beliefs and opinions today, dear Gemini. While you know peace is best achieved by letting go of the desire to be right, today’s energies can be on the stubborn side. Problems may run more deeply, and that could be why tensions are mounting. Otherwise, the day is healthy for going after what you desire with increased charm and warmth. You are a little freer with the expression of your feelings, and your sense of humor is appealing. Today’s Sun-Uranus aspect can keep you guessing, and it may be better to focus on what needs changing rather than who needs to change! The former approach is more constructive since it encourages self-awareness. It’s the day before a New Moon, and that means you’re better off winding down. Still, plans for future growth and happiness can be inspiring now. Also today, Venus moves into your intimacy sector until December 20th, and your instincts are good for getting the most out of situations and improving or deepening relationships in the weeks ahead. It’s a great time for backing someone you love and for pouring extra attention into a beloved project.


There can be some frustrations with work or routines today, dear Cancer, especially if you feel that you can’t quite get over a bad habit or can’t seem to move past an old frustration. You might have a hard time prioritizing or concentrating with distractions and perhaps unreliability to manage on a social level. Still, there are some bright spots today, and some of your relations can be spontaneous, freeing, and positive with friends or a partner. Interchanges are lively. While there can be a somewhat jagged or hectic pace at times today, you’re in a generally good position to keep a low profile and devote a little more time to resting and relaxing on this day before a New Moon. You might decide to take care of some loose ends. Also today, Venus enters your partnership sector, which is a pleasant development. You tend to draw in helpful, happy people during this transit that lasts until December 20th. It’s a period for harmonizing with others on many levels, and it comes as a nice boost.


Decisions don’t come easily, and you may need to let go temporarily if thinking becomes counterproductive, dear Leo. The day has some very bright spots, however. There can be a nice sense of freedom or support and nurturing experience in work environments. New insights or simply a fresh attitude can make life easier when it comes to your routines and obligations. The day can bring on some surprises, primarily to do with work or commitments, but try not to fret about these. With a Sun-Uranus aspect in play, it’s better to resolve to make changes and adjustments without forcing them. It may be best to think about what to change rather than jump into action right now. With a New Moon occurring tomorrow, a redirection is likely, so take heed now. Trying to push the pace is more likely to work against you today. Also today, Venus heads into your work and health sector, and until December 20th, your focus on bringing harmony to your daily routines can be fun and fruitful. A social theme emerges related to your pursuit of health or work goals.


There can be good feelings of support and freedom experienced on creative levels now, dear Virgo. Your audience can be opening up or your experiences are broader these days, and it feels great. Interesting people and ideas seem to be all around you. It’s a generally strong time to network, as people are enjoying your perspective and supporting your ideas. Today, however, it’s best to lay low just for now with a New Moon occurring tomorrow morning and introducing a new direction. With a Sun-Uranus aspect influencing the day, tensions are stirred, and you can feel pressure to make a move, but letting go a little may be better for you now. Also today, Venus moves into harmony with your sign and will support you until December 20th. Interestingly, Jupiter moves into the same area of your chart for a year-long stay just the day before Venus leaves. This transit stimulates your interest in romance or creative pursuits, hobbies, entertainment, and leisure. Explore your creative side and let yourself shine now!


There can be a freeing feeling associated with the release of private or personal problems and more freedoms with family this week, dear Libra. On this day before the New Moon, it’s better to wind down and relax than to wind yourself up. Today’s Sun-Uranus aspect may convince you that you need to worry or stress over a matter, but it’s best considered a sign to make changes going forward. If you’ve taken on too much, you’re likely to feel the tension today as the Sun and Uranus are at odds, but not quite confronting one another! The Sun is encouraging you to pour extra energy into your studies or personal interests, while Uranus would prefer you dig a little deeper into a more satisfying project or pursuit. This can keep you sitting on the fence. Consider that clarity will come soon enough. Also today, Venus begins its transit of your home and family sector, beginning a trend in which you’re a little more introspective. Lasting until December 20th, it’s a powerful period for finding your emotional center and getting in touch with your needs for safety, nurture, and security. Today, you can benefit from centering yourself and feeling more grounded.


