The Unsolved Mystery of Nidhivan Where Lord Krishna Still Plays His Rasaleela

India is a land of mythological mysteries. There are a certain number of places in India that have astonishing mystery connected to it. Even science could never such happenings on earth. Nidhivan in Vrindavan is such a place where it is believed that even today Lord Krishna come and performs Raslila or Raas Leela.

This temple is counted among the most mysterious temples of India. Apart from holding several mythological beliefs, the activities that take place in and around the temple are beyond explanation. Nidhivan is a dense forest with lush green trees.

The interesting thing is that the barks of the trees are hollow and the land is absolutely dry, but the tree remains loaded with green leaves throughout the year. No tree stands straight and is bend towards the earth. Devotees believe that trees perform Rasleela at the night.

Coming to Rang Mahal, there is a deity of Lord Krishna decorated beautifully. The temple is shut after the evening prayer and various things such as saree, sweets, betel nuts are kept inside the temple. Every morning the priests see that sweets are partially eaten and the clothes have been used.

No one is allowed on the premises of the temple after the sun sets down. It is believed that Radha-Krishna comes to the temple every night to rest. Anyone who has tried to see what happens in the night either dies, go blind or become insane.

The place remains mysterious till date.