THE BODY OF THE FIRE: Poem by Caroline Laurent Turunc

They wrapped Feyruze’s body on the fig leaf
They say farewell under the red earth between two rivers
as much as the distance between sunrise and sunset
It was cheap death in this land

The bird of your absence was flying with flapping its wings
She was haunting the desert wind on the slopes of the mountains
Desperate poor servants in front of their heads
Victims of obedience and willingness
They bowed to the signature of death without whining

I think another god is needed
Who knows and sees everything without mourning, who makes the soil adopt the seeds of every color
A new god from the blooming green that was not exiled !!

Looking at the sky it hurts, cranes disappeared at the crossroads of seasons in the smell of loneliness
bunches of young vines are falling off the wall ..
Happiness was jumping into the ditch of death
In the cold that trembles crooked predicaments
Shoot those who think differently in their mouths with a shovel
Those who came to kill the lights burning in the middle of the night.

We are in a time of strange times now
Gazelles were roasted by the fire of lilies and lilacs
Funerals were a feast for the devil
Cranes fighting against the dark
Lightning’s deafening screams
Women beating light in the mortar
The universe turned to ash was leaving the city of dreams with light steps

Tired hammocks were tired of coming and going
He was swinging in the emptiness of loneliness with a gaze that lost his solemnity
A desperate prayer between life and death
The silent pain of the palm tree.
Those who lose in silence that experience existence are those who suddenly fall apart
And the shape of the faces

The wind was taking away the dust of Feyruze
He had been sweeping his pages mercilessly into the dark black of history

Caroline Laurent Turunc

Caroline LAURENT Turunc Antakya, Turkey, Arab origin, the daughter of a family of nine children. She started writing at the age of 15. She wrote her first novel at this age and her family did not allow the book to be published, her brother and mother destroyed the manuscript. This incident did not prevent her from writing more. She has written over 1500 poems since 2013, received many certificates from abroad, and participated in 12 local and foreign anthologies. Her poems have been published in many international journals and sites. She published two poetry books, “Between Oriental and Schemal” and “Desert lily”. She is writing a novel and is about to finish it soon. She won second place among 2575 poets from every country during the championship of the world literature in Romania. She is a Turkey-based Humanitarian and represents the u.t.e.f. International Foundation in Paris She currently lives in Paris, France