TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Monday, 2 September 2019


This can be a day when we’re making too much of a situation, and decisions may be poor as a result, dear Aries. Your restless spirit is best fed with a varied routine, conversation, or knowledge. However, a Venus-Jupiter square today can mislead you into thinking that it’s about something else altogether or something elusive. Finding a happy medium between filling your responsibilities and satisfying your desire for experience and excitement may be challenging, but doable with some patience and self-awareness. Mistakes made now are likely due to overblown expectations and lack of foresight, particularly in your relationships or at work. Promises made today may be challenging to keep later. Keeping these in check puts you in a far better position to enjoy yourself.


With your ruler, Venus, in hard aspect to Jupiter today, dear Taurus, it’s best to remind yourself of your usual limits. Circumstances can seem to encourage you to forget them, and judgment can be off. Decisions made based on the mood of the moment are unlikely to work out very much in your favor just for now. There is a tendency to make promises that are hard to keep or simple statements that others take as more than they are. These things are resolvable, but they could be nipped in the bud with some mindfulness of current transits. Keeping things moderate makes sense now, although having some fun is not out of the question. You may be wanting to do something different, and current dissatisfaction can lead to important improvements.


Today’s Venus-Jupiter aspect can lead to the seeking of new pleasures, dear Gemini. This can be a good thing, but do watch for overblown expectations. It’s probably best to keep in mind your usual limits and avoid stretching too far beyond them. Keep things as real as possible, and while you should listen to others’ points of view, don’t be swayed by promises made now, as they may be hard to keep. Watch for errors made from ignoring or glossing over details. Things that seem a little too good to be real may benefit from a wait-and-see approach. Use this energy for stretching your thinking and seeking out new things to do. The Moon’s move into your solar sixth house later today can pull you into a more productive phase for a couple of days.


While today’s Venus-Jupiter square is unlikely to be truly difficult, dear Cancer, there is a tendency to blow things out of proportion. Watch for the temptation to take on too many projects or line up more activities than you can reasonably manage. As well, you may want to avoid reading too much into information coming your way just for now. Making decisions or promises based only on the current mood can be a mistake. The good news is that solutions, while not necessarily readily available, are on the horizon. Help is likely to come your way for meeting the demands of your work, projects, and other endeavors. For now, however, aim to enjoy yourself without putting out your “future self.” Keeping things moderate will help smooth out your day.


With today’s energies, watch that you don’t jump to conclusions or jump into situations without enough thought, dear Leo. Impulsiveness is a theme, and is especially the case with money and love today! You can be feeling generous, both with yourself and others, but you could be a little careless or overindulgent. While you should watch for making too much of a situation, the energies of the day may very well push you to try something new. Even if it’s merely a new way to do a regular thing, it can be useful and fun, and perhaps even inspiring and instructive. Indeed, this can be a day in which emotions are up and down. However, if you don’t let yourself get too carried away, and if you avoid expectations in general, then you will be in the right place.


Today’s Venus-Jupiter square can excite your desire for something new or different, dear Virgo. You can be all geared up with good intentions to make improvements, but if things don’t run smoothly, you might lose interest quickly. Aim to get in touch with what may be missing so that you don’t chase something you genuinely don’t want. Consider, too, that pacing yourself makes the most sense. Watch for expecting far too much of an ordinary thing, and you’ll do just fine. It’s not the best day for productivity with a tendency not only to overreach, but also to lose inspiration far too easily. It may be best to aim to pamper yourself in some way, but not so much that you later must pay the price.


Watch for starting something too quickly today, dear Libra, as it may burn out similarly. A Venus-Jupiter transit can point to high enthusiasm but some lack of practicality. You might begin a project or endeavor with excitement, but it may not get off the ground until a few more details are ironed out. A good mood or overestimation of feelings and capabilities can lead to making commitments or promises that you later regret. Enjoy yourself, but pace yourself as you do. As well, try not to communicate feelings too quickly. You could feel a little out of sorts and moody if plans are not materializing the way you’d hoped. Expansion is good, but moderation is the key to success, even if you feel like reaching for the stars. The Moon spends some more time in your sign today, highlighting your emotional needs. Tonight, however, the Moon moves into your resources sector, settling you down. Predictable, easy activities are in order now.


While this is a powerful time for your social life, generally speaking, dear Scorpio, watch for self-deception today, particularly when it comes to love and friendship. Or, consider that a situation with a friend or lover has more to it than meets the eye. A desire to impress, or simply a good mood, can have you overspending, overstating, and overdoing. Aim to have fun, but also to know your limits. Restlessness can spur you to do something different or exciting. A Venus-Jupiter square aspect can lead to some extravagance–you’re more sensitive to things that may now seem dull or meaningless. While you can certainly use this energy to make changes, for now, you could be seeing things in extremes.


The Moon in your solar eleventh house much of the day points to a greater need than usual to enjoy a sense of community and to belong, dear Sagittarius. The Moon moves into your privacy sector later today, however, and you’ll be seeking more rest or time for reflection. While there is a retiring tendency with this transit, you still manage to get attention today! Venus forms a square to Jupiter in your sign, and there’s a tendency to overdo things. Consider that even if you get what you want, it may not satisfy if you’re not in touch with your real needs. There can be some temptation to act out of character today, and this should also be avoided. Self-restraint is needed! Steering clear of exaggeration is wise now.


Restlessness can lead to mistakes today if a plan of action is missing, which is quite likely now, dear Capricorn. A Venus-Jupiter transit can lead to some overestimation or perhaps some carelessness. You could feel overwhelmed with things to manage, leaving little time to pursue your interests. It may be best to self-reflect and aim to understand what you truly need or want, as missing the mark is possible. What seems to be optimism may be overshooting or wishful thinking today, so take steps to avoid going over the top, particularly with promises. Feelings expand now, and you might end up making more of a situation than it deserves–you might want to reserve judgment in that case. However, through all of this, you could end up discovering areas of your life that you can improve.


Today’s energies are good for stretching your mind and enjoying yourself, dear Aquarius. However, a Venus-Jupiter square can lead to unrealistic expectations that don’t do you any favors. There’s a tendency to go too far in the pursuit of a goal or to chase something that you don’t genuinely want. However, with self-awareness, you’re in good shape for discovering areas of your life that could be improved. Focusing on fun, creative activities can be useful and satisfying. However, locking something down may not be the best idea since judgment is not great temporarily. The Moon spends much of the day in your sector of spirit, adventure, and outlook, encouraging you to see the bigger picture. Later today, it makes it to the top of your solar chart, and your thinking is more goal-oriented and practical.


With a Venus-Jupiter square today, dear Pisces, you may be seeking more happiness but should watch for unrealistic expectations. The tendency is to shoot a little too high or to chase things you don’t truly want or need. Relationship problems may magnify temporarily if expectations blow up. It may be best not to express feelings too quickly in this state of mind, as something minor might turn into something way too big. Keep in mind, too, that others may not be seeing you clearly or they could be misunderstanding your actions or affections just for now. Draw upon your common sense. Feel your desires and enjoy them, but be a little wary of those that are a bit too sudden or overpowering to be true.