THE BROKEN WINE GLASS: Poem by Arsha Bijer

I leaned forward,
propping myself on elbows
posing for a hot click
And you came uninvited,
Pushing me into the depth of despair,
Engulfed by the torrent of memories.

I walked through the
barrage of paparazzis
armed with cameras.
It was you standing beside
holding love that had
abided with you all the time

You screamed from the crowd
calling me’ your love.
I was in the fog of limelight,
walking on heels like a princess

Plethora of media coverage,
and long stretches of work
drained me deep inside
I leaned back in my chair.
Summed up my grief by
holding a burning cigarette.

Then you came with a –
broken wine glass!
And it was totally broken-
From the day, you left.

“Do one thing,
Fetch a bouquet of fresh flowers,
and come to my grave
there, you will see me without any rush.

Just you and me.

Poem by Arsha Bijer

arsha bijer