THE JOURNEY: Poem by Ramesh Warrier

CELTIC SONG Painting by TIMOTHY M Parker,

Life is a blur of brilliant hues,
Rushing forth in an avalanche of days.
Each passing day offers a new experience,
Each experience transforms to a memory in a trice,
Adding colour and zest to the unfolding drama.

Looking back, memories galore…
Looking forward, one finds endless fields of karma ready to reap.
Here, each passing day is a bewildering bit of magic,
Never worry about judgment and mistakes,
They help you learn more, about the enchanting journey.

Sometimes sad and sometimes happy,
Times of despair and times of hope,
There is never a dull moment for miles around.
Time gives you wings to glide with her never-ending flow,
Turning the rough stone into a dazzling diamond.

The inner baby stares out bemused at the wilting body,
Withered and feeble as the journey draws to its logical end,
Realisation dawns, that, nothing truly belongs to you.
As the towering gates open into the brilliant light,
Stride boldly to the new dawn that lies in wait.

A Poem by Ramesh Warrier

Hailing from the capital city Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala, India, Ramesh Warrier is a designer by profession. He was born as the youngest son of CS Viswanathan Warrier & P Ambika Devi in Harippad coming under the Alappuzha district in Kerala, India. He is the chief designer & PMC” @the Thach creations™ – an architectural design unit.

Ramesh Warrier follows his passion for design by designing buildings, interiors & landscape to make a living. Nature friendly, sustainable & energy surplus homes are considered as my strong points. Urban jungles, healing landscapes & meditative landscapes are my insane weakness. I am also currently researching the above subjects.

Apart from this, he adores writing poems, clicking photographs, trekking, making food etc. His coffee-table book “Warrier’s Food Architecture – My Culinary Experiments” was received well by cooking enthusiasts.

Ramesh Warrier finds themselves deeply connected with spirituality, with an inherent love for mother nature. I hope to be a sensible person who can palpate even the minutest details of nature, relations, emotions and who can express the beauty of nature and human emotions in their subtlest form. His poems reach out and touch the divinity inside each reader.