TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Friday, 27 September 2019


While you can be feeling quite pumped to take care of a pesky matter today, dear Aries, this is not the best time for seeing relationships clearly. Avoid doing so much for others that you forget to take care of yourself. Part of you may be holding onto a fantasy of a person, situation, or relationship, and this may pose minor problems today with Venus and Neptune in awkward aspect. While you’re enjoying a trend that’s generally good for warmth and harmony in close relationships, problem areas that have been swept under the carpet can emerge. They tend to come out in little ways at unexpected moments! You could experience a disappointment, but keep in mind that you are better off for it. Problems should probably be managed sooner than later. The New Moon tomorrow is sure to nudge you in the right direction if changes are needed.


Your desires are more insistent than usual today, dear Taurus, but the room is hard to read right now! There can be extra sizzle in a love relationship, or you’re excited about a special pursuit. A minor challenging aspect between Venus and Neptune can prompt you to prioritize your desire to keep the peace and maintain harmony. However, you may go overboard with this, and you may then end up feeling misunderstood or unappreciated. Or, you may feel let down by a broken promise. Don’t worry too much if you are a little out of sync with others or with your goals. It might benefit you to take a small break from discipline or consider ways to infuse more meaning, pleasure, or imagination into your work or chores. If you find yourself restlessly indulging or craving things, it may be that you need to get in better touch with your needs.


Your personal or domestic life can be more spirited or active today, dear Gemini, as the Moon and Mars join forces in your home and family sector. You may be particularly motivated to take care of these matters. Otherwise, you could struggle with where exactly to direct excess energy. There is some tendency to see a situation the wrong way if you’re very close to the situation with Venus and Neptune at odds with one another. Wishful thinking can blur perceptions, particularly related to romance, business, and long-term planning. You may be uncertain about making a significant commitment or decision. Try not to overcompensate for feeling uncertain. Instead, make time for rest or reflection. However, staying in a state of indecision over trivial matters may very well drain you of more energy than dealing with the consequences of a decision. Making a choice can simplify things, but bigger matters should wait. Wind down with a New Moon occurring tomorrow.


Clear matters can do quite well today, dear Cancer, with the Moon in detail-oriented Virgo. However, a Venus-Neptune influence can blur boundaries in other areas, and how you feel about someone is considerably more complicated! You’re seeking more peace and familiarity these days with a number of influences activating your home and family sector. However, you could be feeling a little restless or ambivalent at times today. The desire to do something different or unusual can come on suddenly, but you may not be entirely into it. Try not to stay on the “either-or” track for too long. If you can’t find a compromise, pick one thing or the other and accept your decision. Otherwise, you could be feeling a bit too drained. There’s no use wasting energy on worrying about the little things. For the big stuff, however, it’s best to wait things out. Tomorrow’s New Moon is likely to redirect you.

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You could be particularly motivated to take charge of your finances, dear Leo. Working on developing your talents or resources to make better use of all you have to give can be attractive now. Alternatively, you could feel in the position to defend yourself or prove your value today. If you are feeling frustrated with your current financial setup, however, you’re likely to feel this more intensely now. Not knowing your heart today may tempt you to avoid the truth in your relationships. It’s probably better to admit uncertainty and move on for now with Venus and Neptune at odds. Otherwise, you could end up only spinning your wheels. There could be unspoken desires or a sense that you want something but can’t put your finger on what it is. Try not to allow distractions such as these bring you down. Take a break or give yourself some time to get in touch with your needs and feelings. With a New Moon occurring tomorrow, now is a better time to unwind than to wind yourself up.


You have more courage and energy to make needed changes in your life, dear Virgo. However, with a New Moon occurring tomorrow, today is about letting go of excess baggage so that you can go forward lighter and happier. The Moon is in your sign and aligns with Mars, boosting vitality. If you don’t challenge yourself, you may feel irritable. Self-directed activities are best at this time. Even so, a Venus-Neptune aspect today can point to some hard-to-pinpoint yearnings. Keep watch for a tendency to focus on everything except what deserves your attention! Your need for comfort can feel insistent but could mislead you if you’re not in touch with your needs. Superficial attempts to make yourself feel better are unlikely to satisfy, and may even cost valuable time and energy, and possibly money. If you are uncertain, ride things out until you are clearer.


