TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Monday, 12 August 2019


Mercury has just moved back into your creative and playful solar fifth house, dear Aries, and will transit there until the 29th. Mercury was in this sector from June 26-July 19 but wasn’t able to complete its transit due to a retrograde backup. In the coming weeks, you’ll be in an excellent position to move fun projects and pursuits forward. You’ll have more confidence in sharing your ideas and thoughts with others, and you may very well stand out for your unique viewpoint or intelligence. As well, Uranus has begun its five-month retrograde cycle. Even with some worry related to finances or some moving around of funds, ultimately you’re moving towards a whole new way of living. As you rewrite what you value most, the respect you attract into your life evolves. You are discovering unique natural talents and learning to embrace and develop them, as well as letting go of old dependencies or crutches. The coming months will be useful for working on inner attitudes that need to change so that you can move forward more authentically. It’s also a time for dreaming up inventive ways of making money or reviewing and refining current projects.


Uranus, currently transiting your sign, has begun its yearly five-month retrograde cycle, dear Taurus. While Uranus was direct and in your sign in recent months, confidence in your pursuit of new experiences and expression of your independence has been evident. However, with Uranus now retrograde until January 10th, more is going on inside of you than on the surface. Use this time to get in touch with what is driving your behavior. Examine which fears or attitudes have been limiting your independence and personal truth. Plans may be put on hold or could slow down, whether this is due to circumstances or because you are not as quick to make changes or take personal risks. Mercury has just moved into your sector of home and family today and will continue to influence this part of your solar chart until the 29th. Mercury spent some time here in June and July but then backed up due to a retrograde and didn’t have a chance to complete its transit. Going forward, you’ll get the opportunity to resume conversations and projects or plans with family and those related to house and home. Projects might gain momentum now. It’s an excellent time for doing some deep thinking and renewing of old methods.


Mercury is now in your sector of communication, dear Gemini. This transit tends to create a natural flow of learning, connecting, and communicating, and it lasts until August 29th. Mercury spent time here from June 26-July 19, but then backtracked when it turned retrograde. Now and going forward, projects you left unfinished may resume. As well, information that you needed to move forward arrives, and you have more time to explore personal interests that you first toyed with back then. Another shift is the retrograde turn of Uranus in your privacy sector. This Uranus transit is a long-term one that helps you break free from elements of your life that have kept you from growing and thriving. The idea is that the more you let go of the weight of secrets and inauthentic behavior, the freer you are to be yourself. For the coming five months, this does tend to fall a few bumps down on your priority list. It’s a period for processing recent events and changes and for dealing with your feelings toward putting things behind you. Dreams and intuition are more pronounced at this time, and they’re giving you meaningful messages.


Uranus is now retrograde for the next five months, dear Cancer, and things tend to calm down on the social front, at least outwardly. It’s a useful period for processing recent changes and events with friends. This will benefit you greatly and help prevent impulsive, regrettable decisions. You are learning that you are more faithful to yourself when you act from your heart rather than merely reacting to others and circumstances. Mercury has just left your sign and entered your resources sector, where it will influence until the 29th. Mercury spent the June 26-July 19 in this sector but then turned retrograde and retreated into your sign for a spell. Going forward, you approach your finances from a new, refreshed perspective. It’s a good time for padding your income through communications, networking, sharing, and word of mouth for some of you. It’s one of the best periods of the year for money-making ideas. It’s also a good time for getting down to brass tacks when it comes to planning and dealing with your practical affairs.


Uranus has just begun its yearly five-month retrograde cycle, dear Leo. This cycle has a way of inspiring you to do some introspection as you examine needs related to your long-term goals, career, or reputation. You’ve been finding yourself, reshaping your reputation, and carving out a unique identity, mainly through your status or occupation with Uranus at the top of your solar chart. The goal is to express more of your authentic self in what you do. During this retrograde cycle that lasts until January 10th, you may be less actively pursuing these things, and more involved in dreaming up ways to get where you want to go. Analyze, plan, and reassess during this cycle for best results. Mercury has just entered your sign and will transit it until the 29th. You hosted this planet recently–from June 26-July 19–but then it turned retrograde and retreated into your privacy sector. As such, you had some mulling over, processing, and thinking twice to do. Going forward, you’re in a great position to express yourself, make sharper decisions, and delight others with your communications. You’ll feel a nice burst of mental energy, and projects that didn’t gain momentum last month now move forward.


Uranus is now retrograde for five months, dear Virgo. This yearly cycle is useful for self-examination. With Uranus, you are looking for something that needs an upgrade, and with its current transit of your solar ninth house, it’s about belief systems, education, travel, publishing, and communications. This is a period of toning things down a notch if you’ve been making changes too rapidly. It’s a time for processing recent changes, beliefs, and experiences. Personal adventures may take a back seat to responsibilities now, even though they’re still very much a part of your life. Another shift involves Mercury moving into your privacy sector. Until August 29th, you’ll be reviewing projects, working behind the scenes, and enjoying a break from overthinking. You’ll be looking at life a little differently and picking up information that you’ve missed in the past, perhaps while you were too busy to notice. From the 29th forward, you’ll be in a more lucid state of mind for making quick decisions and beginning new projects with Mercury in your sign, Until then, take the time to think things through. Wrapping up projects can figure strongly now.


