Those who violate lockdown will now go to jail for upto 2 years

With the central government’s new order, those violating the coronavirus lockdown or obstructing officials may have to go to jail for one or two years. Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba has written to state governments to take tough action if there is any violation of rules.

The government today wrote a letter to state governments, directing stern action under existing laws after reports of doctors or health staff being attacked. Obstructing doctors, health workers or government staff can land the offender in jail for a year. If such an act leads to someone dying, then the jail term could be for two years.

Those making false claims for money can be jailed for two years and a false alarm or causing panic may land a person in jail for a year. The centre’s directive followed disturbing visuals of health workers being attacked with stones and chased away in Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The doctors were visiting the area to screen residents after a coronavirus case was reported from there.