Three quarters of a century

Rear view of senior couple walking through garden.

Three quarters of a century

Yet the snail moves

Creeping from mountain to marshes

From grooves to grooves

Sentiments change hues

With colours of rainbows

Clouds take flight from sky to sky

Yet the passion remains, raw and elemental

Like a child frolicking in the rains

Three quarters of a century

Hair turn grey

Flicks of memory give way

To toothless smiles, to fumbled words

The lights become dim on journey’s highway

Where is your soft touch?

I ask the lonely nights

The silences whisper softly

Saying dreams have taken a flight.

Three quarters of a century

Time has moved fast

But eyes still look for the smudge of ink

On your letter on a post card

Three quarters of a century

The birds have taken to the sky

But the twittering bird of desires

Still wishes to touch the sky

One more quarter

The cnetury will roll over

But for me these three quarters

Will enter the final groove

And the snail of time will stand still

Leaving a set of memories

With rainbows to mingle with the smiles

With yet another child

Who will stand still

Under the virtual rainfall

Seeking his thrill

On his mobile screen!


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