TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Friday, 4 October 2019


Mars moves into your opposing sign and partnership sector, dear Aries, where it will transit until November 19th. This cycle is about where and how you direct your energy, motivation, and assertiveness, and it puts a strong emphasis on teaming or pairing up to get things done. It can be an animated time for partnerships and close relationships, and it might be a little disruptive before things get better. Mars is direct and to the point, and as it moves through a sector of relationships, those things that have been blocked, hidden, or buried are not tolerated any longer. There may be a competitive feeling in a relationship, or you could seem to need the encouragement of someone to take action. It’s not the ideal position for your fiery ruler energetically speaking, as you might often feel as if the ball is in another’s court. However, this can also be a time for taking a break from making all the decisions, and you may very well need this now. The Moon heads to the top of your solar chart today, encouraging you to set goals or check in with current ones.


Fiery, confident, competitive Mars transits your work and health sector until November 19th, dear Taurus. You enjoy increased motivation, energy, and courage for your work, daily life, routines, or health pursuits. There can be more competitiveness in or at your work, and this can be motivating or frustrating, and perhaps a bit of both! Establishing a more independent pace if you can manage it can help. It may be that you need extra stimulation now, or you want to pioneer something and go your own way with the work you do or the health programs you take on. You’re ready to take action for self-improvement. While there can be some question marks this morning, as the day advances, you’re likely to feel far more in your element.


Fiery, assertive, and dynamic Mars enters your solar fifth house today, dear Gemini, where it will transit until November 19th. It’s the beginning of an energetic and stimulating time in general, and in particular for competitive activities, romance, hobbies, games, leisure, and creative pursuits. This transit supports your efforts to pursue your heart’s desire, particularly if you need more courage to go after what you want with confidence. While there can be moments of impatience or jealousy to manage, it’s a generally helpful, outgoing, and smooth influence, as your direct approach tends to get you results! You’re more engaged and spirited. Today’s Mercury-Neptune challenge can point to a misunderstanding or temporary lack of clarity on a matter. Adopt a “wait and see” attitude for best results.


Mars enters your home and family sector today for a stay until November 19th, dear Cancer. Mars is fiery and direct, and its transit of this sector of your solar chart can bring quite a bit of animation, energy, and dynamism to your home environment, sense of personal growth, and family relationships. It can undoubtedly stir things up. Still, while a direct approach to problem areas may feel disruptive, it can lead to quicker resolutions to long-standing problems with loved ones, roommates, family, or home-related matters. You can be more protective of others (and yourself) during this cycle, which can benefit you in moderation, but do watch for touchiness or defensiveness, which is counter-productive. You can indeed work this position to your advantage by directing your energy to productive channels, such as redecorating, organizing your home, going on outings with family, or actively working on problem areas in your personal life. The Moon’s move into your partnership sector today points to an increased desire for companionship.


Dynamic Mars enters your communications sector today, dear Leo, and this supportive transit sticks with you until November 19th. With the Sun already here, you’re busy and connected, and now Mars brings added courage, fire, and perhaps haste or impatience to your daily affairs. You’ll find natural motivation for taking the initiative or pioneering projects, studies, and teachings during this cycle. You’re also inclined to initiate communications or reach out to others, more so than usual, although you can also be less interested in teaming up since you prefer to set your own pace. You can also be more passionate about your ideas, plans, and projects. New interests and contacts can emerge now, or you can find renewed motivation to pursue subjects that have dropped off the radar. Do watch for hasty communications and movements now, but enjoy the enthusiasm and confidence of this useful transit. The Moon’s move into your work and health sector is another productive influence today, boosting your desire or spirit to get organized and take care of business.


Mars completes its transit of your sign today, dear Virgo, and moves on to your resources sector. Pressures to take action or make changes subside. More energy is now directed into business endeavors and the seeking out of material security during this cycle that lasts until November 19th. The drive to improve your resources is strong, but there can also be some tensions surrounding personal finances and possessions when Mars is under strain or challenge. It’s a favorable time for recognizing a need to take charge of your possessions and money matters. You could be motivated to make more money, but impulsive purchases are also more likely than usual! You can be quite busy building a business or putting a natural talent to good use, and you’re more passionate and emotionally involved. Action with money matters or belongings is a theme in the weeks ahead. The Moon heads into your sector of joy and pleasure today, however, encouraging the need to enjoy and express yourself.


