TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Friday, October 11, 2019


Let your imagination go this morning, dear Aries. The finer details may need attention later, but it’s a good time to stretch your mind and entertain possibilities. As the day advances, there can be some restlessness stirred with others if you’re not entirely on the same page with them. Topics of money or resources and respect can be tricky ones. Try to observe and avoid quick reactions to problems now. You’re inclined to go your own way with the current Moon transit, but there is good energy with you today and tomorrow for sharing ideas with others, so be sure to let others in. There can be connections made that help further home and family-related goals today, and links can be with people or information that points you in the right direction.


The first half of the day is strong for improvements to relationships or pairing up to accomplish something productive, dear Taurus. Positive gestures and actions taken now have long-term benefits. As the day advances, there can be some restlessness if you feel hemmed in. Seek out ways to improve your projects and methods and avoid strict schedules if possible, as you need breathing room to feel inspired. It’s not the best time for work or routine matters to run smoothly, but you’re certainly ready to put in the effort. The Moon spends the day in your friendship sector, and your need for social interaction continues to strengthen. The energies of the day put you in a prime position to learn something exciting or valuable about a friendship or cherished project, so be sure to open up the lines of communication with others. You can feel far more in sync than usual with a partner or special friend now.


Watch for jumping to conclusions today and tomorrow, dear Gemini. A Venus-Jupiter influence suggests you should watch out for practical details as they’re easy to miss. In your relationships, you may be seeking out “proof” that someone cares, or someone is doing the same to you. When it comes to work or chores, you might feel you can take on a lot, but keep in mind that energy and time may not match your optimism today. Even so, your positive emotional orientation helps you stay alert to opportunities to advance your interests that may arise with Mercury and the North Node in harmony. This can be a time for connecting with the right people or information that support your income, financial state, or current business interests. It’s also a time when helpful clarifications related to work or health are more likely to arrive.


It’s best to avoid taking on too much today, dear Cancer, nor should you make a significant commitment. Energy levels are decent, but adding too much to your plate may be regrettable later on when natural energy dips occur. You’re seeking out improved ways to express and enjoy yourself on the one hand, but on the other, you want to take care of matters that secure you in the long term rather than pursue instant gratification. You may feel a bit restless as your desire for comfort and familiarity is at odds with a need to connect or experiment. Uncertainty or unreliability in your social life may leave you feeling not as grounded or secure as you’d like. Even so, you’re sensing a coming together or mutual understanding is in the works with someone important to you. Try not to count on plans that appear to be a little too unrealistic, but do stretch your mind and entertain bigger ideas and plans. Connections may be made to people or information that help you push your plans forward.


There can be some uncertainty about your long-term goals or general direction today, dear Leo, which may interfere with your current projects and state of mind. However, while these days are a little more unstable than usual, sound energy is on its way in a couple of days for seeing the bigger picture and reaching some satisfying conclusions. For now, there can be some tendency to overindulge or to take on too much. Enthusiasm runs high, however, and you can be quite productive in spite of it. There may be some scattering of energies, and you may be on the fence about whether to play things safe or to take a personal risk. Check in with yourself to understand whether your impulses come from a real need and not just boredom! Conversations may very well lead to important discoveries about yourself and the people you love today.


Watch for a tendency towards extravagance today, dear Virgo, as well as extremes today and tomorrow. That said, there is good energy with you for improving a relationship with sincere communications or simply being there for someone. You’re giving good advice. Watch for tension since part of you needs to unwind, relax, or focus on building something you already have, while another part is tempted to branch out and see what else is out there for you. Both needs are valid, but staying in a state of indecision isn’t your favorite place to be. Your responses to others are generous today, and while this is wonderful on many levels, there is a tendency to overstate or exaggerate that could later come back to haunt you. This can happen quite sincerely in the moment but may be based on restlessness or an overestimation of your needs. The best advice now is to think things through before making commitments. Still, keep your ear to the ground as there can be the inspiration for new ideas, dreams, and goals incoming through the news you hear or people you meet today and tomorrow.


Enthusiasm runs high, but watch that you don’t burn out by taking on too much today, dear Libra. There is some impulsivity with current transits, but it’s best understood and avoided now. A big part of you wants to settle in and enjoy a slower pace, but your curiosity and some emotional restlessness can stir the pot now. While some woolgathering can be useful and satisfying now, it might also be a form of procrastination when time might be better spent focusing on current practical needs. If you can tame too many unproductive tendencies, the day can be wonderfully positive. In fact, you might want to tune in to business or career-related news and ideas, as this can be a day for discovering valuable information that can further your professional goals.


You may not feel ready or up to the task regarding a proposition today, dear Scorpio, or you can feel vaguely restless. Sometimes inaction is just as frustrating as adverse action, and this may cause some problems now. Even so, this is a time for respecting your boundaries and getting in touch with what you want before pushing forward, so give yourself emotional space and time. There may be promises made that are forgotten later, so try to focus on what is most realistic and doable. A little circumspection and strategy can go a long way now. Watch for taking things too far, particularly when it comes to spending and indulging, but also with regards to speaking too soon about a matter. Look for new ways to get creative. Also today, there can be news or incoming information about courses and opportunities that are likely to benefit you.


Restlessness can be an issue at times today and tomorrow, dear Sagittarius, but you’re turning a corner, so be patient. Getting time to yourself can be particularly helpful and grounding as you get in better touch with your needs. Later today, it can be difficult to fully relax and enjoy friendships or personal interests with some uncertainty about work or health on your brain. As well, watch for a tendency to buy into speculative ventures or to make promises that can eventually be difficult to keep. Dare to dream, but don’t overlook the fine print in the process! As distracted as you may be, certain conversations and connections deserve your undivided attention today. A matter that was recently up in the air may clarify, helping you clear the path for new beginnings. A conversation about private issues, a secret, or a matter of the past can be significant and perhaps even quite liberating.


Avoid rushing into something today, dear Capricorn, or succumbing to the pressure to make quick decisions about things that need more time to develop and unfold. There can be some mismatch between your desire to advance your goals and your need for entertainment. Or, uncertainties in your personal life interfere with your concentration temporarily. At times today, energy and confidence can lift you very high and then dip, much like a sugar high. As such, it makes sense to be moderate with commitments or promises, remembering your limits. As well, you may benefit from a Mercury-North Node connection that points to clarity and a sense of forward movement on a matter. It may take the form of a conversation, stumbling upon information, or a chance meeting with someone that gives you more clarity in the relationship department.


You can be in the mood to connect with others, dear Aquarius, but uncertainties or inconsistencies in your home, family, or personal life can distract you. Or, schedules change at a moment’s notice. As well, your responsibilities can be pressing, but a good part of you would prefer to go your own way. It can be difficult focusing on priorities now. Look for balance rather than trying to push either one drive or the other. Distractions aside, you can be feeling quite optimistic now. As well, a Mercury-North Node influence helps connect you with people or information that further your career or health goals, so your inclination to include others and network helps you even more than first meets the eye. It can be a time for gaining increased clarity about a life-path goal, project, or job that feels like growth and improvement.


The Moon in your sign all day can pull up emotional needs that beg for your attention, dear Pisces. It’s a fine time to get in touch with feelings you may have brushed aside. Later today, distractions can interfere with your desire to go deep in a particular subject or endeavor. However, you’re moving towards an excellent period for discovering ideas and news that gives you great insight or relief. For now, aim to be moderate and avoid going over the top since judgment may be off, skewed a little by expectations. Try to keep the lines of communication open with others today, as there can be valuable things to learn. There can be an exciting connection made with information or a person that illuminates your way on a creative or romantic pursuit.