The Story of Hiranyakashipu the Demon King and of Pinarayi Vijayan the Human King of Kerala

The Story of Hiranyakashipu the Demon King and of Pinarayi Vijayan the Human King of Kerala

Perhaps there is a striking similarity between the stories of Hiranyakashipu the Demon King and of Pinarayi Vijayan the Human King of Kerala which was reminded by a recent incident reported from Kerala. The incident was connected to Kerala’s communist CM Pinarayi Vijayan who was chanced to visit the world-famous Hindu Temple in Kerala Guruvayur where Lord Vishnu is being worshipped in the form of Little Krishna.

From a far distance, looking at the divine Idol of Krishna, it seemed, the Chief Minister asked his flatterers if it was where Lord Krishna resides! It sounded like Hiranyakashipu, prior to the appearance of Lord Narasimha who brutally kills him, asking the mighty Prahlada if Lord Vishu was present in the room. Moments after Prahlada said he is omnipresent and Hiranyakashipu laughed, there appeared Vishnu in the furious form of Narasimha to shed his flesh into pieces.

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Probably Lord Vishnu wouldn’t have to be reincarnated to finish of the political life of Pinarayi Vijayan who is known as one of the worst CMs the state has ever seen. The previous Lok Sabha Election in the state was enough to show him the rage of people against his ruling, except one, all those candidates of CPM led LDF tasted their pathetic defeat, the primary reason being the government’s anti-Hindu stances. Though many of the leaders in his own party pointed out the fact, the CM refused to accept the same.

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The recent incident is the Chief Minister’s grave idiocy where he once again proved that how much hurt a Hindu would feel when a man, a born Hindu, who is also the chief minister of the state, standing in front of the abode of Lord Krishna asking others that if it was where Lord Krishna resides! Every Hindu in the state must be humiliated for this, and also should feel pity for themselves for letting such a government existing in the state.

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Daityas are against virtues, they are against the very concept of God – so are communists; Daityas are fond of violence and bloodshed, so are communists; The world ruled by Daityas is nothing more than hell, a state ruled by communists is a hell where human conscience is questioned to its core.

Somehow Kerala has become a hell – a hell ruled by a human king named Pinarayi Vijayan! If God is not a myth, if virtues still exist in the world, it is sure that people of Kerala would soon shatter Pinarayi Vijayan from a place where he considers himself the omnipotent supreme power!

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