The Side Effects of Bed Tea!

    We all thrive on tea; interestingly most of us wake up with a cup of tea. But did you ever ask if it is good for you? Amidst the freshness it gives to your day, there are a few reasons why we should avoid this!

    Bed tea could result in dehydration and bloating

    Tea is diuretic in nature and thus removes water from the body. In the morning, due to the absence of water intake, our bodies anyway tend to be dehydrated. Along with this, when we have tea with milk, many also feel bloated right after their bed tea.

    Drinking tea in the morning could lead to oral erosion

    The bacteria in the mouth caused the breakdown of sugar in the mouth. When we drink tea in the morning, the acid levels in the mouth is increased and the same leads to erosion of the enamel in teeth.

    Bed tea can disrupt metabolism

    Drinking tea on an empty stomach, which is essentially a bed tea, can disrupt the metabolic system. The acidic and alkaline substances mix together and this intervenes in the working of metabolism causing stomach cramps, dizziness.

    Let’s conclude:

    If you are one of those who has to have their tea in bed. Now you know what it can do to your body. So it is better to make some good changes in your life and stop drinking tea in bed.

    The best practice in the morning for a healthy life is to have fresh water. Drink a few glasses of water, this will not only activate the system but will keep you hydrated throughout the day!


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