Tighter lockdown in Delhi till May 17, Kejriwal says can’t afford negligence

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday extended the lockdown in the national capital for one more week.

Announcing the lockdown extension till May 17, Kejriwal informed that Metro services would be shut during this lockdown.

Kejriwal also appreciated the central government for its support to the city.

“Last month, when the coronavirus cases started increasing rapidly and people were quite serious. We were forced to impose lockdown. The infection rate reached 35%. Cases have started reducing slowly since April 26 and have come to 23%. In Delhi, there was a sudden need for oxygen in corona patients. There was a shortage of oxygen in Delhi. But now, with the cooperation of the Supreme Court and the central government, there is no such news that there is only this much oxygen left in this hospital in Delhi,” Kejriwal said.

This would be the fourth week of lockdown in the national capital since Covid cases surged, bringing the medical infrastructure to its knees.

Kejriwal further said that the Delhi government had arranged vaccination in schools and made several other arrangements for the Covid patients.

“There is vaccine shortage, but we are confident that the way the central government has cooperated so far will help us in that too. But the situation in Delhi is still critical. Laxity cannot be done right now. If negligence is done now, then everything will go bad. This wave is even more dangerous. To avoid this, the lockdown is being imposed after the feedback from the people. This lockdown was supposed to end at 5 am tomorrow, which will now end at 5 am next Monday, May 17,” he added.