The ‘disruption-drama’ has exceeded the frontiers of decency and fair-play

That societal mores have changed isn’t a matter of dispute. No more are the righteous, honest and hard-working ones largely worshipped, adored and emulated. The rich bitcoin-holding few and those technology start-ups bagging huge funds and palming these ideas to big blue whale-type mega-corporations are the ones today’s intelligentsias applaud and cheer!

No more are we witnessing an age of respect, culture and disciplined adherence to set ethos in every walk of life. Even the much-revered judiciary is being besotted with streaks of anarchy and street-plays.

In the guise of freedom, restraint is not being exercised by those wielding mikes and tablet-phones. Little do they bother to study basic facts or check out on rumoured tales before they unleash the power of mass propaganda. The ‘disruption’-drama has exceeded the frontiers of decency and fair-play. Public opinion is fast being moulded via perceptions and mischief. All this needs to be reversed. Why must we hang on to outdated rules or a hotch-potch hastily-stitched khichdi of a Constitution thrust upon a thirsty-hungry freedom-fighting land by its plunderers who beat a hasty retreat on losing all their men in battles back in their hinterland?

Yes! We, the people of India need a more updated, modern and valid Constitution in keeping with the needs and aspirations of a nation poised for the leap into the select body of Security Council of the United Nations.

Human rights are supreme in the eyes of all civilised societies. All men are born equal and so, equality before the law as well as equality of all becomes the essence of good governance! In order to ensure this, religion and prejudices should be set aside. So, a uniform civil code becomes important. All caste-based reservations ought to go. A two-party political system is necessary. Regional parties, as well as coalition governments, must become things of history. The Upper House is no more required as the Lower House may be expanded to include a larger number of elected representatives. Better still; the Presidential form of government should help dispense with the bipolar disease like federal structure where the eternal conflict between the State and the Central powers ends.

A clear-cut ‘one nation spirit’ ought to be imbibed in one and all. Education should be made compulsory for all children. Bonded-labour must be eradicated as should gender-crimes. No more politicians should arise from the class of illiterates, criminals and convicts. The purpose of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is not to usurp the task of governance but to aid and supplement the activities of an elected government. All this is not egalitarian but based on the utilitarian concept of public-affairs.

Agriculture is the sector which deserves more allocation in the budget and not defence purchases. It is vital to reach out to the farmer on his land and guide him on the best-suited crops to be grown. Organic farming should return. For, applications on smart-phones are of no real help to those who are not tech-savvy nor possess a smartphone!

Planning Commissions are impotent bodies as long as fiscal policy is dictated by agents of overseas with vested interests. Thus, it is equally important to re-engineer the society by eliminating the burden of taxation on individuals and allowing all expenditure to be entailed with a nominal ‘one percent nation-building tax’. Full convertibility of the Indian rupee must be the next goal.

Eliminate all external-debt by redrawing the monetary policy of the country. Fishing hamlets have risen to attract global workforce and businesses – even though they have no oil-reserves on their little land – by sheer monetary mechanisms. Why not India possessing such diverse, enormous natural resources?

But, how does one see that utopia and Rama Rajyam are not dreams but possible in reality? Here are some suggestions.

One – reset the laws.

Two – exhibit moral courage to imprison criminals.

Three – raise standards of entry to bureaucracy zone.

Four – let there be a minimum educational requirement to contest to be elected to the Parliament.

Five – let there be peace through strictest enforcement of rule of law.

Let the dance-drama of the wicked old men and wily, evil women who have held this great trusting, unsuspecting Nation to ransom, end! Isolate and boycott their sidekicks – the thoroughly unbred moles of mainstream-media and those other extras on social-media!

Yes, the time has arrived. Not to ponder or to tolerate the indolent. Turn insolent towards the vermin of our society. Enact the play. Not on the streets or on celluloid films. Re-write the Constitution. A constitutional make-up alone moulds the mindset of the people. Be it a corporate-entity or a whole nation. Neither is notional.



  1. Loved your article – but i feel differently on a couple of points:

    1. Just 2 parties means that we are hardly left with a choice to dissent

    2. Educational qualification does not guarantee that the person will have common sense or will be guided by principles/ideals … for eg. some of our politicians are highly educated but have proved to have used their education to increase corruption in the land & earn more for themselves. Sad reality…

  2. Thanks for the observations. Tough times and challenging circumstances demand certain strict measures. Both the points you have thought about are quite pertinent and necessary ones to weed out the rotten & fissiparous elements from the open-to-all system.
    Once this open-sesame works, you rest assured no such accustomed old practice of coalition governments by splinter groups of blackmail-politicians would bear fruits!
    Also, education is a sine qua mom to grasp the essence of being a legislator or a parliamentarian! It’s not about intellect but ability to appreciate the three R-s!
    Jai Hind!



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