THE LONE CREVICE: Poem by Krishna Hari Lal


Of all the crevices
Under my brown skin
I could find you in each except one.
It was an empty stasis.
It smelt of your armpits
And dried daffodils.
Blue rooks of
Forgotten kisses floated,
Moon snails crawled across
And desert winds blew there.
There were no mornings
And no nights.
There were no tales
And no sonnets sung.
A sea of deprivations and
Musky love that aches hung.
‘Twas my substanceless heart
You never cared to look within,
Cold, rusted and left to freeze.

Krishna Hari Lal

Krishna Hari Lal is an aspiring young poetess from Cochin, Kerala. An undergraduate student, she pens poems about love, life and womanhood.