THE COLOUR SCRIPT: Poem by Dr. Ramakrishna Perugu

Whether it is a flower
that has blossomed in Antarctica,
Or whether it be a cactus plant
in the deserts of South Africa.
Which has opened its eyes,
Cost of life is “existence itself”.
Life doesn’t mean an astrological
wheel of life and death.
Life is a song from a flute in breezy spring.
Life is diffusion of fragrance from a song.
Whether it be White or Black
It is an allurement of love,
One warm lap
A Dad’s tender voice
“Black” and “White”
like flourish in nature
In the shape of Day and Night.
They light-up like a Rainbow in the Sky….
or drop down..
The Soil is the same …….
Ever new and varied hues.
Water from a pot, is always cool,
Be the clay Red or Black.
The eye with which we see is black.

Our glances are always white.
Without the “Black”
The value of the “White” is Zero.
Unless the white clouds become dark
Mother earth give birth.
Unless the black night breaks into dawn,
The solar sphere will have no place in the sky.
Life is a happy union of black and White
Sorrow is Black and happiness is Black.
Without grief and joy life
is but a colorless occasion..
Look there –
The blue sea blackens even as it deepens
The sea never deceives none.
Man only steps down with
his foot on the throat of a different race
In the conflict between white and black.
In his colour discrimination
he is giving crushing blow to life itself.
Times are changing
Time is unselfish
Time has no meaning
Time which is “Yours” today
May belong to “Someone else tomorrow.”!!

Dr Perugu Ramakrishna

Dr. Perugu Ramakrishna is a prolific writer of 21st century from Andrapradesh. He has adopted a unique universal style in writing. As a thinker and observer of life he gives greater dimensions to burning problems in society. His poetry books was chosen for many literary awards. Perugu continues to experiment with various poetic themes in Global perspective.His poetry Flamingo a long poem brought immediate fame and it is centered on the lives of migratory birds…Dr Perugu Ramakrishna’s works are centered on mysticism, World peace,environment and gender issues and powerful in rendering…He has Bout 25 books published in different genres..Edited The South Asia Poetry which includes a poem of INDIAN Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi published by the Authors Press ,New DELHI also an Environment Poetry Anthology with poems from 18 Countries- Parched Earth published by AABBS,Kolkotta