This ‘Lady Macbeth of Kerala’ wants 31% of Hindus to be shot for voting BJP to power

Deepa Nishanth, a CPI(M) activist and assistant professor of Sree Kerala Varma College in Thrissur, is always in news for all wrong reasons. She is the darling of Leftwingers and Islamists for her anti-Hindu posts and rantings. Nishant, like other hypocritical Left-leaning intellectuals, emerges only from their confines only some mishap happens in North India, though Kerala witnessed some of the most macabre killings and political murders. When a starving tribal youth, Madhu, was killed no intellectual worth his/her salt has condemned it or spoke against it. Sreejit, an innocent Dalit youth, was killed in police custody due to torture following mistaken detention, no human rights activists protested. When the chairperson of the state Human Rights Commission spoke against the custodial murder, the chief minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, attacked him.

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Of late, Nishant is in news for reposting the view of a Bengaluru-based IT professional Deepak Sankaranarayanan, a rabid Communist, who suggested: “Even if it means shooting the 31% of people who supported Hindutva terrorism.  Democracy is for every individual, whatever be the number of people standing against it.”

Nishant had earlier also made below-the-belt remarks against Sangh Parivar workers for which she faced malicious attack on cyber space. She reportedly supported SFI for putting up ‘Nude Saraswati’ painting on campus.  She came out in support of late AK Gopalan when a Congress MLA levelled paedophilia charges against the Communist leader.

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When she was threatened with legal action, she tried to wriggle out of the controversy by saying that was not her opinion.  Now she is trying to play the victim card by saying there is a threat to her life from “Sangh Parivar’ organisations. Like in other similar cases, the scheme of events seems to be choreographed. Protagonists, mostly failed or aspiring artists first make provocative paintings/put up Facebook posts or videos. Then men from the CPI(M)’s cyber army with fake identities come up with rape threats and indecent comments. Some extremist Hindu elements would also troll or issue threats. It is then made into media spectacle nationally with Congress’ troll machines such as NDTV and Left’s propaganda arms such as The Wire and rolling out hate literature on RSS and BJP. In Kerala, CITU journalists then will make a meal out of it.

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