They don’t always shoot to kill


    In a first of its kind, ITBP jawans organised an exhibition of photographs which they had taken from remote locations along the India-China border.  The event was held in the national capital.  Aruni Doval inaugurated the exhibition. R K Pachnanda, DG, ITBP and Nita Pachnanda, President, HWWA, were also present at the event.

    Despite being deployed at the most high altitudes, treacherous Himalayan borders where temperature goes down to as many as minus 45 degrees Celsius at times, the ITBP personnel proved that their spirits are always high with the clicking of photos of the border and the Himalayan range.
    The social media handles of the force publishes these exclusive photographs and engages thousands of impressions globally. To present few of the pictures the force has now planned to hold a photo exhibition in New Delhi to showcase the photography talent of its personnel who are best known as ‘Himveers’ due to their continuous deployment in the snow clad Himalayan region.

    “More than hundred picture frames covering the picturesque beauty of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh will be on display,” a senior official said.
    Most of the photographs have been captured from the professional SLR cameras. ITBP trains its men in the art of photography as well. In the past 6 years the force has trained 150 Jawans in the nuances of Still and Videography.
    The pictures include the HD photographs of Mountains, Lakes, Valleys, Flora, Fauna, Rivers and Sceneries which will surely be a treat to watch for the Delhites and art lovers. More than hundred picture frames covering picturesque beauty of Ladaakh , Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh.

    ‘…Through the eyes of the ITBP’ the title of the exhibition describes the photo exhibition itself. This is a wonderful opportunity for the common masses to have a glimpse of rare natural beauty of Himalayan region. The photographs are chosen from the best of the best images selected after a force level photography competition held in August, 2018. Hundreds of entries were received and finally shortlisted pictures have been printed and framed for exhibiting in the photo gallery.
    A special pictorial has also been released on the occasion. The book will be the collection of the pictures displayed in the photo exhibition. It is for the first time that the ITBP as published a book to showcase the photographic talent of the Jawans.



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