Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Drug Discovery Hackathon training programme launched

The Drug Discovery Hackathon (DDH), 2020 training programme kick-started with lectures on different topics. It is an online platform to take open...

Trust deficit: China’s loss is Taiwan’s gain

Taiwan has become a sought-after destination for investors who want to pull out of China. Apple has decided to increase its investment in Taiwan...

#Shocking: China hoarded masks, PPE before Covid declared pandemic: Report  

An investigation by Canada’s Global News revealed that before the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic, Chinese consulates in Canada and around the world...

 ‘Immodest women’ main cause of Covid-19, says Pak Tablighi Jamaat chief

When the scientists the world over are working hard to find out the real cause of Covid-19 pandemic that has been wreaking a havoc...

Covid-19: How to reset infra sector after lockdown

The 21-day national lockdown has impacted all industries and businesses. The unprecedented crisis is leading to a global economic recession. The country is looking...

Reset strategies to tide over economic impact of Covid-19

The deadly pandemic Covid-19 continues to take a toll not only of human lives but economy. The first priority, no doubt, is saving the...