Your inner world or private life can be very animated today, dear Libra, with the Moon in your solar twelfth house aligning with Mars there. Desires can be sudden or unusual, bubbling up from deep within. You could be experiencing a strong urge to either break with the past or reconnect with it. But on this day before a New Moon in your sign, it’s best to wind down and prepare yourself for a symbolic new beginning. Today’s Venus-Neptune quincunx makes it a fuzzy, uncertain time for decisions about love and money anyhow, especially as the day advances. Take care of yourself rather than doing everything for everyone else and forgetting what you need in the process. Avoid people-pleasing as a quick fix for achieving the peace and harmony you so crave. This is a fine time to dream and let your intuition to kick in. The bigger decisions should probably wait for a clearer time.

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Networking or a friend can stimulate all sorts of feelings today, dear Scorpio, with the Moon and Mars aligning in your social sector. You may have more energy and motivation than usual to dream up new long-term plans. However, a Venus-Neptune quincunx aspect today can point to vague dissatisfaction that creeps in from time to time. With this aspect in play, it’s a good idea to watch for unrealistic expectations that can lead to feelings of disappointment or discomfort. Aim to learn your needs if you’ve fallen out of touch with them. Or, work on making yourself happy rather than looking outside of yourself for others to bring you joy. Accepting things for what they are and appreciating them is the key. Needs that come on suddenly and that don’t make a whole lot of sense are probably things that will only serve to lead you astray right now. There’s a New Moon tomorrow, and it’s likely to redirect you. Today, wind down and reflect.


While there can be some impatience in the air today, dear Sagittarius, you’re at your best if you can pace yourself a little. You can still draw upon the strength of your feelings to be productive and take the initiative. You’re resourceful and find challenges motivating, and your ambitions are quite fired up. However, on an emotional or sentimental level, an awkward angle between Venus and Neptune could leave you with a feeling that you’re not getting what you want. Another sign that it’s best to wind down is the New Moon tomorrow, making it better to take a load off today. Consider that you may not be entirely in touch with your needs, and random attempts to satisfy your cravings are pretty much hit-and-miss in this state! Look to address the root of a problem now. If you can’t seem to get at it, it may be wise to avoid going off on tangents. Try not to let yourself linger in limbo for too long today, especially for little problems. Rest and reflect when you can.


You can quickly get fired up about an idea today, dear Capricorn. Or, you can be especially enthusiastic about a topic or plan. Watch for impatience, but do gently push your usual boundaries now. Even so, with a Venus-Neptune awkward aspect today, it can be challenging to be as productive as you’d like to be. Venus at the top of your chart these days generally points to increased enjoyment of your work or duties, but there are times like today when you may need a break from “performing.” There can be benefits through your work or from others, but you might find that it costs too much, in the long run, to yield to others at the moment. Be especially clear if communicating officially or engaging in business-related communications. There may be misconceptions or misrepresentations. Generally speaking, it’s better to wind down now with the New Moon about to happen (tomorrow). It’s likely to redirect you.

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You can easily become all fired up about a matter today, dear Aquarius, but you may not so easily find someone to share your enthusiasm just yet. It may be best to pour your energy into a pet project or interest. A Venus-Neptune quincunx active today can stir up vague problems or disconnects–or call your attention to them if you’re feeling a little out of sync. Some confusion about money, resources, or know-how can subtly get in the way of personal enjoyment or the pursuit of a new interest. You have been awakening to a desire for more life experience and perhaps a little adventure these days. The New Moon tomorrow will help direct you along these lines. Today, however, you may worry about how you will fund your plans or practically manage everything you’d like to do. Or, you crave some predictability and familiarity. However big your ideas are at the moment, don’t be in a huge rush to put them into action until you can get behind them with more confidence. Today is more about winding down than pushing something forward.


You could be looking to feel vital and alive through your experiences with others today, dear Pisces, with the Moon and Mars aligning in your partnership sector. Someone may be motivating you now. Even so, a Venus-Neptune aspect that’s active today can introduce some cause for hesitation or pause. Try not to allow empathy to override your common sense. You may feel slightly out of sync with others, and the temptation might be to compensate by going out of your way to make them happy. Make it a goal to get in better touch with your needs rather than pouring too much energy into figuring out what others want. Tomorrow’s New Moon will help redirect you, particularly if you need to resolve debts or outstanding issues. For now, aim to reflect and take a pause. Until you sort out your feelings on a matter, you may not yet be in the position to make the bigger decisions or take the first step.

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