The Wonder of Mud on your Skin; Do not forget to Try this!

Image Courtesy: Times Now

The minerals in mud are highly effective for absorbing oil and for toning the skin. Mud is often used to detoxify and tone skin and is used as an anti-inflammatory agent for skin disorders.

Mud commonly contains nutrients, trace elements and various minerals that the body can absorb quickly. Some other benefits of mud include: reduces signs of ageing, improves circulation, shrinks large pores, rinses away blackheads and helps clear acne.

Although natural mud masques are not ideal for exfoliation, they are very beneficial to those who suffer from acne or oily skin. The mud particles absorb oils from deep within the pores as they dry trapping oil in the mud. However, the mud will draw out some moisture as it dries so it is recommended that a follow-up moisturizer is applied.

To fully obtain all of the benefits of a facial mud masque there are certain things that you should do in order to prepare.

Begin with a gentle cleansing face wash that will clear any makeup or debris from your skin. After you cleanse your face, apply the face mask and allow it to dry for at least fifteen minutes. Rinse the masque off with warm water and a washcloth. To finish this process, use an exfoliating face scrub followed by a moisturizer so your face will not be over-dried.

It is important to use a mud masque at least once in a while will invigorate your skin leaving it smooth and soft.


Clay Masks

If you have oily skin, a clay mask is the perfect solution. Clay masks are a powerhouse of minerals, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Applying a clay mask will help absorb dirt and oil trapped in the pores, getting rid of greasy texture. Plus, they help tighten sagging skin, which aids to reverse ageing. It also exfoliates dead skin cells and refines large pores.

Mud Masks

Just like clay masks, mud masks have many benefits to the skin. If you have dry and dull masks, you can opt for mud masks.

Mud masks are popular, as they are known to improve blood circulation under the skin, cleanse the skin of dirt and impurities, moisturize. Plus, it helps and refreshes and brightens your skin.

As mud mask dries, it aids the process tightening your skin, making it appear younger. Also, mud masks are an excellent solution for—cleansing, moisturizing and repairing your skin’s tissue.