Uranus has begun its yearly retrograde cycle, dear Libra. This transit subtly alters your approach to bringing on change, upgrades, and progress in your intimate life and regarding finances and debts. While Uranus has been direct since January, changes were more evident and sometimes heavy. However, while retrograde for the coming five months, issues are internalized and not as visible. For best results, use this time to examine how you depend on others and devise strategies to alter these dependencies in ways that benefit you and the people you love. If financial or support matters have been up in the air, disorganized, or unreliable, now’s your chance to figure out why. Another shift is Mercury’s move into your social sector until August 29th. It visited there recently–from June 26-July 19–before it went on a retrograde back-up. Now that the planet of communication is back, you’ll be in a strong position for networking. Pursuits you started last month now gain forward momentum, and you’re finding the right information for moving new initiatives forward. This cycle encourages a more relaxed rapport with associates, friends, and networks. It’s also an active period for innovative and enterprising thinking.


Mercury moves back to the top of your solar chart today, dear Scorpio, where it will transit until the 29th. It was there very recently–from June 26-July 19–but then retreated due to a retrograde cycle. Going forward, you’re in a great position to share your ideas with others, particularly in public or professional settings. You’ll gain momentum for ideas and plans that were delayed last month. You get to fill in the details for long-term goals and plans in the weeks ahead. Another shift occurring now is the retrograde turn of Uranus, currently transiting your partnership sector. This yearly, five-month retrograde cycle prompts some meaningful introspection and examination of your relationship needs. Even if issues of unreliability are temporarily no longer screaming at you, it will benefit you greatly to explore your inner needs for change. You may even need an overhaul on a relationship level so that you can feel more in control when Uranus turns direct again on January 10th. Today’s Moon stimulates your curiosity.


Mercury has returned to your spirit sector, dear Sagittarius, and will stay there until the 29th. This transit began but didn’t complete from June 26-July 19 due to a retrograde backup. In the weeks ahead, you’ll be in particularly good shape for thinking in broad terms. You’ll be expanding your mind and your interests, and sharing your ideas and beliefs with enthusiasm. You’re seeking to understand your life and the world around you. Studies or topics of interest that you may have put on the shelf last month now move forward. This is a wonderful cycle for an optimistic frame of mind. In other news, Uranus has just begun its yearly five-month retrograde cycle, lasting until January 10th. It’s useful for slowing down and examining or reconsidering recent changes, particularly related to your daily routines, work, and health. These areas of life may have been up and down in the past months. While a shake-up in these areas continues, you get a bit of a breather from it in the months ahead. It makes sense to help your “future self” deal with unpredictability and change more effectively, and looking inward for answers makes sense now. You’re seeking more truth in the work you do or the services you provide.


Uranus has been encouraging you to express yourself more authentically and creatively, dear Capricorn. Now that Uranus has begun its yearly five-month retrograde cycle, you’re inclined to slow down with these changes. Life is less about spontaneously reacting and more about considering what reforms are best for you in the long run. Creative projects and possibly even a relationship can benefit from some review and refinement. Helping you along with this mission is Mercury’s move into your intimacy sector, active until the 29th. It was in this sector of your solar chart recently–from June 26 to July 19–but then retreated as the result of a retrograde backup. Until August 29th, you’re craving more involvement or passionate interest in your projects, studies, conversations, and thoughts. This cycle is strong for consultations, research, and analysis. You’re likely to make some useful discoveries about what’s driving you.


Your ruler, Uranus, has just begun its yearly five-month retrograde cycle, dear Aquarius. During its transit of your solar fourth house, there have been some up-in-the-air elements related to your home or personal life. In the months ahead, you’re able to catch your breath and examine what you need and want along these fronts. With a slower pace, you have a better chance of understanding what’s going on around you. Your attitude towards security, dependence, attachment to the past, and family or domestic life continue to evolve. Until January 10th while Uranus is retrograde, you might aim to recognize and modify your responses to the world so that changes are less random once Uranus turns direct. Think of it as a kindness to your future self! Another shift is Mercury’s move back into your partnership sector. This transit began from June 26-July 19 but then backed up. Now and in the weeks ahead, conversations that were left unfinished may resume, or information that eluded you last month can emerge. This can be an excellent time for opening the airwaves with a partner, significant other, or a good friend. People in your life can help you get in better touch with your ideas–conversations with them jumpstart your thinking processes.


Mercury has just returned to your sector of work and health, dear Pisces, and will stick around until August 29th. Mercury spent time here from June 26-July 19 but then backtracked due to a retrograde cycle. As such, plans or projects begun last month that were delayed due to missing information start moving forward or gaining momentum in the coming weeks. While this cycle is not necessarily the best for a smooth flow of communication, it’s superb for attention to details. Another shift occurring now is the retrograde turn of Uranus. This yearly, five-month cycle is currently happening in your communications sector. Uranus has a way of pulling some repressed feelings to the surface, and yet you may not feel that you can express them adequately. This is temporary as the shift occurs. In the months ahead, however, you’ll find different–and possibly more satisfying–channels for representing and expressing yourself. You may be re-examining some of your projects, too.


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