TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Friday, November 29, 2019


Your responsibilities and performance are high on your list of concerns today, dear Aries, as the Moon meets Saturn and then Pluto at the top of your solar chart. You feel more directed and purposeful than usual, and a Mercury-Saturn aspect helps you organize your thoughts. It can be a time for clarifying a matter in no uncertain times. There is greater self-understanding now, and an improved sense of inner strength and resolve. You could derive particular enjoyment from taking the lead, managing a situation, or pouring special love into an important project or ambition. You’re likely to have a stronger emotional investment in your reputation or career right now. It’s a time for prioritizing your long-term goals. You are primarily concerned with the details and practical side of conversations and projects or tasks today. You quite readily become absorbed in what you’re doing, and research or digging deeper into a topic or idea is especially attractive.


The Moon meets with Saturn and then Pluto today, dear Taurus, and this puts you in touch with both your ambitions and responsibilities. You may be doing some serious learning, studying, conversing, or thinking. It can be a good time for the enjoyment of education and studies, experiencing something new, a fantastic discussion or exchange of ideas, or a project that breaks your usual routine. Look for things to update, as gaining a sense that you’re making improvements may be precisely what you need. Letting go of negative feelings such as resentment can come easily as the day advances and Venus and Ceres meet in your sector of adventure. Steady energy is with you for getting things done, and this can come as a pleasant relief, as you’re likely to enjoy a quiet, well-paced day. You see the value of a step by step pace and patience for long-term success. Good things usually take time, and you are instinctively tuning into this today.


You’re taking things a bit more seriously than usual today, dear Gemini, and you can be especially productive today. The Moon meets up with Saturn and then Pluto in your solar eighth house, and Mercury moves towards a sextile to Saturn. You seem to hit the nail on the head today, or you can efficiently get to the bottom of a problem. It’s a good time for piecing things together one at a time and attending to various details. You’re ambitious, but you favor a steady pace now. At the same time, a Venus-Ceres aspect forming in this same sector boosts your intuition and reinforces your enjoyment of work or research. You may come to a realization or solution to an emotional or relationship problem, and it feels terrific. You might thoroughly enjoy an engaging activity, some research, or solving a mystery. You see the value in patience and thoroughness today. You can quickly become pleasantly absorbed in a project or pursuit.


The Moon aligns with Saturn and then Pluto in the sign opposite yours today, dear Cancer, and it makes sense to fill your responsibilities or they’re bound to nag at you. Someone may be reminding you of your duties. A supportive connection is possible with Venus and Ceres heading towards alignment, however. It’s a great time for reaching out to others if you need help, or simply showing your care and support, preferably through practical assistance or gestures. This is a strong day for applying yourself, too, especially to communications and creative pursuits. There is a nice air of competency and reliability surrounding you now, particularly in the ways you communicate. You can be mainly focused on coming to a balance in a relationship, and negotiations are fair and prosperous. The secret to happiness today seems to be balance and patience.


The Moon joins with Saturn and then Pluto in your work and health sector today, dear Leo, and you’ll feel compelled to take care of business. A Mercury-Saturn aspect can help you pace yourself, and a Venus-Ceres alignment increases both your dedication and enjoyment. You prefer not to beat around the bush right now–it’s more important to you to see a situation honestly. Pacing yourself makes sense, too, but you’re also likely to enjoy a pet project or special attention to work and health endeavors today. You might thoroughly enjoy a connection with a co-worker, or work itself, and this is encouraging rather than stressful. You can learn valuable information that helps further your ambitions or that supports your health goals now. Efforts to shape up can be productive. Mental discipline pays off today.


This is a day when you want to be exceptionally productive, dear Virgo. The Moon aligns with Saturn and then Pluto, and you can have great success working on or structuring a skill or project. Responsibilities feel heavy, yet you’re also enjoying a challenge. You can tap into fantastic energy on creative and romantic lines with Venus and Ceres moving towards alignment in your solar fifth house. People are acknowledging and appreciating your unique style, and they’re especially attracted to your support and steadiness. There is reliable energy with you today for mental persistence and clarity. It’s a fine time to focus on a pet or creative project and make some steady progress. You may very well make a special, quality connection with someone or a project. Innovative projects that require discipline can really benefit at this time.


