The intolerance of the self-styled tolerance brigade

Photo Caption: For posting a meme on social media, a youth Hari Prasad was arrested on the complaint of a ‘champion of Freedom of Expression’ MB Rajesh, CPI(M) candidate from Palakkad. Prasad had criticized the Communists for carrying swords in a political rally. In protest against the arrest, online trolls named a buffalo MB Rajesh and posted this meme. 

BJP supporter Hari Prasad in Palakkad creates a meme on CPI(M) candidate MB Rajesh and is immediately arrested. He was imprisoned for two days.

What was the meme all about? After watching videos of a Communist rally where they were carrying swords, he posted a meme saying that the Communists should now make their logo the sword instead of the sickle and star.

Women leaders in the opposition are often explicitly sexualised and are depicted in vulgar memes by the Communists.

A meme is harmless satirical content. When did making a meme become a punishable offence? Especially since no community or religious group was targeted and it did not encourage communal strife. Where is the Hindu’s right to Freedom of Expression? Where are the writers, the artists, media, intolerance brigades and professional breast-beaters and award wapasi junkies when our rights and privileges are snatched away from us so brutally?

For sharing this meme, Hari Prasad was arrested and stringent sections were slapped on him. The Communists who shout from rooftops for Freedom of Expression are the most intolerant variety. A youth was imprisoned for a month for criticizing the poor performance of MLA Veena George. Veena was a former journalist.

Hari Prasad — using his Constitutional privilege – has pointed to the merciless murders perpetrated by the Communists on Hindus since its inception. Many BJP and RSS workers and leaders have been hacked to death.

How can the Communists carry swords to a political meeting? Surely an election rally is not a place to carry swords and other weapons. Were they expecting any trouble? If so, from whom? If they had any such apprehensions, they should have alerted the police on whom they exercised complete control. The Communists misused the police during Sabarimala crisis to oppress devotees who were putting up a peaceful resistance.

In Kerala, Communists had desecrated Devi Saraswathi and justified the action as an exercise of their Freedom of Expression.

Women leaders in the opposition are often explicitly sexualised and are depicted in vulgar memes by the Communists. Until now, not a single case has been taken up against these trolls even though they go completely against the parameters subscribed by our constitution.

Often complaints against Communists to the police, judiciary, administration and the election commission are not given any consideration. Compare this neglect regarding attacks on Hindus, with the promptness with which Hari was arrested and thrown into prison. Taking all this into consideration, it is not hyperbolic to say that Hindus are definitely second class citizens in Kerala.

Election rallies of six NDA candidates were targeted by Marxist and jihadi goons in Kerala. The Chief Electoral Officer, Tikaram Meena, has turned a blind eye to complaints by NDA leaders but showed undue haste to take action against Sangh Parivar organisations. The intolerance brigade and media are silent.

This election of 2019 has seen unprecedented violence against BJP candidates. Kummanam Rajashekeran, K Surendran, Shobha Surendran, Ravisha Tantri, Tushar Vellappally and even Defence Minister Nirmala Seetharaman’s political rallies have been attacked by the Communists, Muslim League, SDPI and PDP. In many places, the BJP, unwilling to create communal strife, have behaved in a very mature and calm manner, by not responding to any such overt provocation.

Hindus must take note of the fact that terrorism against Hinduism is a reality, and playing ostrich by burying their heads in the ground will not help in any way. Hindus must use their vote to counter any such attacks against their religion and interests.