The lost CM of ‘Gold’s Own Country’ says Kerala BJP Chief has ‘lost his mind’

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan who is struggling to balance amidst the storming controversies in the state, accused BJP state president K. Surendran has lost his mind and is saying things according to his whims and fancies.

In the regular press meet, Pinarayi Vijayan looked panic when reporters threw him questions connected to the ongoing investigations, however he had almost no answers to give the press finally ended up saying that the man who came up with allegation has lost his mind!

He was responding to questions regarding the BJP leader’s statement that more evidence regarding the gold smuggling case will come out if the CM’s daughter was questioned.

“He thinks about something all of a sudden and says it out loud. I am not the person to respond to such outbursts. I have more things to tell him but that cannot happen at a press conference. I am not Surendran,” said the CM.

The state president of a party is making baseless allegations. BJP must think if such a person should continue as its state chief, Pinarayi Vijayan said.

“It has come to a point where he is saying things according to his whims and fancies. In politics, there are certain etiquettes that must be followed. Is he following them? Surendran must explain on what basis he is making such allegations,” the CM demanded.

The CM added that efforts are being made to tarnish the image of the LDF government which is free from corruption.