Thought for the day: Good Morning Uncle ji, Aunty ji…yeah

    Hindus must shun Hi, Bi, Hi-Hi (or Haaya Haaya) Hello, Good-Morning, Good-Evening…and all those absurdities. It has become a status symbol. Why do Hindus always behave in such an abject manner? So much so that Sushma Swaraj submitted ‘Aadaab’ in a typical ‘Umrao Jaan’ style to that Kargil war-criminal Parvez Musharraf when he landed in Agra for the disastrous Taj Summit during PM Vajpayee era. Certainly the rogue Pak President then, did not respond with Namaste to Sushma Swaraj! Whenever telemarketing fellows call me, I make sure they say Namaste, Namaskar gracefully before I decide to snap the unsolicited call suddenly without any prior warning. That way, I have forced scores of callers to follow Bharatiya courtesies whenever they utter Good-….instead of doing any good actually. Those snooty, narcissistic corporate business management dons must also be boldly taught to substitute those imported, transplanted and worthless words with Namaste, Namaskara and Pranama  with both palms joined. Every bit, every fraction of our culture is precious and greatest of all as well. Look at how Muslims are proud of everything that is Islamic, howsoever shoddy, shabby and sanguinary that may be. It is an important lesson that we all must learn.

    Namaste, Namaskar and Pranam with palms joined, are privileged with Adhyatmika connotations and we must be proud of that. We must not feel humiliated in responding by Namaste, Namaskar and Pranam with palms joined to all those Good (albeit hollow!)-Mornings and -Evenings. Hindus must press such people wherever possible, to respond with Namaste, Namaskar and Pranam  with folded hands before listening to them. If we Hindus are reluctant to respect/honour our own culture and traditions, certainly Islamic-Mullahs and Christian-Brothers are not going to tell/teach us Namaste, Namaskar and Pranam, leave alone joining palms as a measure of courtesy.

    There is another contagious epidemic of calling everyone and everywhere ‘Unce Ji’ and ‘Aunty Ji’. I have personally observed 70 / 80 year old ‘Uncle Jis’ and ‘Aunty Jis’ calling 30 /40 / 50 year old ones ‘Uncle Jis’ and ‘Aunty Jis’. Including even well-educated ones! This stupidity is too much to tolerate. Have we all forgotten wonderful words like Bhai-Saheb, Didi / Bahan Ji, Chacha Ji / Chachi Ji, Beta / Beti…thoughtlessness is the most contagious epidemic afflicting Hindus. On this front too, I have been constantly struggling to open eyes wide shut of all such thoughtless ones who happen to come in contact with me fortuitously or providentially. Of course, we must be amply cautious not to intermingle professional relationship with a personal one or transforming professional relationship into a personal one which we are adept at. This inclination that naturally comes to us, has been a scourge in our society. Higher Judiciary is a potent example of this prurient phenomenon, being infested with ‘nephews / nieces’ of Uncle Ji / Aunty Ji Justices sitting on benches to adjudicate disputes of far-reaching implications. When Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty nourished it, Quattrochi ‘Uncle Ji’ of Bofors and Michele ‘Mama Ji’ of Augusta Westland scams were inevitable rewards for the country. Prime Minister Modi has religiously maintained his personal equations with Ambanis/Adanis completely divorced from his Prime Ministerial obligations. Professional domain must never be privatised or personalised.

    Similarly, there is absolutely no merit in cleaving cake with a recycled-plastic knife, then singing ‘Glorias’ and ‘Obituaries’ like ‘Happy Birthday To You’…it is better to cut ‘Tarbooz’, ‘Kharbooza’, ‘Katahal’, ‘Ghevar’ or for that matter milk-cake. Or even ice-cream brick! You may still have a better alternative of your own! Why are we all ashamed of wishing others, “Janmadin ki Shubhkamnayen”, “Diwali ki Shubhkamnayen”, “Nav-Varsa Mangalmay Ho”…..etc.?

    A few words about neck-tie. It is impossible to sustain it in hot, humid weather of our country. At best neck-tie can be tolerated only in the Himalayan climate. But there, it is saffron that rules the roost. Also no large corporate house is headquartered in the Himalayan region. Why do Tatas and Birlas insist on neck-tie and suit in a torridly humid city like Mumbai? Do they become management wizards by sporting ties and suits? Why don’t they switch over to plain, simple and elegant clothes befitting our climate? Neck-tie is a colonial disgrace. We must not look like quadrupads ready to be tethered to a capstan with the neck-tie. Jodhpuri collars are most graceful, ethnic and natural for Bharatiyas with or without suits.

    Let us expand this crusade by sharing this message far and wide.

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