Thousands of starving migrant labourers in Kerala stage protest on road

Perhaps a reflection of what the country witnessed in the national capital last night, thousands of migrant labourers in Kerala have taken out a massive protest. The crowd says that they have been staving and the government has shown no sympathy for them.

Around 11 am on Sunday, a large number of protesters, assembled on road here violating the lockdown norms. Most of them demanded they return home.

They have been facing scarcity of food items. Another demand put forward by them is that concerned officials should resolve the issue and take necessary measures to ensure they are provided with enough essential items.

District collector responded to media that the labourers were not willing to accept food from the community kitchen that was set up by the government to ensure food for everyone.

Though the matter has brought into the notice of the CM, it is beyond their scope to decide anything on this while there is an order from the central government to let continue people where they were earlier during the lockdown, he added.


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