This is Not Just a Drone, But an Under Water Drone Camera

    Shenzen-based start-up swellpro has designed and built a waterproof drone that can fly, float and then follow you into the water, capturing stunning 4k video while it does so. The swellpro spry features a streamlined design for reduced drag and turbulence, specially coated motors, and is purpose-built for action in the harsh marine environment.

    The device is engineered to be waterproof and buoyant with a hatch that ventilates the airframe while preventing water entry. The lid’s design also prevents water on the skin of the drone from entering the fuselage when the lid is opened. Meanwhile, an array of aluminium heatsinks keeps the spry cool by dissipating heat to the outside of the sealed frame.

    The spry flies smoothly through the air before landing on water, manoeuvring on the surface just like a boat. High-thrust motors and high-power ESCS push the speed limit of the spry to over 70 km/h in manual mode.

    The drone features a 4k camera unit which makes it perfect for capturing water sports or life beneath the sea. Sealed inside a watertight optically-engineered polycarbonate dome it comes with blacked outsides to cut any glare caused by the sun or caustics on water. The camera utilizes a Sony 1/2.3” CMOS sensor paired with a lens that minimizes fisheye distortion for natural-looking images.

    4k video records at 30 frames per second and a max bit rate of 64mbps, with the ability to capture 12mp photos. A display screen on the device’s waterproof remote control captures the drone’s pov. When you’re not controlling it, the spry comes with object-recognition and can follow you around, orbit around you.