The Pied Piper of Twitter and the cricketing wizard

    Shashi Tharoor and Imran Khan have too many similarities, that came to fore more recently, as I started comparing them with astute objectivity  of a scandalmonger —  both are flamboyant and charming, (literally) running  in their sexy sixties, who were drawn to politics after a long successful respective first careers:

    since then, they have wore many hats –  one as a UN official -erudite academician-author and the Pied Piper of the Twitter world and the other, a  renowned  Pakistani Cricketer (one of the few who could speak English)  – philanthropist – activist.

    While Imran Khan, at his peak days, made his opposition run for their money by the sheer pace of his deliveries, Tharoor continues to make his fans run for their dictionaries, by his unparalleled linguistic prowess inflicted in his tweets.

    Both have an uncanny ability to attract women of all ages, swooning at their deadly glances; they finally married a few and then disengaging in due course of time, looking for the vast opportunities that beckoned them with open arms (and legs).

    While Imran was known for his testosterone trysts and rhodomontade flings with the most hot divas of his time (mostly Indian film industry, who used to eat out of his hands), Tharoor has been more intellectually sublime and romantic in his dealings with his women.

    Presently, both are bracing  a rough tide of  ‘fatuous’  allegations in their personal life, with their ex-wives, dead or alive, proving to be their nemesis — Tharoor, having  been charged with abetment of suicide of his  ex-wife and recently, Reham Khan, the penultimate wife of Imran, who was wedded and bedded for a  few months, has released a sensational sleazy autobiography Reham Khan  that is full with vivid details of the diabolical  life of the Playboy  Khan and his friends, his sexual escapades and illicit relations. And with elections round the corner, it has markedly dented his image and chances of becoming a PM, in the Land of the Pure.

    (Maulana Hafiz Saeed saheb, the second best choice, the world renowned Pakistani “full-time philanthropists – part-time good terrorist”, an inspiration for the Pakistani Awaam, can’t believe his good luck, as he inched closer to winning the elections. What better PM could Pakistan dream of, anyways.)

    Reham Khan, slammed her former husband, Imran, calling him a slimy ‘snollygoster’,  not ‘sadiq and amin’ (honest and righteous) in line with Constitutional provision as he hid his third marriage for two months.

    After divorcing Reham, Imran has already caught up with Shashi, levelling his tally of wives (past and present) to three!

    And look at the coincidence that Imran also lashed out at her libelous autobiography in true Tharoorian superlingo that effortlessly churns our apposite words for perfect expression — “it is an Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations & outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled show women masquerading as a journalist.” ….Oops! Does it remind you of the famous tweet by Tharoor in response to Arnab cacophonous calumny on prime time news.

    Incidentally, what Arnab Goswami is to Shashi Tharoor, Reham is to Imran Khan – journalists with special interest in their rear ends!

    And after ‘having to put up with a lot of roorbacks in the last few years’, finally the muck did stick on Tharoor’s impeccable white mundu!

    Sunanda could not survive enough to write her own autobiography, but we are sure it could not be as licentious as Reham’s.

    Did Tharoor gently nudge her to commit suicide, or did the ‘cattle class  dumb  blonde’(as per Mehr Terar, the Pakistani Tharoor ‘fan‘) got suffocated by the sohisticatory of the charming Prince  from the Gods Own Country, we would never know.


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