Surprising Benefits of Using Earthen Cookware

Ancient India made the use of earthenware for storing water and for cooking food. With changing times and technology, the use of earthen cookware has diminished. Traditionally, Indian households are known to have cooked in earthen pots. But in urban households, the paucity of time and maintenance of such vessels have often led people to look for modern options like non-stick cookware, aluminium and steel over clay.

The benefits of earthen cookware include the ability of these vessels to absorb moisture due to their porous nature, letting heat circulate slowly through the food being cooked, making it aromatic and retaining the nutrition, providing required minerals that include calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Glancing over the benefits of earthen cookware will help us know why our ancestors were so healthy and wise.

1. Non-Toxic Material

Clay contains about 40% of natural water and minerals like Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, and Calcium. Hence earthenware which is made up of clay is non-toxic and rich.

2. Porous Nature of Clay

As clay is porous in nature, it enhances the cooking process. The heat and moisture are allowed to circulate throughout the food. Hence the overall cooking process is slowed down. Though the food is cooked slowly, it avoids burning of the dishes. This means that you have to be a little more patient while your food is being cooked in an earthen cookware.

3. Authentic Flavourful Food

Though food will be served late to you, the dishes will be rich in flavour. This is because all the aroma and moisture stays in the food, thus enhancing the flavour of the dish. Meat cooked in earthenware is tender, juicy and rich in taste along with an earthy flavour.

4. Minimum use of oil

Cooking in earthen cookware ensures inferior usage of oil for cooking. Thus it reduces the fat contents in your meal and the minerals included in clay improve the nutrition of the food.

5. Environmental Friendly

As earthen cookwares are devoid of any chemicals it doesn’t cause any damage to the nature during its disposal. This not only helps us care for our nature but also secure future generations.

Types of Earthen (Clay) Cookware Available in the Market

Following are the types of earthen cookware products available to buy in the market.

Clay Cooker

It is always better to return to our basic tradition and replacing our modern cooker with a clay cooker. In modern cookers, excessive pressure breaks the nutrition of our food. Clay cooker ensures that the food is being cooked in adequate amounts of pressure, thus making the food rich in nutrients.

Clay Kadai

A clay kadai can be used for cooking a variety of dishes like chicken kadai, paneer kadai. Apart from that one can boil vegetables, rice, cook lamb, seafood, etc. in a kadai.

Simple Clay Tawa and Non-stick Clay Tawa

A tawa is an essential in every household for cooking parathas and chapatis. Using a clay tawa will ensure less usage of oil in your parathas and thus will reduce the fat content of your food. The non-stick range of clay tawa available in the market prevents the food from sticking to the pan and thus helps in the easy cooking of chapattis. It also ensures easy cleaning of the tawa as the food does not adhere to the surface.

Clay Biryani Pot

When it comes to serving your guests or your relatives, Biryani is the most loved food by every individual, be it a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian. The biryani cooked in the pot will be well cooked, delicious and healthy.

Going through the benefits of earthen cookware we can conclude that they can be highly preferred over a normal utensil. Integrating the benefits of old traditions with the need of modern times not only helps us to lead a healthy life but also helps in maintaining equilibrium in nature.

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