The Moon joins with Saturn and then Pluto in your home and family sector today, dear Libra, and you’re likely to focus on the practical side of your domestic world or personal life. You want to renovate and improve this part of your life. Your ruler, Venus, aligns with Ceres in the same area of your chart, making it enjoyable to pay special attention to your inner world. It’s a good time for showing your concern for others and doing some self-pampering, too, particularly in solid, clear, or practical ways. Attention to beauty, balance, and comfort on the home front can be satisfying. Low-key activities and settings are in positive focus. You have an exceptional eye for details today, too, making it ideal for getting your affairs into order, particularly related to home, family, money, and security. Constructive conversations with or about family can figure strongly. As you straighten out your home environment or support system, improved inner clarity can result.


The Moon meets with Saturn and then Pluto today, dear Scorpio, and you’re inclined to want to concentrate on your projects, or there can be an essential conversation or work to do now. A bit of self-discipline can go a long way today, especially with motivation in the mix! Your voice is engaging, and you can find much to savor regarding your personal interests or projects. While you’re communicating your care and support, you also have a no-nonsense approach now that gets you results. Agreements and commitments might be made. You can have serious thoughts today, but overall these are unlikely to weigh you down. In fact, you can feel quite satisfied as you handle business or sort some things out in your life. Increased clarity is welcome now. A step-by-step approach to resolving problems makes the most sense and is particularly reassuring today. Keep busy, but don’t do so to the point of exhaustion. With moderation, it can be an excellent time for pouring energy into constructive projects.


You’ll gain more satisfaction than usual from getting your practical affairs in order today, dear Sagittarius. The Moon aligns with Saturn and then Pluto in your resources sector, and a Mercury-Saturn aspect encourages attention to detail. You’re in a fabulous position to take special care of pet projects and attend to your valuables and money matters. Enjoying comfortable activities is favored, and your money sense is terrific now. This is a good time to sort out money matters or personal possessions. On an emotional level, you’re in a strong position to take stock of the resources you have at your disposal. You have a clearer vision of what’s truly valuable and worthwhile, and your resourcefulness can lead you to meaningful conclusions. You are able to think ahead rather than concern yourself with immediate gratification.


The Moon aligns with Saturn and then Pluto in your sign today, dear Capricorn, and you’re inclined to take things more seriously than usual. You may have additional obligations to attend to now. As well, Venus and Ceres are about to join forces in your sign, and you can sense others’ appreciation of you and your distinctive style or unique way of meeting and greeting the world. You’re standing out pleasantly! You’re a self-starter now, and it feels good. Fortunately, there’s also good, supportive rapport with others today, and socializing can be helpful and rewarding. A moderate approach to people and your goals is ideal now. Working on yourself through self-improvement programs can be attractive, as you’re going through some restructuring inside.


You need some extra time to yourself or time is given to serious thought today, dear Aquarius, as the Moon aligns with Saturn and then Pluto in your privacy sector. Whether this feels good or challenging can depend on how well you have met recent responsibilities. However, with Venus and Ceres coming into alignment in this same sector, enjoying time to yourself or a short escape can be just what you need to round out your day. There can be joy found in quiet and private moments today, and this tendency seems to grow as the day advances. You are likely to be leaned upon or admired from afar, particularly for your sound mind and trustworthiness. Focus on tasks, if you can, that require discipline and order or a precise focus. It’s an excellent time to sort through problem areas logically and step by step as Mercury and Saturn harmonize.


The Moon aligns with Saturn and then Pluto in your social sector today, dear Pisces, fueling your need to be productive. Fortunately, a Mercury-Saturn aspect also occurs now, helping you sort things out to your advantage. As well, Venus and Ceres align in this same area of your chart, bumping up the enjoyment factor. There can be healing connections with friends or your networks and community now. You may be nurturing a friendship, a new relationship can be made that shows a lot of promise, or you’re paying special attention to new goals and plans. This energy is about nurturing something special, whether that’s a connection, idea, or project. Your head is clearer than usual, and you have a solid sense of what’s valuable. It’s a good time for cementing a business alliance or connection with an associate. People tend to be a little more reliable than usual, and you generally have your priorities straight today.