These are the 3 topics Sushant Singh Rajput googled before committing suicide

It is not just for information, what we search in google often reveals our personality and the state of mind. Actor Sushant, before choosing a tragic end to his life, too searched for a few questions, that investigators collected hoping that this would be crucial in finding the real cause of the actor’s death.

A top officer investigating Sushant Singh Rajput’s death revealed to Indian Express the actor’s last searches in google. These details have emerged from forensic reports of his mobile phone and laptop received from the Kalina Forensic Laboratory, the officer said.

The first search was his own name in news reports, the name of his former manager Disha Salian who had committed suicide the previous week, and information about the bipolar disease that the actor reportedly was suffering from, the officer revealed. The officer said that on June 14, even a few hours before committing suicide, he had Googled his own name.

Investigators have also obtained bank account details of the actor. “All the accounts where money had been transferred were known. The largest transfer was Rs 2.8 crore last year, which was for GST,” the officer said. The officer says these informations would aid the ongoing investigation on the death of the actor.