You can be sensitive to feelings of being stunted in terms of growth and progress again today, dear Scorpio. Resolution to these ongoing challenges is unlikely to come now, but if you can let go of some of the frustrations, you can find much to enjoy today. Talking things through is helpful, and you’ll find others quite supportive. Allowing and exercising more freedom in your relationships is hugely rewarding now. Do watch for a tendency to focus too much on the things that you haven’t finished, as this can lead to a sense that you’re behind when your progress is quite acceptable. Instead, aim to concentrate on what you need to do and approach these things one step at a time. Fortunately, there can be a nice buzz surrounding your communications, personal interests, or projects that keeps you looking forward. Also today, Venus enters your communications sector for a visit that lasts until December 20th, and this is a booster transit! It’s one of the early signs of a growing theme in your life that will find you more and more outgoing and interactive. You’re inclined to reach out a little more, and as you do, you gain new inspiration.


Aim to cut out distractions as much as possible today, dear Sagittarius, on this day before a New Moon in your sign. It’s better to wind down and take in, reflect, and relax. Practical matters can thrive today, and there can be good news or support regarding health and wellness. The Sun in an awkward angle to Uranus can give you a sense that you have unfinished business, and this can lead to unnecessary stress. Pacing yourself is best, but it’s also wise to listen to your inner stirrings that call for a need for change, particularly surrounding work, health, and habits. You only need to avoid succumbing to the idea that you need to make changes immediately. As well today, Venus leaves your sign and moves into your resources sector for a visit that lasts until December 20th. Your sense of what’s valuable is on point, and you may very well score some great deals in the weeks ahead. It’s a beautiful transit for business as well as personal comfort and enjoyment.


Take advantage of situations that come up that allow you to express your inner child, dear Capricorn, or for friendly competition and finding support and nurturing in unexpected places. Old interests and hobbies can suddenly appeal to you again. A reawakening of feelings for a friend might also figure strongly now. Even so, the Sun in your privacy sector forms a minor challenging aspect with Uranus today, and this can lead to a bit of stress if you’re not careful. You may feel concerned that something’s left undone or that you’re missing something important. Try not to overthink in this manner and avoid jumping into precipitate action, but do listen to your needs for change. You might come up with a plan to make adjustments at a later date. With a New Moon occurring tomorrow, today is better for reflecting than acting on new feelings. Also today, Venus moves into your sign for a visit that will extend to December 20th–around the time when another helpful planet (Jupiter) will move into Capricorn as well. It’s a happy transit that boosts your magnetism and appeal, as well as your appetite for fun, pleasure, and entertainment. People see you in a kinder light, and you feel good about yourself.


There is good energy for personal and family matters today, dear Aquarius. This can be about new freedom on an emotional plane afforded to you as Uranus and Ceres harmonize. Still, with the Sun and Uranus meeting in an awkward angle today, be on the watch for unnecessary worrying. Rushing through things could lead to poor decisions and results, so take the time to think before making changes now. Or, a minor conflict may arise between the need to attend to family or personal matters and the desire to keep other connections and relationships alive. Also today, Venus moves into your privacy sector for a stay that lasts until December 20th, and you’ll be seeking pleasure in quiet time, private moments, and perhaps even the past. It’s a “lay low” position for love and affection, but it can be a wonderful time to catch your breath, process, and digest in preparation for busier times to come.


There is pleasing, freeing energy available to you now, dear Pisces, and helping others can release it. You can feel especially good about responding to others’ needs and wants and doing what you can to support them. There can be new interests or reawakening of interests experienced now. Still, it makes sense to be extra vigilant with your words again today as the Sun in a public area of your chart forms an awkward angle to Uranus in your communications sector. You may be stirring up a bit of controversy otherwise. Try not to succumb to pressure to push out something before it’s ready. On this day before a New Moon, it’s better to wind down than to wind yourself up. Also today, Venus begins a transit of your social sector, introducing a decidedly more outgoing trend into your life, and there’s more of this to come! It’s a time for seeking out people and situations that make you feel at ease about expressing who you are.