TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Friday, 16 August 2019


Some form of retreat can be beneficial now, dear Aries, with the Moon nearing the end of its cycle in your solar chart. Reviewing recent events is particularly useful. Creatively speaking, you’ve been on top of your game recently, but you may be dealing with some temporary blocks to this flow today. This may come in the form of a delay, interruption, or block with a minor challenging aspect between Mars and Saturn. Focusing too much on the process of reaching your goals rather than the vision may frustrate you. It’s not the best day for feeling that you’re moving forward. Tomorrow, when the Moon enters your sign, you’ll be far less likely to be counting the minutes or problems!


You may need to bypass blocks, challenges, or conflicts to pursue your desires today, dear Taurus. Deciding to wait until a better time altogether may be your better bet! Impatience sets you back right now, and slowing down a tad makes the most sense. You may need to alter your plans or goals to keep something going. Reacting to delays carefully and maturely is your best bet. If you can contain yourself and maintain focus, you’ll solve some problems that help you out for some time to come. As the day advances, you’re prepared to let problems be. Giving people in your life–and yourself–room and space without pressure makes sense. The Moon’s transit brings out your need for a sense of belonging to something greater than yourself. You’re in good shape for experimenting with new things, even in small ways.


The Moon spends the day at the top of your solar chart, dear Gemini, and you may feel that all eyes are on you. Your attention is drawn to your goals and performance. A Mars-Saturn aspect influencing the first half of the day can serve to frustrate, particularly if you’re trying to rush something that requires concentration. Challenges in a relationship can present themselves, and this can involve a current relationship or a past one that has your brain hopping. Examine the emotions that are surfacing now a little more carefully, as they likely have to do with something you’ve buried or swept under the rug recently. If you frequently find that a person in your life doesn’t budge or compromise enough, aim to work things out when you have the patience and time. As the day advances, you’re ready to let things go. Others may expect you to take the lead, even so.


Work needs doing, and you may be facing rules, technical problems, or interruptions and blocks that throw a wrench in your plans, dear Cancer. A partner may not be very compromising, either. It’s not the best time for pushing forward with plans with Mars in hard aspect to Saturn. Spending more time perfecting your endeavors will ultimately work more in your favor. The day’s challenging energies ease considerably by afternoon. Dwelling on problems seems more like a waste of your precious energy and time. The Moon harmonizes with your sign and inspires you to dream, imagine, and envision. You want to know you’re growing, learning, and improving.


Someone may feel you’re coming on too strong or that you’re too impatient or brusque today, dear Leo. Mind you, people are taking themselves a little too seriously right now! The more you push, the stronger their resistance, so it makes sense to back off and be detached or aloof if you can manage it. Obligations today can make you feel less than independent with a Mars-Saturn aspect active until the afternoon. Draw on patience now. As the day advances, you’ll find it easier to live and let live. You’re in a great position to observe, plan, and strategize. Paying more attention to your intuition works better than over-thinking things, and you can have excellent insight into your work and health.


For the most part, there is good energy with you today for negotiations and agreements, dear Virgo. This theme is likely more evident in the second half of the day, while the morning can be a little more complicated. A Mars-Saturn aspect suggests a block or obstacle. It’s not an ideal time to further your goals quickly or for spontaneity and warmth in your exchanges. There can be a sense that someone’s limiting you or standing in the way of your progress, and this can be frustrating. However, with a little patience, this can be a good time to wait things out and to put in extra effort to get things right before pushing ahead with plans. Tonight, the mood shifts considerably. You’re ready to let go of anything that frustrates you.


A Mars-Saturn minor challenging aspect today can help you slow down, dear Libra, which can be beneficial. However, it often throws a delay or block in our way in the process, which can be frustrating. It makes it hard to work quickly towards a goal, and can also lead to blocks in communication or misunderstandings with others. Treat slowdowns as the chance to catch your breath and to refine your goals. This is preferable to wasting your energy focusing on problems instead of solutions. Fortunately, the Moon’s aspects can help you focus on the happier elements of your routines. The day is particularly good for alerting you to areas of your life that can use some extra attention.


The Moon and its aspects seem to promise a good time for you today, dear Scorpio. The desire to rejuvenate yourself through creative or entertaining activities is strong. Instant gratification is unlikely, however, with a Mars-Saturn aspect active today that may be blocking things up. Even if you want to make some waves or take action, you may not get very far! You could discover that what you had planned is no longer feasible, but any delay occurring now is probably temporary. Try your best not to push yourself, projects, or others today and resolve to fix problem areas or work on things that need a little extra attention. The day’s pressures tend to ease by the afternoon, although it may very well be that you care far less about them. Focusing on what’s working in your life instead of what you don’t have is the key to peace and enjoyment.


It’s better to take things easy today, dear Sagittarius, with the Moon in your home and family sector encouraging some downtime. As well, a Mars-Saturn challenge can make everything seem quite slow, particularly those things you’re not thrilled about doing in the first place. Until the afternoon, it’s not an ideal time for interpersonal relations, and trying to push your case is likely only to make matters worse. You may feel that others are not supporting you or your plans, but this is temporary. You may also feel a little off-center and perhaps a bit unyielding as a result. Do what you can to keep a positive frame of mind and ride things out. With patience and concentration, you’ll do well now, even if you’re not likely to charge full speed ahead. You may choose not to venture too far from home or usual methods today, and this makes sense since it helps you center yourself.


Connections with friends or your personal connection to your dreams and wishes inspire you today, dear Capricorn. You’re seeking out pressure-free social situations–it’s the time of the lunar month when you focus on happiness goals. Even so, there may be a hurdle to clear today, likely due to slowdowns or delays. As well, there can be some feelings of restriction or stubbornness. However, with patience and further thought, these can afford you more time to finish up something that needs your undivided attention. You tend to be more sensitive than usual to the emotional atmosphere around you. You may very well see the less flattering side of your relationships just for now.


A Mars-Saturn challenge today encourages work more than play, but it can be difficult seeing the end of the road as slowdowns are likely, dear Aquarius. The trick is to take things one step at a time. Attempts to push something too hard or too fast will very likely face blockages. Resolve to carry out your plans on a better day. Practical matters are in good shape despite this energy, particularly if you draw upon patience. Taking care of finances comes naturally with the Moon in your resources sector all day.


The Moon continues to transit your sign, dear Pisces, ensuring that you pay more attention to your needs and wants. Responsibilities to others can feel unusually heavy today, however. While you may want to move something forward quickly, a Mars-Saturn challenge can seem to block or slow you down. Impatience slows you further, so consider that reviewing, editing, or adjusting attempts make more sense than taking direct and immediate action just for the time being. You may want something that you can’t have, or your plans might fall through due to obligations to a friend. Don’t let any of this genuinely get to you. Take notes that can help prevent future problems. The Moon’s alignment with Neptune, your ruler, in your sign comes in especially handy since it enables you to unwind and let go of tensions.


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