The Nation is Ashamed of you, Rahul Gandhi!

The thoughtless former chief has proven how fatal a stupidity could be when India is being dragged into the so-called ‘human rights violation’ in Kashmir. The opening pages of a leaked Pakistan’s file on Jammu and Kashmir contain the statements made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and National Conference (NC) leader Omar Abdullah. The statements they made turned a sharp weapon to pierce India in front of the international community.

The file presented by Pakistan inviting the attention of the UN in the wake of the abrogation of Article 370, says that freedom has been massacred in Jammu and Kashmir. “It has been 20 days since the people of Jammu and Kashmir had their freedom and civil liberties curtailed. Leaders of the Opposition and Press got a taste of draconian administration and brute force unleashed on people of Jammu and Kashmir when we tried to visit Srinagar,” Rahul Gandhi has been quoted as saying in the pages.

Another ‘testimonial’ featured by Pakistan is of former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has been quoted as saying, “GOI’s unilateral and shocking decision will have far-reaching and dangerous consequences. This is an aggression against Kashmiris. The decisions are unilateral, illegal and unconstitutional. A long and tough battle lies ahead. We are ready.”

Rahul Gandhi’s remarks had invited stringent criticism from even within the party, later he came up with another statement saying Kashmir is India’s internal matter.