Thiruvananthapuram airport can only be handed over to Adani group: Central Government reiterates its stance

Central government stated that the bidding process of Thiruvananthapuram airport was done in a transparent manner and that no more relaxations can be granted in this regard as it would affect the bidding procedures. The airport can only be handed over to the Adani group now, the central government stated.

It was KSIDC which took part in the bidding process for the state government. When KSIDC offered a bid of Rs135 per passenger, Adani group offered Rs 168 per passenger. This was 19.64 percent more than KSIDC’s bid. KSIDC would have been eligible for special consideration, only if the difference was less than 10 percent.

Adani group will sign the contract in 45 days if they receive the national security clearance. The takeover will also be based on the verdict in the case which is under the consideration of the High Court. The airport will be given on lease for 50 years.

The money secured through leasing of airports will be used to run the airports which are operated at a loss.

The handing over of the airport will be based on the Airport Authority of India Act. The affidavit submitted by the undersecretary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation mentions that the privatisation of the airport was a policy decision.