Today’s Horoscope: Friday, 19 July 2019


Retrograde Mercury heads back into your home and family sector today, dear Aries. There it will stimulate your desire to make contact and communicate with family members and organize your domestic life in the weeks ahead. Communication with family may not be as straightforward as you’d like, or there can be some level of chaos or mechanical problems around the home that require your attention until the 31st. Past issues can resurface for review, and you may be looking at a decision made several weeks ago in a new way. After the 31st, matters unblock and clear up, and thoughts about or understanding of personal and domestic issues clarify. You get the opportunity to strengthen, redo, or rethink some matters, and it’s to your benefit, even if it’s annoying at times!


Mercury is still retrograde and moves back into your communications sector today, dear Taurus. Until the 31st, communications are unlikely to be straightforward, and your best bet may be to take a break from your routine and do things just a little differently. Matters surrounding learning, transportation, and basic communications can involve some backtracking or delays. You may be looking back at old projects and finding interesting information that helps you in the present. Be flexible and vigilant with marking important appointments and errands on your calendar, but look at recent decisions in new ways for best results now. After the 31st, things unblock, and information will feel complete. Mercury will continue to transit your solar third house until August 11th, and personal interests are a fantastic draw.


Mercury, still retrograde, heads back into your finance sector where it will stay until August 11th, dear Gemini, although it will only be retrograde until July 31st. It’s a time to review financial matters! It’s less than ideal for entirely new or large purchases since you don’t have all the information you need to make the best choices. You may be dealing with lost or misplaced possessions, facing delays, or reconsidering a purchase or business decision during this cycle. You’ll be looking at things from a new or different perspective, and this can lead to new conclusions. From the 31st forward, clarity comes and blanks fill in, slowly but surely. Any delays faced until then can give you the chance to reconsider your approach. Today can find you in a forward-looking mood even with a general focus on the problems of the past.


Mercury moves back into your sign today, dear Cancer, where it will spend the rest of its retrograde until the 31st. Mercury will continue to transit your sign until August 11th, but while it’s still retrograde until July 31st, some personal plans may stall or regress. It’s time to review rather than draw important conclusions or finalize agreements. If it takes you a little longer to come to decisions, so be it! Allow yourself room to think and decide rather than pressure yourself to draw quick conclusions. Today’s energies encourage taking things easy and reserving judgment. Later today, the Moon moves into your adventure sector, and you seek a little more interaction.


Retrograde Mercury moves out of your sign and back into your privacy sector today, dear Leo, and you can be a little more mysterious or perhaps misunderstood until the 31st. Decision-making can be more challenging than usual as you consider different possibilities or wait for more information. Your mind can frequently turn back to the same problem. Now is the time to approach your feelings from an entirely new angle instead of sweeping things under the carpet. Some of the decisions made and projects started in recent weeks can come up for review now. It may not be until after August 11th when Mercury moves back into your sign that you feel equipped to make a big decision, but more clarity is likely from July 31st forward.


Retrograde Mercury moves back into your friends and dreams sector today, dear Virgo, emphasizing your communications with associates, groups, and friends until August 11th. It’s also a time for the hatching of ideas for your future happiness, but you may be dealing with missing information or fuzzy thinking. In fact, you may be waiting for word on a matter. Returning to past issues with a friend or focusing on a past friendship can figure strongly until the 31st. Nevertheless, it’s time for a new way of tackling the same old problem if it just keeps cropping up! Some of the seeds you recently planted concerning long-term goals are likely to need review or revision. While it can be rather annoying, it’s expected to serve you better since you get a second chance to get things right.


Retrograde Mercury moves back into your public and professional sector today, dear Libra, and until the 31st, watch that you don’t unwittingly misrepresent yourself with what or how you communicate. Double-check your facts before jumping to conclusions. It’s a good time for review, but not the best period for clear-cut answers. Reconsider things, but consider waiting it out before arriving at firm conclusions, if possible. Nevertheless, it’s a good time for business ideas that are a little outside the box but workable. If there are delays, you get the chance to see a matter in a different light. After the 31st, you’ll feel better equipped with the information you need to move things forward. Mercury will then retrace its steps and you’ll feel far more equipped to make decisions.


Mercury remains retrograde until the 31st and is making a critical shift today, dear Scorpio, re-entering your adventure and learning sector. You’re likely to be going over recent plans that involve travel or education in the coming days, or revisiting old decisions as new information emerges. Check your facts before expressing your opinions too forcefully, as the information you receive may not be complete. Review and reconsidering matters are recommended, but you may want to save solid plans or commitments for after the 31st. Today, be sure that you are very clear in your communications, leaving very little up to the imagination. The Moon’s move into your creative sector is wonderful for your mood later today.


Retrograde Mercury moves back into your intimacy sector today, dear Sagittarius. While Mercury is still retrograde until the 31st, you’re likely to go over financials or intimate conversations that you thought were behind you. Aim to look at problems, particularly those revolving around shared finances, debts, and balance of power in a relationship, from a new angle or perspective. If they’re re-emerging, then they need to be put to rest in a new or different way! It may be best to focus less on the details or facts and more on the bigger picture–or what it all means. You’ll be in a better place for making final agreements or making refinements to the details after the 31st. Today’s Moon transit keeps your mind busy and curious, but later today, you’ll want to settle in and focus on one good thing at a time.


Retrograde Mercury retreats into your partnership sector today, dear Capricorn, and a relationship matter that was left up in the air may emerge for handling in the coming days and weeks. It’s not the time to look for a clear commitment or for communications to go over precisely as intended while Mercury continues to retrograde here until the 31st. Delays may ultimately help you to understand your situation better, however. They can also lead to creative and new ways of expressing yourself that end up working in your favor. A little skepticism at the moment can’t hurt, as all is not as it seems. While you may need to get something off your chest, aim to be sure of yourself before doing so, keeping in mind that perceptions can be a little skewed. Today’s Moon transit inclines you to want to keep things simple until late afternoon when something piques your curiosity.


Retrograde Mercury retreats into your work and health sector today, dear Aquarius. While Mercury will stay in this sector until August 11th, it’s only retrograde until July 31st. It can be challenging to see or learn of all of the facts with work or health matters. As a result, schedules can easily become mixed up or projects you began last month need revision. There may be the need to review, redo, or double-check your work until the 31st. Old problems at work can resurface, and projects that you thought were behind you may now need some reworking. It’s a fabulous time, however, for tackling a work problem from an entirely new angle and for seeing a project in an entirely new light. Delays now can give you the chance to reconsider things to your benefit. The Moon continues its transit of your sign, exciting your emotions until late afternoon, after which you seek a little more predictability.


Retrograde Mercury moves back into your sector of romance, creativity, and joy today, dear Pisces. Mercury will remain here until August 11th but will end its retrograde cycle sooner than that — on the 31st. Communication is not likely to be straightforward in these life departments. However, you stand to learn much from viewing and approaching matters in a new way, perhaps redoing some things and getting it better this time around. You are thinking and expressing yourself in different ways, and you may be revisiting old conversations or decisions. Keep in mind that your communications may not always be received in the way you intend until the 31st. In the coming few days, a meaningful conversation can occur with a love interest or a child, but keep in mind that you’re likely backtracking over an issue from the past. Instead of approaching it from the same old perspective, try an entirely new angle.


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