Mars moves into your sign today, dear Libra, and you’ll host this energetic, courageous, and dynamic planet until November 19th. It’s an energizing, direct, and fiery transit, although it can sometimes be impatient and combative if you’re not sure what to do with all of its excess energy! Managed well, it can be a rewarding time for going after what you want directly, assertively, and confidently. You are more decisive and perhaps bold. Pace yourself, as the most significant potential problem with this transit is impatience, but take action on things that matter to you most. You are more explicit about what you’d like to do. This can also be a time when a partner is in your corner. You can be a little more self-interested, which can be quite useful in moderation. It’s a fine time to pay some extra attention to your personal goals and initiatives. The Moon’s move into your home and family sector brings on a theme of rest and familiarity.


Mars enters the sign behind yours today, dear Scorpio, and it will transit here until November 19th when Mars will enter Scorpio. Until then, you’re in a recuperative cycle. While Mercury has just entered your sign, giving you a stronger voice, Mars is now undercover, and there can be important behind-the-scenes activity in the weeks ahead. This transit brings more attention to those things that have run their course or that need to change significantly before you move forward. You may not be as clear or confident about your next step. Still, this apparent slowdown is, in fact, a strong time for recharging your batteries, putting bad situations behind you, and reassessing specific projects and plans. It’s an important cycle for recalibration and a vital period for getting extra rest and time to understand your desires and goals. You should be particularly conscious of what you say this morning with Mercury in your sign in a minor clash to elusive Neptune. Misunderstandings are more likely than usual. The Moon moves into your communications sector later today, stoking your curiosity and desire to learn.


Mars moves out of your career and status sector today, reducing pressure in these areas, dear Sagittarius, and heads into your social sector fora stay until November 19th. This transit tends to produce a smoother pace, and while there can be some pressures related to friends and personal projects, you’re likely to feel pleasantly busy much of the time. This transit fires up and encourages you in the areas of wishes, hopes, aspirations, ideals, community, friends, and groups. You may take the initiative socially or work energetically towards cherished causes or dreams. Asserting yourself feels more comfortable and natural. Troubles with friends or groups may emerge when Mars is under strain here, but this can help get problem areas out into the open for handling. This can be a time of satisfying experimentation, and it presents an excellent opportunity to explore what you’re doing to keep yourself happy, connected, and engaged. The Moon’s move to your resources sector today is a down-to-earth influence.


Mars heads into your reputation and career sector today, dear Capricorn, and will energize and animate this sector of your solar chart until November 19th. This transit awakens your ambitions and competitive spirit. You’re ready to pursue your goals. This cycle can sometimes stimulate conflicts, particularly with those in charge, but it’s also a time of more courage and drive to improve, perform, and excel. You’re likely to have less patience for idling now, and more energy for making things happen. You also want things to run your way! The Moon moves into your sign today, stirring up all sorts of colorful emotions. This morning’s energies seem to lack clarity, but as the day advances, you’re feeling particularly sharp and engaged.


Mars moves into your adventure sector today, dear Aquarius, and will influence this area of your solar chart until November 19th. This shift also means that Mars is moving in harmony with your sign for the next while, giving you a subtle and natural boost on energetic and motivation levels. Your efforts and actions are supported by others and by the universe. Enthusiasm is high and building now. If it pleases you, you can motivate and inspire others to take action, but you are also quite content to do your own thing during this cycle. Passion for your ideas and opinions could lead to some tension. However, you are turning a corner now regarding energy and confidence. Communications may be missed, or there can be wrong directions this morning. Presentations or meaningful conversations should probably wait.


Mars enters your intimacy sector today, dear Pisces, where this planet of courage and action will transit until November 19th. The weeks ahead favor taking action in your intimate life, pursuing your desires, and reaching out to others for support or assistance, financially or emotionally. This cycle turns the heat up on the more intricate elements of relating. It can also be a powerful period for throwing your energy into an important project, research, or investigation. You can be quite motivated and energized by a pet project or cause that absorbs your attention. It’s also a good time for long-term planning and strategy. Interpersonal conflicts are possible now if there have been tricky power dynamics in a partnership, but this can put you a step or two closer to resolution. This transit extends your focus on hidden and private elements of your life beyond this month, now with increased courage and energy. Today, the Moon moves into your social sector, encouraging you to get in contact with people or projects that inspire you. This morning, however, watch for miscommunications.


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