This awful fail of Kerala Police would humiliate the entire police force in India!

Representative Image: NIA and Kerala Police teams conducting a joint search (PTI Photo)

Have you seen this man named Abdul Qadir Rahim? Asked policemen, Abdul Qadir Rahim said No! It didn’t happen just once, but the man who is in police custody now for the alleged connection with terrorists had two encounters with policemen, both times the police couldn’t identify that the man in front of them is the one they are searching for.

The funny incident happened while the Kerala police were in search of a man whom intelligent agencies believe has connections with the terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) that infiltrated into the state by sea route from Sri Lanka. Abdul Qadir Rahim, a native of Thrissur, Kerala who lives in Bahrain was arrested today in connection with his alleged involvement in terrorist operations.

As high alert is being maintained following the intelligence report, the police force in Tamil Nadu and Kerala are at the vigil. Thorough security checks are carried out in places where people gather in large numbers including railway stations, places of worship etc. As a part of the security inspections, Kerala police twice encountered with the person whom they were searching however failed to identify.

Though official sources say that the passport-sized photograph that they had was 10 years old from which identification would be difficult, this security lapse must be considered grave, also because of the technological limitations that would put the nation at risk in case of any such threats in the future. While the developed countries make use of sophisticated face-recognition technology, technological advancement is still a distant dream for police forces, we must assume.